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Today’s Third Space Connection considers compassion during the coronavirus outbreak.

Our gut response to this pandemic is probably stress, fear and anxiety. There’s a tendency to think about protecting our own health and this focus on our personal insecurity leaves us feeling isolated and vulnerable. 

But many people are calling for another way through the pandemic: compassion. Here are a few resources to get us thinking about how we can counter stress and fear with compassion and mindfulness. We hope these resources not only help alleviate a little anxiety but also inspire a conversation about how we can continue to show compassion toward ourselves and our community during a pandemic. 

This  article  in  Psychology Today  explores how mindfulness and self-compassion can help calm stress and fear. It also provides an introduction to putting mindfulness and self-compassion into practice. 

Mindfulness teacher and best-selling author Jack Kornfield has an entire section of “ Pandemic Resources ” to help us stay mindful during this time. This guided meditation focuses on feeling compassion during the time of the coronavirus. 

Finally, we love the stories about how individuals continue to care for their community during this trying time, like this one on “kindness postcards.” 

Do you have ideas or stories of compassion during the coronavirus outbreak that you would like to share? We would love to hear what you think and get a discussion going! Drop us a line on Facebook , Instagram or by email !
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