The New York City Marathon is sneaking up on me. with only 6 weeks to go, I oscillate between how far I've come since my July surgery, and how far I have to go before I will *feel* ready. The jump from 27 to 44 sounds huge...but I've done that in 2 weeks without noticing. Probably because this is not a typical training cycle - no speedwork, not even strides- and my ability to feel effort levels is nonexistent.

I have to keep reminding myself- I"m not starting from scratch, I"m ramping up. This is what ramping up can look like when you are a Runner, Interrupted.

It's easy to go hard, it's hard to go smart. I'm just going. Consistently, frequently, but not hard. Which is maybe why I'm more relaxed about this race than I've ever been before.

This is why we give our marathon training plans free to our subscribers. It's not the training plan that matters, it's what you do in between training cycles.

Fun fact: This will be my sixth time running this race. # of medals I've kept? Zero.