Turns out, April is the “National Month” for a number of things, and some of them feel particularly relevant this year. For instance, many people are taking their dogs on extra-long walks (National Canine Fitness Month), looking closely at their finances (National Financial Literacy Month), cleaning out their filing cabinets (National Records and Information Management Month), watching a lot of comedies on Netflix (National Humor Month), eating more carbs (National Soft Pretzel Month) and trying to figure out how to deal with all this stress (Stress Awareness Month)—perhaps by getting a little high (National Cannabis Awareness Month). 

But the most inspiring to us is that it’s the National Month of Hope. In these last few days of April, we hope that you get to play with your pup, read more poetry, reduce your stress and, most of all, find some things to be hopeful about. 

Our building remains closed, but we will continue to engage with our Third Space community online! 

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