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The Things You Should Know
About Self-Prescribing
January 2020
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Article by 
Edward D. Wagner DC

"The Things You Should Know
About Self-Prescribing" 

There are three things you should know about self-prescribing.

We are increasingly exposed to self-care trends in the media and treat-yourself solutions popping up online. There are 3 risks to self-prescribing and then ordering online. I have had three professional brands write me in the last 6 months telling me that Chinese companies are replicating the products, even the labels, and selling them on Amazon. They are not made by the company and the ingredients are not the same, but the labels are identical. 

1. There are thousands of unethical companies selling expired, mislabeled, or mishandled natural products online. These unauthorized distributors even pose as the manufacturer so they can profit from people's health challenges. Many of the products on websites like Amazon do not include accurate ingredients, dosing information, or warnings required by law.

2. Health is one of the fastest growing industries in America. Many companies are trying to benefit by selling low-quality products that don't work - and may be harmful.

3. The latest health fads sold online and in retail stores are not likely to help with your symptoms or underlying health issues. The one thing I have learned over 43 years of treating patients is that the symptoms a patient has are never coming from where or what they think they are. Therefore, any self determined  program will not be correct and may further the imbalances.

What is the answer then? Reflex Nutritional Testing is the key to accurate analysis and product determination. God blessed us with a built in computer program for biological and nutritional needs. I have dedicated my career to understanding these programs and building nutritional programs that work. Also, because of 50 years in the Vitamin Business, I am fully aware of which companies are the best and most reliable. I believe every patient should have a nutritional evaluation every 3 months in order to help the body function at it's optimum.


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