The Times, They Are A-Changin'

  Ventura Boulevard Magazine Issue  
Holiday Etiquette
I had the pleasure of being interviewed by  Linda Grasso editor-in-chief of Ventura Boulevard magazine on the hot topic of holiday etiquette. From gifting ideas and plus ones at parties to texting at the table and when exactly to RSVP, we dissect the most popular hosting and guesting quandaries. Read more.
    Posh Pooch Party! 
Only in Beverly Hills
Sunday, Nov. 12th
1:00pm to 4:00pm
Calling all dog lovers! The fabulous store Only in Beverly Hills is hosting a Posh Pooch Party. Bring your favorie furry friend for pictures on the red carpet along with treats and surprises. Hear our top 5 Petiquette tips and pick up a signed copy of Beverly Hills Manners: Golden Rules from the World's Most Glamorous Zip Code. Click here or RSVP Space is limited.
    In These Lying Times, Receipts Offer a Glimmer of Justice
An article in last Sunday's New York Times Magazine by writer Wesley Morris breaks down the latest buzz word 'receipts' as a virtual paper trail and truth revealer to confront the protected and the powerful. Read here.

A Special Note
Hats off to our beloved Dodgers. They played their hearts out, but this year the World Series trophy belonged to the Houston-Strong Astros. In these uncertain times where we have endured a barrage of threats to our nation both natural and man-made, America's pastime offered a much-needed and welcome break from reality. Congratulations to all of the amazing players!!

Serious change is upon us. The Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal opened the floodgates on what is looking like a watershed moment for the entertainment industry and corporate America. For decades, Weinstein reigned at the helm of a thin-air crowd - the ones for which the rules don't seem to apply - bulldozing his way through business and wielding his power over cowering underlings with colleagues and staff turning a blind eye until, finally, karma caught up with him.

For the past several weeks, a number of high profile figures have come under fire as countless individuals stepped forward to reveal their personal stories. Even company's are being blamed with both board members and human resources targeted for condoning and concealing some of the predatory conduct. Enough is enough! Time to end the cover-ups and put the brakes on blank checks drawn from the Bank of Bad Behaviors! The Harvey horror may have started as a Hollywood problem, but his tentacles stretch far beyond this tony town. As we have witnessed, the larger issue runs deep and spans coast-to-coast.

In this current climate of radical transparency and zero tolerance, where any wrongdoing can be captured by a tiny smartphone and ' receipts' keep a 'virtual paper trail' of our every move, no one can afford even the slightest misstep. How many more individuals are going to lose their jobs, their families, and their lives before we take action? It's time for this country to wake up and learn the rules - both written and unwritten - from the privileged set at the top on down.

I am on a mission to revive the lost art of manners as a necessary and integral part of society so that we may end this nonsense once and for all. Let me explain. Manners are not about being politically correct or a people-pleaser. They provide us with an even playing field and a solid framework. They set boundaries and guidelines and help us connect on a civilized level. They are your finest friend whether you're agonizing over how to apologize to a close confidant for a flippant remark made in haste or riddled with guilt as to the best way to decline your boss' Facebook invitation. They are there to save you from your worst self, to fall back on in your time of need, and protect you in the most precarious situations.

Manners are, in essence, the final frontier and they boil down to one very simple concept - RESPECT. They are accessible to everyone and ready at a moment's notice. Use them wisely and they will keep you whole. 

Very best,  

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