Santa Fe Workshops Online with Nevada Wier and Eddie Soloway
Tuesday April 6 & Thursday April 8, 2021
Join me and my good friend, and brilliant photographer, Eddie Soloway for a lively and thoughtful discussion about our philosophy of travel. We are designing brand-new presentations for this special seminar full of ideas, practical tips, and musings on a myriad of topics.

Nevada Wier and Eddie Soloway share a love for wild and remote travel destinations. Eddie makes a point of seeking out blank spots on the map, while Nevada passionately explores cultures far removed from our fast-paced world. For two evenings online, these two friends share stories, photographs, and practical advice, comparing notes on an engaging array of personal travel topics.

Through photographic presentations and conversations, Eddie and Nevada chart the evolution of their aesthetic visions and examine the fluid demands of making photographs in the moment. Seeing deeply amidst the chaos and sometimes stillness of a place is essential for a thoughtful travel adventure. Equally important is the ability to tread lightly on the land and, if possible, to return periodically to a special location to deepen your connections. They touch on topics such as nonverbal communication,

overcoming preconceived notions, and how to create evocative images that speak from your heart.
They also delve into the process of preparation for a thoughtful photographic journey, determining where to look, how to look, what to avoid, and which equipment to carry. They also take time to reflect on the experience of living through 2020, taking stock of the gifts received and the lessons learned, including the ability to embrace Plan B.

This lecture format class will meet 6:00 - 8:00 pm (MST) on Tuesday, April 6 and Thursday, April 8 (two online group sessions).