June 11, 2020

I don’t want to do this anymore!?
I keep hearing this from people. I keep saying it to myself. It comes from folks who have been in one of many ZOOM rooms, and it comes from folks who are extroverts and need to be with people. And it keeps getting louder, more urgent, more common.  
I don’t want to do this anymore!?   
It’s more than a comment. It’s more than a question. It’s more than a plea. For me, it’s a statement of inadequacy, and sadness, and weariness. No. Fatigue. Bone deep fatigue.
First it was the choir’s cantata Sunday. Then Palm Sunday, then Easter. Then Mother’s day. Then Pentecost. Then Graduation Sunday.
Now it’s funerals without a gathering. Weddings are being postponed. The July baptisms won’t happen until much later.  
It's producing worship services days in advance because it takes so long to cut, edit, normalize, piece together, and render video – and I really feel inadequate for the task.
It's consoling via text or telephone or Zoom.
It's grieving family and church members who have died to COVID.
It's seeing the church’s income impacted by changes in pledging, cancelled events, investments.
It's long discussions and research into when and how to return to in-person worship where health is at stake. 
It’s ‘how come the church down the street is re-opening.’
It's worrying about a contagion that can fatally impact you or your family.
It's missing time with family and friends.
It's trying to absorb the flood of information and suggestions coming at you.
It's trying to determine whether you know how to be the Church in the post pandemic world. 
I don’t want to do this anymore!?
Then there’s yet more deaths of Black men and women at the hands (knee) of police officers. Vigils, protests, organizing. Discussions about how the church will respond….
I don’t want to do this anymore!?    
Perhaps it’s time to listen to that voice. To accept that this is a normal response to such drastic change. 
If this is how you are feeling, know that you are not along in feeling this in this moment. Know that drastic and sudden change have always resulted in this. Know that we need to pay attention to this fatigue and anxiety. This is the very invitation to new life. Because, our God is just like that. 
Blessings to you. 
And please, wash your hands.
*This article is adapted from the writings of Rev Don Remick, Bridge Conference Minister of the Southern New England Conference of the UCC. The full text of his article can be found here. https://www.sneucc.org/blogdetail/14021612
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Book Club Notice
Time on your hands? Doing extra reading these days? Please join us for the next edition of our book club on June 25 th at 7 pm. We’ll be reading A Gentleman in Moscow: A Novel by Amor Towles. The story of a Russian aristocrat under house arrest (!) in Moscow during the tumult of the 1930s. This historical fiction has it all: fantastical romance, politics, espionage, parenthood and poetry. Not sure if we’ll meet in person or on Zoom – stay tuned!
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The Ministry of Missions is resuming collections for the Second Baptist Church’s food pantry. Suggested items in June include bottled water, juice, soda, and sports drinks. Other nonperishable items are also gratefully accepted. Please leave your donations in the bin on Bobbie Nunez’s front porch at 507 S. Spring, La Grange.
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 Thanks to your generosity, this ministry is able to provide monetary help to many agencies, including Pillars and BEDS, both of which are providing needed services during the coronavirus pandemic.
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The coronavirus pandemic is hard on everyone; for some, it can create an emotional crisis. Pillars Community Health is maintaining a COVID-19 Coping Help Line at 708-995-3898.
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  Prayer is at the heart of our relationship with God. Please lift these friends, family, and members in your prayers.
The Bain family at the death of Carol Bain.
The family of Emil Balz.
Laura Brown (a friend of Renee Bryant since 5th grade), and her family, lost her brother
Erik, probably due to COVID-19. She also lost her sister Lou Ann to cerebral
hemorrhage two days later.
Jennifer Sabella’s husband, Don Caruso, who has a neurological disease and is entering
hospice care.
Jim and Vi Clayton.
The family of Ron Kloss, Janet Bednar’s and Jim Kloss’ father.
Stephanie McCollough.
The friends and family of Dottie McCormick, who died on June 6 th .
Margaret Melkonian, at home.
Haley Safranek’s grandmother, who is in the ICU with COVID-19.
Sister Marlene Schemmel, Congregation of St. Joseph, as she battles kidney cancer.
Bob Taylor, who is fighting stage IV liver cancer that has spread.
The family of Richard Tobin.
Stephanie Turton, Dan Sather's sister, who is fighting COVID-19.
Eric Wodicka, boyfriend of Erin Swan (Chris and Renee Bryant’s daughter) who was
diagnosed and hospitalized with leukemia.
Those killed, the injured, and their families in acts of violence.
Those at the border.
Those living in fear and without hope, and those who use fear to control others.
Those in the path of COVID-19. 

If you would like to add your loved one to the touch list with their permission, email your concern to info@fcclg.org, or text it to 708.294.3997