This Sunday’s Gospel • Matthew 10:24-39
Jesus said to the twelve disciples, “A disciple is not above the teacher, nor a slave above the master; it is enough for the disciple to be like the teacher, and the slave like the master...[ continue reading ]. Lectionary scriptures are from the New Revised Standard Version Bible.  Note: We will continue with virtual worship this Sunday, June 21.
Worship Service
Did you miss a worship service? You can catch up online .  If you need to contact any member of the church staff or clergy, you can call or email .
When Will We Regather for Worship?
Teams of clergy and lay people, from all parts of our diocese, urban and rural alike, have carefully prepared guidelines and checklists for how we may regather for in-person worship when it becomes safe to do so. We have not yet met the required safety metrics, so we do not have a date for regathering. Even when it will be possible to regather, strict safety restrictions will result in worship that will not look or feel like what we have been used to. Your staff and Vestry are reviewing the guidelines and are assessing, thoughtfully and prayerfully, how we will proceed. We will keep you updated.
The Poor People’s Campaign on June 20, 2020
Last week The Right Rev. William Barber preached a sermon at The National Cathedral, where his refrain is that Death is not okay, anymore. You can watch the sermon here . Preventable death, deaths which could be avoided with adequate health care, safe and affordable housing, a living wage, voter enfranchisement, and a healthy natural environment- clean water, clean air, and access to healthy food are the platforms upon which the Poor People’s Campaign is built. The Episcopal Branch of the Jesus movement has been involved in this campaign for moral revival since 2018, and on Saturday, June 20, we will have the largest gathering of poor people and advocates for the poor in an online demonstration. If you would like to participate in the Poor People’s March you can register here .
What Can I Do?
As the pandemic has exposed, in a new light, longstanding inequities and injustices in our society, many have asked what they can do, personally, to help right the wrongs in our community. Participation in the Sacred Ground discussions is one option. Another is to become involved in our ongoing ministry of empowerment, economic, and relationship-building that bridges race: CirclesRVA . It is doing long-term work that directly addresses reversing inequity in our community. Volunteers are needed. Want to know more? Contact CirclesRVA Coordinator  Kristin Blalock or our Vestry liaison Glenn Moore .
Race @ Grace
Join our Sacred Ground Circle to learn about the intersections between race, the church, and how we live into our baptismal promises on an individual level. Continuing the conversation which started in 2018 about our relationship to White Supremacy, and Racism, and the sins we have committed as well as the sins committed on our behalf, let us come together and being delving deeply into who we are and what we believe and what we know about race in the country and in the church.  

Our Sacred Ground Circle begins on June 25, 2020 at 7:30 pm, via Zoom. If you’d like more information about this film and book study click here . If you’d like to join the circle email Mo Kim .
Prelude Premiere This Sunday!
Hope Armstrong Erb will play a premiere of Song Without Words by Paul Sanho Kim for the piano prelude for the online worship service this Sunday, June 21. It was composed on April 5, 2020. Dr. Kim is the Orchestra Director and Strings Coordinator at Old Dominion University. Thanks to Paul and Hope for sharing their musical gifts with us! 
It has been difficult to find words to express my feelings in response to the coronavirus pandemic—its toll on human lives around the world, the strain on healthcare workers, the unknown magnitude and duration of its impact, the economic fallout, the general anxiety, and the divisiveness within our society as we seek solutions and find no easy answers. Composing  SONG WITHOUT WORDS ’   during this time was an attempt to confront and express these feelings, to accept the realities, and to act with hope and constructive intent. ”  - Paul Sanho Kim, composer
I have known Paul Sanho Kim since he was a child when I accompanied the young violinist on the piano. Currently he is an associate professor at Old Dominion University where he is conductor, composer and violinist. In early April he posted on FaceBook that he had just written a solo piano piece and asked if there were any pianists out there who wanted to take a look at it. I am happy to share with Grace & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church this premiere performance.” - Hope Armstrong Erb, pianist
From Children, Youth, and Family Ministries: The Hunt is Afoot, and a Resource to Share
In case you haven’t seen from emails or FaceBook, our week-long photo scavenger hunt began Monday (6/15). Each morning parents receive a prompt for the hunt in their inboxes which is based on the day’s Scripture readings and others are invited to join in via Facebook too. Want to better incorporate Scripture into your daily and weekly rhythms beyond the scavenger hunt? Be sure to check out Faith @ Home on either their website or Facebook page . Faith @ Home provides daily lectionary based readings and reflections that can help you and your family plug into God’s word easily and is a homegrown product of The Episcopal Church. 
Youth Meditations
Calling all youth, parents, and elders. This is the last week for your thoughts, dreams, hopes, concerns about Youth Ministry to be shared. We are reaching the end of our conversations and meditations on Youth Ministry at GHTC. In the effort of using our resources wisely, we are asking you to share this information. Please respond to the prompts which have been sent to you this week. Thank you in advance for your feedback.
Vestry Videos Inspire Discernment Committee
For our parish feast day on June 7, Trinity Sunday, several Vestry members created videos addressing a trinity of questions about hope and the church. The Discernment Committee has chosen to feature these videos online as the search for a new Rector of Grace and Holy Trinity continues. If you missed them, check out the YouTube playlist . Interested candidates should apply through the Diocese of Virginia’s Office of Transition Management .
Update Your Birthday
As we prepare to return to in-person worship we ask that you ensure we have your birthday on file. The more accurate our information the better we can prepare to re-open the church, as certain requirements for re-opening are dependent on the age demographics of the parish. You are also welcome to send us the decade of your birth if you are not comfortable with us knowing your exact birthday. If you would like to update your file please contact Judy or Shelby .
Online Bible Study Continues
A big thanks to Mary Ann Blankenship and David Lewis for facilitating our study of Matthew's Gospel, now completed. The continuing group invites new participants to a group now forming to study Mark's Gospel. Our approach is both informational and devotional. The group will meet on Wednesdays from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., via Zoom, starting July 8 and lasting for eight weeks. Space is limited. Contact Mary Ann if you are interested in this Bible study opportunity. 
Learning Lectio Divina
One of the ECM students expressed an interest in learning a new way to meditate or pray during this Summer. In an “ordinary time” which is anything but ordinary, maybe you have a little more time on your hands (or maybe you don’t) and you’d like to be more intentional with your prayer time. One option is to practice Lectio Divina. Lectio is a four part practice to connect your mind, body and spirit. By focusing on scripture as the starting point we can expand our experience of the Holy, and connect with God at the foundational level. For a short introduction to this style of prayer see this video . If there is interest Mother Kim will lead a zoom call on Lectio Divina next week—email her to express your interest.
Spread Positivity During Pandemic
We’re collecting video clips from parishioners about how life has changed during COVID-19 to include on our website each week. You can watch them on the home page of the website or see archived GHTC@Home videos on the church’s YouTube channel. Interested in sharing your story? Contact Barb Dodd or Shelby Scattergood to learn more or submit your video.
Pastoral Care or Mental Healthcare?
You are not alone. Even if you are by yourself. There is no shame in asking for help. If you are struggling right now, Bill and Kim are here for you to support you in the way that is most appropriate. Clergy are not therapists or counselors but we can lend an ear and make professional recommendations where they are appropriate. Resources around issues like grief, depression, and anxiety abound; if you aren’t sure where to turn— this might be a good place to start. 
Psalm 23 and other Choices: Plan your Memorial Service
It may seem morbid, but in this time of the global pandemic, many of us are thinking of our own mortality. If you are considering what you would want your funeral to be like you can view materials on our website at your leisure. It is helpful if we know what you like, what you expect, and what you don’t expect for your funeral. Don’t assume that your family will know your favorite hymn or that you don’t want “that” reading. Contact the clergy for questions.
Participating in Online Worship
You can light candles, carry a cross, submit flower photos, or maybe even become a reader. Interested?  Send your photo, audio, or video files to  Shelby Scattergood ,  or contact her to learn more.
Books for Red Door Ministry
Aisha Huertas has been collecting good books to be shared with our Red Door Congregation. If you or someone you know would like to thin out your bookshelf and spread the wealth please email her to arrange a porch pick up. With the Libraries closed our book table gets cleared out every week!
Red Door T-shirt Sales Continue
The Red Door Ministry at GHTC is a space of healing, hospitality, and wholeness. This year we are holding a T-shirt fundraiser to support our ministry. The shirts are embroidered over your heart with the red door logo (use as the image, please). We are selling both adult and youth sizes. To place your order, visit this website . If you have questions regarding the sale, contact Andrew Peacock and see the shirts by watching this video .

If you’d like to make a donation directly without purchasing a t-shirt you can do so by writing a check to GHTC with “Red Door Donation” on the memo line or making a donation online.
Volunteering with Red Door Roadside
We are continuing our brown bag lunches at Red Door Ministry every Friday for the foreseeable future. To reduce risk and exposure, we ask that no more than 6-8 people are in the building over the course of the day. To volunteer, please contact our coordinator Isaiah King at 540.476.2325. Volunteers, please certify you are under the age of 65, in good physical health, and haven’t been exposed to anyone with COVID-19. At this point, we are keeping a social distance of 6 feet between volunteers and disinfecting food prep stations individually followed by a complete deep clean afterward by our sexton.