An Executive Team Approach to Streamlining Your Business Success

NOW is the Time To Act!

What do you need to do differently in 2014 to win? 
Are you ready to take your business to the next level of success? Need a strategy to kick start your growth? Want access to a team of leading edge experts to build your action plan? Then join us, for 6 WEEKS TO SUCCESS! 

An executive team working with you to unlock the secrets to your ultimate success. 

6 WEEKS TO SUCCESS is an action packed business course that will strategically drive action in your business for targeted growth. A hands on course designed to build strong business systems to streamline results. 

At the end of the 6 weeks, we will host a wine and cheese celebration event where the business owners can showcase their success stories to invited guests!  

Bonus With Course:  Weekly check-in/ accountability/ meet with like minded action oriented business owners/ one-on-one business coaching to address the unique needs of your business. 


Wishing you much success in 2014!

Denise Baril, Facilitator
6 Weeks to Success
Workplace Speaker Network
(403) 620-5010 
This course is designed as a 6 week business group (12-15 /business owners) to strategically drive business activity. Active participation is required by all attendees each session. At the end of each session, a homework assignment will be given to apply the learning (due the following week). A review of the outcomes achieved will be discussed at the start of every session. Action and accountability is required. A commitment to attending all sessions is a must. 
Marketing Your Message to Get Noticed: Creating a Mental Stickinote
Building a Business Community/ and Focused Planning.
Denise Baril/ WSN  
Business Projections/ Cash Flow/ Tax Planning/ Business Expansion 
Targeted Online / and Mobile Marketing For Your Business
Gaurav Duggal/ REACH NEXUS 
"So Your Business Has a Great Idea...Now What? - Identifying and Protecting your Intellectual Property!" or "Barriers to Innovative and Entrepreneurial Success: An Overview of IP" 
Coby Schneider/ GOODWIN MCKAY
Creating a Duplicable Sales System for Results 
Building Long Term Business Relationships: The Recipe to Create Trusting Relationships That Buy for Value Not Lowest Price. 
Denise Baril/ WSN 


Course Fees:
Non Members                                                        $999.00 Plus GST                    

WSN Members/ Preferred Clients                      $699.00 Plus GST 
Fee includes:  6 week course (18 hours of learning), plus a wind up wine and cheese event. 
Bonus: One on One Coaching Sessions From Key Instructors (Valued at over $1000.00).
Meet Our Instructors:

Denise Baril
Facilitator/ Instructor for 
Founder, WSN and 
Denise was raised in an entrepreneurial world from the age of 6 when her parents launched one of the first home wine and beer making supply stores in Canada. Denise is currently the CEO of Marketing Matters Canada, and the Founder of the Workplace Speaker Network. Denise had run her own businesses or supported businesses in the following sectors: toy, transportation, health/wellness, marketing and communications, social enterprise, and the insurance industry.  
Denise has a passion for helping small business owners engage in community building, leverage low cost marketing strategies, and finding innovative ways to attract the right kind of clients for long term success. In it's first year in operation, Denise's company WSN, was listed in the top 500 Companies for Leadership Training in North America, Leadership Excellence USA. Her motto:
The greatest gifts will appear in your life when you focus on people not things!
 "Denise has a unique way of providing the language, insight, and simplicity to marketing. I gained more in 2 hours than I have ever gained in any other marketing sessions that took weeks. She provided practical tips that I implemented with ease immediately. The big plus...she gets me and validated my style which freed me from being stuck to championing my passion- Families"
- Mona Cooley   CEO/ Founder of Cool Family Solutions / January 2014 
Coby Schneider
Barrister, Solicitor, Trade Mark Agent
B.A., J.D., LL.M 

Intellectual property lawyer with a propensity and talent for business development and great speaking skills...has substantial experience in entrepreneurial start-up space including bootcamps, judging pitches and providing legal services for intellectual property protection and strategy necessary for emerging businesses

Specialties: Canadian and International strategy, protection and analysis for patents, trade-marks and copyright, branding, trade-mark prosecution, patent strategy, cost-effective analysis of IP and emerging markets...


Happily ensconced in a loving environment doing what I do best...looking at overall IP strategy for startups and others, those with new technology but no idea what to do, those with mid to large size corps needing guidance with large IP portfolios here in Canada and the US and worldwide, working on potentially challenging the patent exams, prosecuting and litigating trade-mark issues and doing licensing and other contract work supported by brilliant patent lawyers, litigation lawyers, patent agents and patent agent trainees....loving it...back in my element...creativity, new technology...meeting great new people...fabulous!



"I first met Coby in 2005 at Miller Thomson, and in the years since she has been unbelievably helpful and supportive. Her knowledge of Canadian, US and International copyright law (especially in the online world) is impressive, but for me her greatest asset has to be her ability to immediately grasp an issue, approach it from different angles, and start to see solutions, as well as opportunities and options that haven't occurred to me yet. That comes from years of experience capped off with controlled, focused creativity - a pretty rare combination, in my experience. 


When I have a (possibly marketable) idea, or if I was going through the start-up process, Coby would be the first person I'd talk to, and the first legal professional I'd want on my team."


- James Bartley, Project Manager and Entrepreneur
Gaurav Duggal


Partner/ Project Manager

Reach Nexus 


Gaurav Duggal is a Digital Marketing Strategist and co-founder of Reach Nexus and SEO Strat new media.


In any business, the key is to reach customers where they hang out. Right now, and for the foreseeable future, that means either online, via mobile phones, or other emerging "New Media" avenues.


With over 85% of customers now searching for businesses online, and over 50% using mobile phones to get there, its time for business to either adapt OR let the competition steal their customers away. The good news is, Gaurav makes navigating and leveraging Digital Marketing avenues easy.


With 10 years in the business, clients spanning the entire globe, and hundreds of businesses trained, Gaurav's goal is to help demystify digital marketing, and help your business or brand grow via taking advantage of these increasingly dominant marketing avenues.


"Gaurav is one of the nicest and well-rounded people in the Digital Media field. He also brings 10 years of experience into the business and has the best ideas and recommendations to help your business. 


Patience, Integrity, Experience as well as his passion and motivation to succeed are the traits that make Gaurav an excellent person to work with." 


- Francis Jimenez



Kelly Laverty 



Certified Business Coach

Focal Point Coaching


Kelly has a passion for helping business leaders and owners achieve their full potential and is dedicated to enhancing the profitability all businesses he works with. He has a proven track record of success in marketing, product management and strategic business planning having delivered outstanding results throughout his career. As your business coach Kelly will help you to grow and manage your business. He will help you to understand and implement proven business concepts, which are guaranteed to generate a quick 'Return On Investment'. He will work with you to develop plans in key areas related to achieving success, such as leadership, management, delegation, sales, marketing, productivity, growth, decision making and execution. Kelly has successfully managed and coached teams both professionally and during his personal time. In addition to that throughout his corporate career he has had some very powerful mentors work with him to accelerate his performance. 

As your business coach, Kelly has a wide range of solid business skills that he will draw upon to assist you in building a road map to higher levels of achievement. These include: 

* Business Development 

* Marketing 

* Strategic Planning 

* Product Management 

* Materials Management 

* Product Development 



" I elected to have Kelly as my business coach because of the depth of his practical business experience when coupled with the Brian Tracy Coaching program and curriculum represented a powerful combination for success at Cantos Music Foundation. 

Kelly has more than 25 years of industry experience in key areas that I believed our organization could benefit from. I have worked with Kelly since November 2008, and he consistently and effectively leverages those skills to provide maximum value in all our coaching sessions. He truly cares about my business and how the business will achieve it's goals and how I will achieve my personal objectives.  He listens effectively, challenges me to search for the right solutions, and provides me with the right doses of motivation and encouragement to address the challenges and opportunities I face. 

I am already implementing changes to my business and seeing positive results." 
-Andrew Mosker, Executive Director/ Cantos Music Foundation 



Albert Snook



Chartered Accountant/ Partner

4A Professional Services 


Albert was raised in Newfoundland and moved to Alberta in 2003 to start his career as a Chartered Accountant. Over the past 5 years he has been more than just an accountant. He's been a virtual controller / CFO for many types of entrepreneurs such as mortgage brokerage firm, high net worth individuals, trucking and transport industry and many other small to medium sized companies. Currently he is focusing on growing his virtual controllership / CFO practice in Calgary.

Most accountants are so busy processing one tax return after another they don't have time to contribute to your business, beyond basic government compliance matters and answering direct questions from their clients. Albert, on the other hand, sees his role as more than paper pushing and number crunching. He's here to go beyond your accounting to help you make your business work and grow. From developing financial solutions and management processes for businesses along with providing traditional accounting services such as year-end financial reporting compliance and taxation plans and filings.     


"4A has been my corporate and personal accountant for the past 10 years.  They have been instrumental on guiding my business strategically both short term and long term.  4A's ongoing advice and direction has brought my business to the next level.  This is through goal setting, company structure, accounting processes, CRA compliancy and also referring me to key partners to ensure my business is positioned properly.  As a 4A client, I can now focus on what I do best and that is running a company knowing they are a key partner of mine."


-Kent Chapman, Jencor Mortgage Corp.

A team working with you to get results! 
Contact:  Denise Baril
(403) 620-5010