The Thunderbolt Bar - Landmark
The landmark Thunderbolt Bar pictured above is a historic icon in the neighborhood of Olympia. The brick building was originally built as a restaurant in the 1920's at the back of the Grand Alexandrian Theater, but it has long since degraded into a dark, seedy bar. Constructed in the 1920’s as a middle-class restaurant, the establishment had a long slide during the Great Depression that it never even tried to recover from. It has been a hive of scum and villainy, a blight on Olympia.
The establishment has several back-rooms inside the old theater nominally available for private parties, but generally used for illegal activity. It has had a reputation as an underworld hangout for decades, and there are rumors of illegal gambling inside the premise of the abandoned theater. But it does such a good trade among those with powerful connections that the city has never bothered to make the effort to shut it down.
On the second floor the bar does have a patio that shows some gang money was invested to try and renovate a portion of the bar. It's a decent place to meet for a cocktail if you aren't offended by the company of gang members and underworld scum.
The number of patrons entering the bar hasn't gone unnoticed by the Olympia street vendors who sell food to hungry patrons whether leaving the bar at 4AM, or for a random gangster meeting at 4:00 in the afternoon...
The Thunderbolt Bar will be a fine spot for villains, hipster college students enjoying a scene with an edge, or those who are interested in infiltrating the underworld to meet up for battles and missions!