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January 20 - January 27, 2023
An Epiphany Metaphor

I have a confession to make: the wise men in my nativity scene never made it to the manger.

I keep my nativity in a bookcase where I put it out each year for Christmas. This allows me to quickly “decorate” for the season. In December after I took out the nativity, except for the wise men, I shut the cabinet door and turned the key in the lock.  

When Epiphany arrived, I turned the key in the door, and the lock was stuck, so the door didn’t open. My wise men stayed locked in the cabinet. Over the next several days, I tried to place the wise men in the nativity scene to no avail.  

As they continued to be separated from the nativity and the star above it, I felt like they were looking at me wondering when they'd be able to give their gifts to Jesus. If the wise men had been real rather than pieces of pewter, I think that I would have felt like I was letting them down. I realized that this might be a very good metaphor. I began to ask myself, “What is keeping me from getting to the star?”

Jennifer’s sermon on Sunday also asked this question of all of us. She asked us how we can use our lives to be the light of the world. She also gave a preview of this Sunday’s Gospel that calls us to discipleship.  

As we look forward to 2023, some critical questions we might ask ourselves are: “How can I be that light – here at St. Mary’s and in the wider community. What ministries speak to me? What talents do I have to offer? And more importantly – how can I help St. Mary’s become the church that it needs to be?"

Certainly, as we look at the leadership priorities for 2023 that the vestry adopted in November 2022, we can find many ways to serve as these goals become actions.

Murry Edwards

P.S. Thank you to Mattie Gustafson for helping with the essential questions.

P.P.S.S. And in case you were wondering, I tried the lock after I wrote this, and the lock finally moved. The wise men have been placed in the nativity. After all, it’s still the season of Epiphany!
Rector's Continuing Education
Last fall Jennifer began a two-year program of training as a spiritual director at the Haden Institute. This course involves three intensives a year, requiring on-site learning in Hendersonville, NC. She will be away until January 25. While she is away, Sr. Warden, Marlo Pratt will connect you with a priest should you need urgent pastoral care. Marlo can be reached by phone, by calling Jennifer's office extension. X103
For Families
Sunday, January 22

The week's focus is on Jesus beginning his ministry. He invites us to try something new. This week's activities help us with that message.

If you'd like to further discuss this week's readings as a family, illustrated books can provide good starters for discussion. This week's list includes an all time-favorite, Green Eggs and Ham which connects to the Gospel's message of trying something new. Each of the books on this week's list is available through your Ocean State Library.
Sunday, January 22 - 10:15, Study of Exodus, St. George's Chapel. See below for details.

Sunday, February 5 - 10:00 - 10:30, Coffee Hour Hosted by the Stewardship Commission, Gathering Space

Sunday February 5 - 10:30, Annual Meeting of the Corporation, St. George's Chapel.

Friday, February 10 - 6:00, Movie Night, St. George's Chapel. Details below.

For a calendar of all of the activities visit the church's website.
Third Sunday after the Epiphany
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Give us grace, O Lord, to answer readily the call of our Savior Jesus Christ and proclaim to all people the Good News of his salvation, that we and the whole world may perceive the glory of his marvelous works; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

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ECC Summer Camp Registration

Believe it or not -- the days are getting longer. And before we know it, summer will be here!

Don't forget to plan to "Rise and Shine" at summer camp at the Episcopal Conference Center. ECC offers 8 camps for everyone during the summer of 2023. Be sure to register before they're full.
Bible Study on Sundays

Following 9:00 service in St. George's Chapel.

Come walk with us as we journey through the Book of Exodus. All are welcome!

Scriptures for Sunday, January 22nd
Exodus 19:1-25 Israel is God's special possession
Exodus 20:1-21 The "Ten Words"
Exodus 21, 22, 23 The Covenant Code
Exodus 24:1-18 The solemn acceptance of the Covenant
Save the Date

The Community Outreach Team will be sponsoring a Pizza and Movie Night on Friday, February 10 at 6:00 pm. The film will have an environmental theme and will be followed by a brief discussion and a challenge to make a behavioral change during Lent that will benefit Mother Earth. This event will be for all ages and an appropriate children's film and activity will be available. Watch eNews later this month for an opportunity to register on Sign-Up Genius.
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Image credits: Richard Grosvenor, Historic Church, watercolor, used with permission.

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