A Look Back at an Outstanding Year

As we bid 2021 farewell, let’s look back at the past year, with its numerous scientific discoveries, technological innovations, new partnerships, prestigious awards, and more. We have a lot to celebrate this year. Read our President’s Report
Board of Governors Meeting 2021

Earlier this month, we were delighted to host our Board of Governors for a virtual event. Participants heard from Technion President Prof. Uri Sivan about the state of the Technion, listened to new faculty members, watched a panel of international students, learned about our space research, and more.
Smart Bandage Fights Infection

Professor Hossam Haick’s research team has developed a self-healing, antibacterial polymer as a safer alternative to traditional post-surgical stitches. The smart bandage can dispense antibiotics, monitor wound-healing biomarkers, and report important data directly to doctors.
3D-Printing Ears in the Lab

Researchers at the Technion and Sheba Medical Center have developed an efficient technology for the fabrication of custom-made, functional, aesthetic implants for the rehabilitation of congenitally deformed ears. This method means less suffering and less risk for children who must undergo surgical reconstruction procedures.
Shooting for the Stars

Our stellar teams of researchers are creating breakthrough experiments to launch human knowledge and capability into space, including the manufacturing of optical components in space for use in advanced telescopes, and other experiments that will help us learn more about the nature of the universe in which we live.
Decades-Old Mystery Solved

Prof. Charlotte Vogt of the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry has discovered the key to an old mystery surrounding structure insensibility – a previously unexplained phenomenon in catalysis. The discovery deepens our understanding of catalysis, which accounts for 95% of industrial chemical processes.
Recipe for Success
Technion students landed top spots in Europe’s leading food innovation competition, conducted by EIT Food Solutions. The project challenges students to solve some of the world’s most pressing nutritional challenges. Our teams spent six months creating all-natural food products, focusing on health and sustainability.
Empowering the Next Generation of Women in Tech

Hundreds of female high-school students from all over Israel participated in our seventh annual ‘Tech Women’ webinar, a Rosalyn August Girls Empowerment Mission (GEM) event. Participants listened to inspiring success stories from female researchers and alumni of the Technion, as part of our ongoing mission to encourage women to pursue studies in science. Read on
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