Dear friends,

I can't keep quiet about this any more. Corona cases are "supposedly" rising. My response? SO WHAT !?

Before you condemn me for being uncaring, callus, or unfeeling, let me explain...corona cases may or may not be rising. I'm not sure we can even trust the numbers being issued any more. IF they are indeed rising, it's not for the reasons you think and it's not for the reasons the media is misleading you to believe. It's also not because more people are infected and it's not because they are getting sick from being exposed to a pandemic virus. In fact, it's actually the opposite.

Please let me be perfectly clear, there certainly are those who are getting sick and have died. For those families and those who have been affected, I am not making light of their situation at all. I'm concerned for all living creatures suffering from disease or injury. It's part of my calling and I'm empathetic; having experienced both to an extreme degree. My wife and I pray everyday for the health and welfare of our nation and its people.

That being said, I am fed up with the constant fear-inducing headlines that are being issued forth about corona cases rising. In truth, these numbers are for the most part irrelevant and painting a very inaccurate picture of what is happening. Why? Because CASES are very different from the actual DISEASE! In fact, as of today 07-14-20, the mortality rate has been declining for 10 weeks straight!

The CDC, WHO, NIH, Fauci, etc., the supposed "experts" on disease, have absolutely no idea what they are doing or know the right thing TO do. For months, we've been seeing contradictory statements, a back and forth about vaccines, testing, masks, gloves, social distancing, airborne or not airborne, on and on, yet Americans are hanging on to their every word and actually following their advice?! Is common sense disappearing?

What the media fails to report are the hundreds of health care providers, surgeons, ER doctors, nurses and infectious disease "front line" workers who have been issuing real experiential data about the remarkably low death rate, the millions that are recovering fully, the uselessness and even dangers of long-term mask wearing and the fact that coronavirus is simply another strain of flu that is far less virulent than SARS, MERS and/or H1N1 from the earlier part of the century. I've spoken with a few myself! Yet, the measures being taken including distancing, lock-downs, isolation, fear, etc., are unnecessary and are promoting division among Americans and even family! This has never before been seen by the current generation. It's causing suspicion, accusation and even violence among us in some cases as so many people differ on what we should do. It seems everyone is an expert on coronavirus (even though they're not)! Does it make any intelligent sense at all?

So, I'd like to address just one aspect of this pandemic milieu we're involved with right now, namely corona CASES. I hope to explain this from a doctor standpoint as easily as possible - it's really not complicated. I also hope this will put some of your minds at ease if you do have concerns.

The reason the headlines are focusing on the rising number of cases rather than deaths is because the number of deaths is decreasing but more people are getting tested.

Please keep in mind, while I am a chiropractor by profession, my schooling was almost identical to a medical doctors'. Other than surgery and pharmacology, I had the same courses in biology, pathology, virology, immunology and many other "ologies" :-) Therefore, although I do have strong opinions, I also know how the body works in response to bacteria and viruses.

What I want to make very clear is, for the majority of pathogens, bacteria, and viruses that we are exposed to and ones that are actually living in and on our bodies continuously, they are not the bad guys; they are actually good guys! We are exposed to them all the time and they are not the cause of disease. Rather, it is our resistance to them, our immune health that determines whether or not we get sick.

If you or I got tested for staphylococcus, we'd test positive. If we were tested for the cold virus, we'd test positive. If you've had chicken pox, you would test positive for that particular bug. If you've ever had the flu or ever had a flu shot, you would probably test positive! Why? Because when you are exposed to these germs, your body does what it is supposed to do, it builds up defenses, specifically antibodies to keep you healthy and protected from future attacks. Your body has an incredible memory - these antibodies are now a permanent part of your immune system and are circulating around your bloodstream since your body is going to continue making them forever as it was designed to do. We don't give enough credit to our creator for the way He made this incredible human machine! We keep trying to improve it...

I must point out that with the COVID-19 test, it is not perfect; there are many false positives. However, the most important aspect is that the coronavirus, with its many strains, has been around for years AND is one of the many "ingredients" in a flu shot cocktail. A vaccine uses the actual virus, either attenuated or live, to cause the body to build up defenses, at least in theory. Unfortunately, it's never been done correctly and each vaccine has a multitude of adjuvants (heavy metals, human and animal fetal tissues, preservatives and poisons) in them that cause more harm than good.

Back to the testing - if one has had a flu shot in the last 5-8 years, most likely they will test positive for coronavirus - even if they don't exhibit any symptoms or ever do. In fact, if one has ever had the flu, they have built up antibodies to a coronavirus and those will usually show up on a test! Third, even if they DO exhibit symptoms, it's a FLU virus and 98% of those who contract it recover completely. Only those with compromised immune systems from being on medication or have other systemic disease(s) or are very elderly and frail are in the high risk category. There is absolutely no valid reason for the state/country/world to have taken the drastic and damaging steps of social distancing, masks, lock-downs, closing businesses and other violations of our constitutional rights. There is an agenda that I won't go into here, but it is nefarious and I've touched on it in other newsletters and videos.

If you don't mind, I'd like to point out that masks, as they are being used now, are not only useless, they are counter-productive.

First, even the recommended N95 mask is not a thoroughly protective mask. Why? I wear one when I mix my supplement and I can still smell the herbal powders I mix. They are MUCH larger in particle size than a virus and so, if you can smell it, it's getting in. Therefore, a much smaller virus can easily get through those masks, and certainly can get through, around, under and above the majority of the other masks being worn today.

Second, while short-term use doesn't necessarily decrease oxygen and increase carbon-dioxide to dangerous enough levels to cause permanent harm, the longer one wears one, the more the immune system lowers its defenses. You're heard the expression: "If you don't use it, you lose it?" Our bodies were created by God to be exposed to everyday bacteria, viruses and germs to keep our immune systems working and protecting us from disease. When you are not being exposed to normal flora and bacteria because of quarantine or wearing masks, your white blood cell count decreases over time making you more susceptible to "catching something" that normally wouldn't be a big deal. Just recently an elderly couple who wore masks all the time, got sick and both died from the virus. Had they not worn masks as much as they did and not isolated themselves, it's very likely their immune systems would have been strong enough to handle the exposure. They were not even in the "high-risk" category, but unfortunately, even healthier individuals may be more susceptible the longer they stay isolated and wear masks. Their immune systems will be weakened to a point where a normal cold or flu could do much more damage than it normally would.

Question: should YOU get tested? My response would be an emphatic NO! as it might do more harm than good and will only support the agenda of control through fear by escalating case numbers.

Rather, with the exception of those in high-risk categories, if you start feeling sick, stay home, take care of yourself until you are completely well – just like you would with any other flu virus. There's no need to get tested. Just assume you have a virus and do what you should do to get healthy - as naturally as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: What exactly is a "high-risk category"? It is the classification given to those who are more likely to have issues with the coronavirus or ANY flu or virus due to weakened immune systems. If you're diabetic, have cancer, have any lung disease, are a smoker, have heart disease, are on prescription medications of any kind (they automatically decrease immunity), including chemotherapy, have had multiple vaccines, especially a flu vaccine, and you've been isolated, quarantined or wearing masks and gloves on a continual basis, YOU ARE IN A HIGH RISK CATEGORY and therefore should take extra precautions and try to be more proactive with your health.

What's the solution? Turn off your TV and stop listening to the talking heads - they have no idea what is going on or what to do about it. Healthy people do NOT need to nor SHOULD they wear masks, gloves or isolate themselves or their families. It's your choice, but you might want to think about NOT wearing masks or gloves wherever you go. If an establishment demands that you wear them, don't support it. Reduce or get off your medications whenever possible, eat less, eat organic, supplement with superfoods and supergreens, exercise regularly, socialize, enjoy life, laugh, love and praise the Lord!

I truly hope this message has helped to put things in perspective and eased any fears you might have. Our hope and trust is in God Almighty, not man.  Please feel free to share this with as man as possible.

PS - If you haven't heard, actress Kelly Preston, John Travolta's wife, died recently at 57 years old. She had breast cancer and as with most cancer patients, went the allopathic route of chemotherapy and radiation at MD Anderson clinic (supposedly the best). It killed her. My friends, a cancer diagnosis is NOT a death sentence, modern medical treatment usually is.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Mike
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