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April 2017, issue # 54
 Creative E-Crane Customers Finding New Applications for E-Cranes

Lind Marine, an excellent E-Crane customer, has found a new and creative application for the E-Crane!  

A suction dredge is mounted on the E-Crane and used to clean out barges. The E-Crane is used to position the suction dredge within the barge. This client is creative along with many other clients, and it is not surprising that Lind Marine has come up with this unique application.

 The Three lives of One 2000 Series E-Crane

Our first 2000 Series E-Crane began as a large capacity crawler ship unloader in the USA, was transformed into the high precision Block Buster in the Netherlands, and is now working as an E-Dredger in the Caspian Sea.

As this E-Crane is now entering it's third life, it remains in very good condition. The E-Crane underwent some preventative overhaul work in order to get it ready for work in the Caspian Sea.

 Congratulations to the Parents & their E-Crane Babies

Aleksandra Wiciak and  Zbyszek Wiciak welcomed their lovely baby boy  Jakub on April 17th.

Jakub weighed 3,970 kg at birth and was 58 cm tall.

Magdalena Maciejewsk and Marcin Kolanko became the parents of a beautiful son, named Antoni.

Little Antoś was born on December 1st at 11.30 AM and weighed 3,4 kg and was 52 cm tall.

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 A Warm Welcome to our New Colleague

New colleague who recently joined our team:

Office Management

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