Potekglass October 2020 Newsletter
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The Time of Waves
One-of-a-Kind Fine Art
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We track time in many different ways, often referencing significant moments in our history. In "Tides" I want to capture the movement of waves and the slow but inevitable change that occurs with repetition. In order to reinforce that message I constructed the piece by pulverising a pre-cast glass assemblage into smaller and smaller parts, using time in the ball mill to express this disintegration.

We offer unique, custom high-quality glass installations that can be produced and installed quickly in your home, business or institution. Stop by our studio to view glass options and discuss your project or view our vast product options online at potekglass.com.
~ Malcom Potek
Art in the World
Andrew Shea
Andrew Shea's work consists of blown glass characterized by vivid colors in strong forms.

In his work, Shea captures the motion of hot glass. While the colors and techniques of glassblowing are fascinating, the real joy comes from working with glass once it has cooled. He loves handling the glass, whether it involves surface manipulation or working with the shapes.

Andrew Shea began blowing glass at the University of Minnesota in the early seventies. Shea began working the glass to produce glass fish and perfume bottles that mimic the transparency, opacity, and fluidity of
hot glass.
"I have been working in glass since college in the seventies. I use the fluidity of glass to create forms that represent the motion of the material at working temperatures."

To learn more, visit his website: at sheaglass.com
Class Notes
Upcoming classes
Halloween: Ghoulish Glow-in-the-Dark
Skull Pendant and Beads
Gather your friends for a ghoulish good time this Halloween season! Capture the ghostly spirit and create glow-in-the-dark pendants strung on a necklace of glowing beads. Learn to manipulate larger gathers for sculptural endeavors. 

Note: Participants are required to have previous experience with glass or participated in a torch
Try-iT session.

Just Try-iT! beginner sessions are intended to introduce a glass-working approach. You will learn basic techniques specific to that approach with hands-on practice time to get comfortable working with glass and open your eyes to the creative potential of glass!

Stay tuned for upcoming visitor artists and
master classes.

Intro Level Try-iT! Classes
Just try it ... you'll like it.

Basics from Boron
2pm - 5 pm
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