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October 30, 2014
To the saints and sinners in La Grange and elsewhere: Grace to you and peace from Carly, called to be a servant of Christ among you.
  It is Stewardship Season in many churches, including First Congregational Church of La Grange. Because our congregation is still adjusting to the stark discoveries of our Alban Study and the resulting vision for how we will be the church in this new time, this is a very important time for us. We are adjusting to a smaller staff and more of the congregation doing ministry; the pews are fuller than in recent years. Music, laughter, and the sounds of children echo through the corridors and the sanctuary. It's fabulous!
  As a church of Congregational heritage, it is the people of the congregation who make the ultimate decisions for the church through votes at a congregational meeting. The real vote, though, is the stewardship campaign. It will decide if we will live into God's vision for our church. Casting a ballet in a meeting costs us nothing; the vote that tells us more about the will of the congregation is where we are willing to put our time, talent, and treasure. It is this vote that determines our direction.
   When the local public radio station runs their pledge drives, they make it clear that if a program does not receive enough pledges, it will not remain on the air. And frequently, shows have been cancelled because people didn't give money to keep it on the air. Because of declining membership, the economic downturn, and dropping contributions, the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee declared bankruptcy this summer. Nonprofits, particularly those involving the arts, are reorganizing and dissolving at record rates in recent years.
   And, churches everywhere are struggling. There are a variety of reasons why people are giving less and, therefore, why less good is being done in the world. There are a lot of reasons, but the main one is that people have decided to be consumers rather than philanthropists. Corporations are making record profits, but nonprofits and churches are closing. There are lots of reasons for that ... and I wonder what part you and I play? Will you vote with your stewardship about what you want the future of FCCLG to be?
Volunteer Opportunities
The product for the food pantry for November will be laundry detergent. Although not a food item, it is often requested at the pantry. Smaller containers are best and easier for everyone to handle.

Jewel is giving away stamps for pots and pans. If you are not going to use them, bring them into the church office or put loose stamps in the box on your way to coffee hour. So far we have two completed books for Refugee One! Thank you to all who have donated stamps.

Interested in being part of a team volunteering at Back Bay Mission? For the fourth year, our church will be taking a group of adults to Biloxi on February 22nd to the 28th. If you have questions or are ready to sign up, please contact Marie Roche. We will hold an informational meeting after the first of the year for attendants.

Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 19th and plan to attend the annual Harvest Home Dinner. Tickets will be on sale after worship or in the church office. Want to lend a hand? Sign-up to help prepare or serve food. Sign-up sheets are in the office.

La Grange Public Library is looking for volunteers to spend an hour per week adding RFID tags to items. Click here or call 708-215-3200 for more information.
In Our Church
Rev. Carly will be on vacation November 11 - 17. On November 16, there will be a guest minister. Come and hear who she has  lined up! 

Life Line Screening will host their health screenings on November 21st. Register for a Wellness Package which includes 4 vascular tests and osteoporosis screening from $149 ($139 with our member discount). All five screenings take 60-90 minutes to complete. To register and receive a $10 discount off any package priced above $129, call 1-888-653-6441 or click here.

LIFETOUCH PICTURE DIRECTORIES are in! Members who were photographed may pick up their directory in the Founder's Room following worship. If you did not have your photo taken for the directory and would like to order a copy, please see Bobbi Nunez.

Is there a special anniversary or date coming up? We have several Sundays available for altar flower donations. See the calendar in the Founder's Room for open dates. Also, if you have any extra glass flower vases we can use to deliver the altar flowers in, please drop them off in the office or in the Drawing Room Kitchen.

On Sunday, November 9th, meet with the Ministry of Nurture and others from FCCLG for coffee or breakfast after 8:00 am at Bakers Square on La Grange Road. Hope you can join us!

Are you looking for insight about how to live as a blessing to others? Join us for the final Bible study and worship. Bible Study will be offered twice: once on Tuesday at 3 p.m. in the Drawing Room, and again on Wednesday at 6 p.m. (over a meal) at Al's Charhouse at 32 S La Grange Rd in La Grange. Next Sunday the worship theme will reflect the conversations of the studies.

November 4 and 5 Bible Study and November 9 Worship: Be Thou My Vision
Mark 12:38-44
Anger, fear, resentment, envy, guilt, worry. Many of us have these strong feelings about money and frequently don't talk about it at all. Jesus spoke about money all the time, asking us to examine its power so we can give our faith and our lives to God.

Advent is coming! Come join the Ministry of Worship tradition of decorating our church inside and out. It happens Saturday November 29, starting at 9 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Email John Hoo or call 708-352-5577 for additional information. Sign up here.
Get Involved with FCCLG!
- Bring in treats of your choice and serve beverages and snacks after worship.
Flower Delivery
- Deliver the donated altar flowers to home-bound church members after worship.
- Arrive church at 9:30 am, pass out programs, collect the offering.
-Arrive at church at 9:45 am, wear your name tag, and smile!
Laundry Superheroes
- Pick up the Saturday Meals Program laundry outside the kitchen after worship and return it clean before next Saturday.
Nursery Attendants
-Watch children during worship service.
AV Technicians
-Run the sound system and cameras and monitor broadcast to Plymouth Place during worship on Sunday. Training available - see John Hoo.

You can also sign-up in fellowship hour or by calling the church office at 708-352-0800.
Your Cards and Prayers Will Comfort and Touch...

The family of J. Doug Beigert (Evelyn & John's son) who passed away October 5th. Joan Burke's granddaughter as she recovers from injury and surgery.
Jim Clayton.
Our thoughts are with LuAnn Hall's niece Jessica.
KC, Tina Happel's sister, as she recovers from emergency surgery.
Lois Hindman, who is house bound with a brain condition.
The family of Loretta Kotal (mother of Sherri Ries) who passed away.
The family of Donald Olson, (Hellen) who passed away.
Mark and Eva Stevens, as Eva regains strength from illness.
Fred Weiss.
Chet Won (Viola Clayton's son-in-law).

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