The Threshold
Tick Tock
Another year is about to slide into history but not before we take notice of what our volunteers have accomplished in making a difference in the lives of others. In January the name “Threshold” was chosen for this newsletter. Unit C on North Road was purchased back by Habitat; the former owner offering it for sale. In February, a new family, Jennifer Campbell and her three daughters were selected for ownership. A temporary lease was effected until she could attain the requisite sweat equity hours. In March, Anthony Ruddy and Roger Aubrey attended the JLC LIVE Residential Construction Show in Providence RI. Unit C was readied for the Campbell family. April saw volunteers attempting to clear the build-site of snow and the last few days of April and first week of May getting ready for Women Build that occurred Mother’s Day weekend. That saw all four walls being erected by 41 women; 427 Silver Pine Ln. was well on its way to construction. By June the walls were insulated, trusses and roof in place, windows installed and interior strapping started. July and August saw electrical work started, roof completion and solar panels installed. Walls and ceiling sheet-rocked, exterior siding completed, plumbing finished and heating system installed. Additionally, Kennett Middle School Summer Camp youngsters were busy at the site in July. In September Habitat explored purchasing another lot in Sokokis Pines, started the paperwork process for clearing the next build lot on Burgdorf Rd. in Madison, and advertised to select the next family. The Tuttle house neared completion in October with walls painted, finish carpentry underway, doors hung, and yard graded and seeded. In November, an offer was made on Lot #37 in Sokokis and families interviewed for the next house in Madison. Greg Tuttle’s house was about finished with kitchen cabinets installed and carpet put in place. A dedication ceremony was scheduled for December 2 nd . During the summer two board members, Bob Magoun and Nels Gustafson stepped down from the board. In subsequent months, Chris Gillette, Asst. VP at TD Bank and Bill Brochu, retired pharmaceutical executive, were elected to the board ensuring the vitality of MWV Habitat for Humanity would continue.
Another House Completed
Greg Tuttle and his family are taking possession of their new house the first week of December. Located at 427 Silver Pine Lane, Sokokis Pines, Tamworth, construction was started last fall with lot clearing, site excavated, underground plumbing put in, foundation walls poured and insulated as well as the adjacent shed completed before all was buttoned up for the winter.

In the spring after the road bans were lifted, it was back to work. Initial work was clearing the foundation of snow, putting in radiant floor tubing, pouring the slab and readying the site for Women Build on Mother’s Day weekend.

With an average of 15 to 20 volunteers each Thursday throughout the summer and fall, Greg Tuttle could see his house taking shape. His employer allowed Greg the opportunity to attain the necessary 300 hours sweat equity at both the construction site as well as with furniture pickups for the Home Furnishing sales.
New Fundraiser Coming!
It is said “The mark of a great man is not one who comes up with a great idea, rather it is one who recognizes a great idea!” And so it is that a committee has been formed to organize and manage “Adopt a Stud”, a popular fund raising activity carried out by many Habitat affiliates around the country. Individuals, organizations, restaurants, stores, etc. will have the opportunity to adopt a 2’ x 4” or 4’ x 6’ for a TBD fee; decorate it, autograph it, put their logo on it, or whatever. The studs will then go into the next house to be built. Before the sheathing goes on the house, all those who have adopted a stud will be invited to have their pictures taken next to their adoptee and celebrate having taken a homeless stud off the street.

Stay tuned for more informatin on how your can adopt a stud!
Train Trip to the Notch
At 1100 AM on October 15 th , the Kiwanis-Habitat Autumn Express pulled out of the North Conway Scenic Railroad station and headed north, carrying nearly 400 passengers on
nine cars.

Hosted by volunteers from both the Kiwanis Club of Mt. Washington Valley and the MWV Habitat for Humanity affiliate, passengers were treated to spectacular scenery past sheer bluffs, steep ravines, cascading brooks and streams, panoramic mountain vistas, across Frankenstein Trestle and Willey Brook Bridge – enroute to Crawford station.  

The five hour trip allowed passengers the opportunity to dine on the Hattie Evans dining car, provided snacks, box lunches and personal photo memories of their trip. Barbara Plowski, Kiwanis and Chris Gillette, Habitat, headed their respective organizations, working in close coordination with Conway Scenic RR staff and crew to ensure passenger safety and comfort.

Special thanks go out to Russ Seybold, owner and general manager, whose staff and crew allowed both organizations to reap significant contributions from this outstanding fund raiser.
Successful Home Furnishings Sales
Thanks to John Lowell and his staff at Bear Peak Lodge, dozens of volunteers and all those who donated furniture, appliances and a multitude of home furnishing items, we enjoyed a highly successful Home Furnishing Sales season. The three sales saw over 660 pieces of furniture and appliances and an untold number of decorative and knick-knack items that were sold, grossing over $30,000. This represents roughly the construction cost for one-quarter of a MWV Habitat house. Board member, Sam Johnson has been organizing and managing these sales for over four years; doing pick-ups for seven. When asked how he accounts for their success, he points out that MWV Habitat takes only quality furniture; the sales occur at an excellent location and the sale prices are attractive.  With a twinkle in his eye, Sam added, “no piece of furniture goes out the door without being tested first.”

Do you have quality furniture or items you'd like to donate? Check out the Donation Procedure

Interested in shopping? Check our our online home furnishing sale page for new items!
An Evening At North Road
Late summer, Marianne Jackson , Homeowner Support Chairperson met with the four Habitat home owners and their children at their North Road condo unit. In Marianne’s words, “I had the chance to talk with the women and their children about their unique micro-community as Habitat Homeowners living within the shared walls and grounds of MWV Habitat’s only condo. I wanted to hear their stories and learn whether the model was working and if so, how? I was deeply rewarded by their candor.”
Melanie, Susan, Kate and Jenn welcomed me with snacks and lots of kids sharing pizza and games in Sue’s living room. It was impossible to tell whose children were whose. They huddled and giggled together all evening.

On Applying for a Habitat Home:
I wanted to know first how each of them had come to learn about Habitat and what prompted them to apply.

Melanie started. I was working at Conway Elementary when Erin Finney told me about new applications for a Habitat house. The only thing I knew about Habitat was from my neighborhood growing up. We lived in the triple-deckers surrounded by the high rises and there on the block was a single home – it was a Habitat home. We couldn’t imagine such a thing.  The teachers at Conway El pushed me to go to the Information meeting and wouldn’t let go until I filled out the application. I was living in a very cold, horrible apartment after my husband left me with our kids. I wasn’t chosen. I was devastated. The next year I was volunteering at Angels and Elves when Marie Lee and Bob Magoun pushed me to reapply. It was so intimidating, but how could I say no to them?  Weeks later I got a much anticipated call from Bob Magoun - he kept apologizing for taking so long in getting back to me. I was sure I’d been turned down again and then he told me I was selected! I couldn’t believe it!

Kate was next.  In college at UNE I was part of the Orientation for students.   We helped on a Habitat project.  Years later I was living with my husband and kids in Bartlett in a very cramped rental condo. We were miserable. I heard from Birdy – Sam’s wife – when I was working at the Bartlett Community Preschool. She PUSHED me to apply. It was really stressful with so much unknowing as we waited to hear.
It was Sue’s turn. Well I heard from Mel. We had known each other years before but reconnected through our kids at their dance class. When she heard of my situation and divorce she pushed me to apply.   But being a single Mom trying to get safe affordable housing was horrible. There was blatant discrimination; I was taken advantage of by landlords, and there was nothing good out there. It was scary. But the process was scary too – the home visit really worried me. What if the kids misbehaved? Mel made sure I got through it.

Jenn – Well, it was Barb. (They all chuckled and nodded – yup, it’s Barb!) I thought I would be living in the basement of my family’s house forever. I didn’t know what I was going to do. 

In the winter edition of the newsletter, the families will discuss their interaction with the Habitat volunteers and how they handled the sweat equity requirement.
Welcome New Board Members!
W.E. “Bill” Brochu
Bill has been coming to the Valley since 1993 and became a permanent resident in 2011 after retiring from 37 years in the Pharmaceutical industry. With Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degrees in pharmaceutical disciplines, Bill has practiced pharmacy in retail/community and hospital settings. His experience was primarily in Research & Development, holding such positions as Laboratory Scientist, Clinical Research, Project Regulatory Affairs and Quality manager, retiring as Quality VP for Mylan Technologies. Bill can be seen at the Habitat construction sites each Thursday, doing his part ensuring underserved families have a stable, safe and secure environment in which to raise their children. Residing in Center Conway with his wife Eileen, Bill enjoys alpine skiing, photography, woodworking, kayaking, cycling and hiking.
Christine "Chris" Gillette
A life-long resident of Mount Washington Valley, Chris has been employed 29 years with TD Bank, have served as Teller, customer Service Representative, Assistant Manager, and currently as Assistant Vice President. Licensed to offer FHA, VA and other mortgage products, Chris she has been originating mortgage, consumer and business loans for the past 20 years. She has been recognized by TD Bank management for her performance in areas of customer growth, customer retention and lending volume. She is treasurer of MWV School to Career, a member of the White Mountain Board of Realtors Affiliate committee, and volunteers her time with the Angels and Elves program, Cancer Walk and various other events throughout the year. She lives in Brownfield with her husband Mike and enjoys outdoor activities including camping.
Message From the Board
It is that time of year to reflect on the overall health of our affiliate, what we have accomplished and what is in store for the next year. If you look at the outstanding qualifications of our board members, the number of volunteers who show up every Thursday at the build site, the continued success of Women Build, three lots in our possession on which to build, the generosity of our contractors and building suppliers, fund raising success from the yard sales, Honey-Do Auction and Kiwanis-Habitat Autumn Express, one would have to have to agree the affiliate to be in good health. 

Income is down a bit as there have been fewer donations along with a grant foundation denying a request in early fall. It is realized that since we went to the electronic newsletter format we have not reached the larger reading audience as we did with the printed and mailed newsletter. Thus this quarter we opted to do each, as a result some of you will receive both. It is hoped that more will sign up for the Threshold, our electronic letter. We continue to tweak our web site to make it more accessible as well as informative. We have also committed ourselves to doing a better job communicating with the public. But communication is a two-way street and we welcome your feedback.

In the interim, we wish all the most joyous of holidays and the most prosperous new year.

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