From the Desk of the Tall Cop
From the Desk of Tall Cop
Fentanyl in Schools: The Real Deal or Just Being
Sensationalized Through the Media? 
To give an immediate answer to this question, it is the real deal and is increasing nationwide. To begin, let's highlight some of the fentanyl trends we are seeing on our streets and in our schools.  
As we can say for any drug, everyone is NOT dealing with a significant increase of fentanyl in their schools but many are. From the articles listed at the bottom of the newsletter to the information that has been shared with me during conversation and client info requests we are seeing a drastic increase.....Continue Reading
Tall Cop Says Stop Webinars
March 21, 2023 
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April 24, 2023
Taught by: Tall Cop - $35.00/pp
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Good afternoon! I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for facilitating an effective webinar this morning. In my 28 years of professional experience, your High In Plain Sight was by far the best. The knowledge you have needs to be broadcasted throughout the world because everyone everywhere needs to know. As you state "how can you stop what you don't know". Officer Galloway, you are appreciated in NC! Take care and stay safe!  

I am a member of Americorps in Scottsburg, Indiana. Tall Cop came and enlightened so many people here. I am a fan. My son has been on every drug you can think of. I had to have him arrested and when he got out over a year later I had to let him be homeless. He is my only child and it hurt more than you can imagine. He is now Clean and Sober and a Peer counselor for Lifesprings. No matter how bad it hurts Though love does work.

I had no idea!! What an informative presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed it, took several pages of notes and now I'm scared to death for our students. 
I definitely want to be included in the monthly email newsletter and receive the handouts from this presentation.

Thank you so much!

Tall Cop you nailed it when you said during one of your online trainings that schools have not seen the level of vaping use that’ll occur this school year!!  
6th day back with students and confiscating vaps is a full time job for the assistant principal. Vape detectors are going off all day long!! It’s an epidemic!!

School resource officer (SRO)

I was VERY impressed with your class Thursday in NC. Thank you for your time and passing your knowledge along. It’s obvious you know your stuff, your commitment to doing local research was also very impressive. Thank you again and I hope to come to another training soon.

State of North Carolina 

I am a school resource officer in Amarillo Texas and I attended one of your classes that was extremely helpful and eye opening. I have been in a high school for 4 years now and this is by far the worst year as far as narcotic usage and vape usage that I can see. We have sensors in our bathrooms that are receiving over 1000 hits a month and it is too much to handle. The discipline in the school is lax and the DA doesn’t want to prosecute. We have called the ambulance numerous times for overdoses and have even NARCANed a student. Are there any drug prevention programs that you can think of that have proven to be effective or advise on how to slow the usage in teens when they are not being held accountable?

Thank you for your time.
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