The Third Space is dedicated to building a more equitable and supportive society. The first step in that process is recognizing the ways in which our society is inequitable. It’s hard to fight for change without knowing why change is needed!

With that in mind, today’s Third Space Connection shares a reading list for understanding how the COVID-19 outbreak is highlighting and exacerbating inequity in American society.
We don’t want to get you down with this picture of inequity—rather, we hope that knowing about the problem will inspire action! To balance out the emotional equation, here are some ways to address inequities revealed by COVID-19:

  • This Brookings article suggests a number of steps we could take to reduce the racial gap in COVID-19 deaths.
  • Health Affairs presents several health justice strategies to protect vulnerable communities during a pandemic.
  • The governor of Michigan recently created the Michigan Coronavirus Task Force on Racial Disparities to study “the causes of racial disparities in the impact of COVID-19 and recommend actions to immediately address such disparities and the historical and systemic inequities that underlie them.”
If any of these solutions resonate with you, consider writing your legislators and congress-members to advocate for change. Or, look for organizations making a difference and explore ways to support their operations. When we take informed action, we feel less isolated, overwhelmed and depressed by the problems we see in society. 

At The Third Space, we hope to create an environment where information is freely shared and we can join together to take informed action. If you have friends or family you think would enjoy this Third Space Connection, please pass it along. 

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