High Meadows Creates a Powerful Learning Platform
High Meadows' curriculum emphasizes academic excellence, love of learning, critical thinking, and environmental and social responsibility. Throughout the school, teachers balance cognitive, physical, social, and emotional learning needs to help students grow. They work to develop future global citizens and innovative leaders who embrace challenge and think for themselves.
"In the Middle Years program, we build on what students have learned so far and provide opportunities for them to develop critical judgment, problem-solving, and self-advocacy skills," said Pat Wolf, Middle Years Principal. "Students begin to think more in-depth and abstractly. They begin to embrace a sense of commitment and responsibility and start serving as mentors for younger students. These are skills they need for high school and college. It's a pretty powerful learning platform."
This approach has consistently proven to be very successful. When students graduate from High Meadows, they are well-prepared for high school with a strong academic and social-emotional foundation. Most enter with honors and AP classes and go on to earn academic, athletic, and service awards.  After high school, they attend a variety of colleges and universities and are well prepared for life. Take a look at what some alumni and parents told us about their favorite memories of High Meadows and how the school prepared them for high school and life. 
Gabriela Boatwright with Middle Years teacher Anne Lovatt 
Gabriela Boatwright, Class of 20 14, North Springs High School  -  "I was about four years old and very sad about our recent move from California to Georgia. All my sadness quickly evaporated upon visiting High Meadows. I remember telling my mom, "MOM, I HAVE TO GO HERE! THEY HAVE PONIES AND YOU GET TO RIDE THEM!" Most importantly, I felt comfortable and like I could learn in an environment that would also allow me to be myself. High Meadows prepared me for the transition into high school by developing my critical thinking skills and by helping me to understand what it means to be leader. High Meadows also taught me invaluable study skills that have aided me in each and every course." 
(Note: earlier this month, Reporter Newspapers named Gabriela to its "20 Under 20" list of students doing extra ordinary things to better the community.)
William Bushey, Class of 2017, Centennial High School "High Meadows taught me leadership and different ways of thinking, so I can better work with others in complex ways."
Maren Finnegan, Class of 2015, Lassiter High School"High Meadows taught me to be a nice person!"
Emmie McCoy, Class of 2017, Mt. Bethel Christian Academy "High Meadows taught me social skills and study strategies."
Lacy Ott, Class of 2015, Pope High School"The teachers helped me learn to enjoy classes and develop critical thinking skills."
Abigail Peacock (l) with other High Meadows alumni
Abigail Peacock, Class of 2017, The Galloway School"I learned how to advocate for myself and communicate my ideas with the larger community." She also shared that her favorite memories are "the friends and relationships I made" at High Meadows.
Amanda Reeder, Class of 2017, The Walker School"My favorite memorie s are school trips like Williamsburg and Colorado. High Meadows prepared me by teaching study skills."
Matthew Reingold
Matthew Reingold, Class of 2015, Pope High SchoolHigh Meadows provi ded "a low-stress school mentality, taught me to make friends with everyone including teach ers, and showed there's more to learning than textbooks."
Quentin Smith
Quentin Smith, Class of 2016, The Marist Sch oo "In  Spa nish 3, we still haven't caught up to 8th grade Spanish. I also have higher expectations for grades than a lot of other students." 
Jane Vale, parent of Tom (Class of 2010), Sean (2013), and Laura (2014) - " We chose High Meadows for the sense of community we noticed when visiting  and for the emphasis on freedom of expression as well as the gift of a playground unlike any o ther we could have imagined. How grateful we are that our children first read Shakespeare whilst sitting beneath a tree and not from a sterile text book in a translated form. How glad we are that they discovered science and history with practical tasks to bring the subjects alive. Thank  you High Meadows for preparing our children so well for the rigors of High School and giving them the gift of a happy childhood to carry in their hearts!"
Middle Years Students Give 130 Local Elementary Students Opportunity to Select Holiday Gifts for Their Families
High Meadows 8th graders gathered 700 toys for Secret Shops at two elementary schools, while 7th graders collected gift wrapping materials.
In mid-December, 8th grade students brought joy to local children by putting together a version of the beloved High Meadows Secret Shop for participants in the STAR House program at Esther Jackson Elementary and Mimosa Elementary. Their efforts gave 
130 children the opportunity to select holiday gifts for family members free of charge.  STAR House is an after school tutoring and mentoring program for at-risk children in North Fulton County. High Meadows 8th graders help mentor students through the program.

The 8th graders gathered more than 700 toys, set up the Secret Shop at the two schools, helped the kids shop, and 
wrapped their gifts. In addition, 
Eighth graders helped kids shop and wrapped their gifts.
7th graders collected and donated wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, scissors, tape, gift bags, and name tags to be used at the shops. 

High Meadows donates the money to purchase all the gifts for the two Secret Shops, while the Middle Years students, teachers, and parents work together to create this special experience for the STAR House kids.  

Help Wanted: Grandparents to Have Fun Watching Their Grandchildren Thrive at High Meadows

Grandparents gathered at the beginning of school year to learn about High Meadows and how to get engaged on campus.

At the beginning of the 2017-2018 year, High Meadows launched an initiative to help grandparents learn about the school community and how to get engaged on campus. The Grandparents Initiative is spearheaded by Pat Boren (Lucas and Christopher Sivy's grandmother) and Linda Lawson (Avery Lawson's grandmother). Pat is on the High Meadows Board of Directors, and Linda is on S.H.A.R.E. board, High Meadows' parent organization. 
The duo held a kickoff meeting in the Fall to help grandparents get to know each other and to share ways to become involved at the school. They also encouraged grandparents to sign up for the weekly e-newsletter that lists school-wide volunteer needs and explains how to sign up for them. Since then, Pat and Linda have routinely shared opportunities with grandparents, including Fall Festival and Secret Shop. 
Both grandmothers have volunteered at the school for many years and encourage other grandparents to do so. Pat explained that she and her husband Tom don't want to miss any opportunity to watch their grandchildren grow and learn at High Meadows.
Pat Boren with grandsons Christopher Sivy (5th grade) and Lucas Sivy (3rd grade)
"I wish I had a magic wand that would enable me to get the message across that we, as grandparents, can be a part of our grandchildren's education by showing up at the school ready to do whatever the teachers, kids, etc. need  us to do," Pat said.
Linda emphasized that if grandparents want to help, the  sc hool is glad to have them.
"Many parents work but want their family represented in activities," she said. "Get your grandchildren's class information and find out what they need. If you see something to do, do it! Don't wait to be asked."

Avery Lawson (4th grade) with her grandmother Linda Lawson
Through Pat and Linda's work, more grandparents have  served as m ys tery readers, cooked in classrooms, worked in the Secret Shop, and filled in on Grandparents Day for students whose family members couldn't attend. The two grandmothers e mphasize that grandparents can also p articipate in their grandchildren's class activities, shelve books in the library, help students during pony time, decorate sets and costumes for the Theater Arts department, and donate items for the  auction at the school Gala in April.
To learn more, contact Pat at pat@theborens.com  or Linda at  lindalawson429@gmail.com .  Grandparents can subscribe to the school's weekly newsletter to find out what's happening on campus by providing their email    address to Pat or Linda. 
Graduates Share Wisd om at Annual Alumni Night
Approximately 50 former students attended this year's Alumni Night dinner and presentation.
Earlier this month, approx imately 50 former students attended High Meadows Alumni Night. This yearly tradition includes a  dinner for graduates to catch up with each other and a panel discussion for the school community. Panelists shared how High Meadows prepared them for high school and answered audience questions. They answered honestly and often humorously about transitioning to high school. Highlights of the discussion are below, which can be categorized by lyrics from songs by The Dixie Chicks, R. Kelly, and The Eagles.
Wide Open Spaces
"Who's never left home, who's never struck out, to find a dream and a life of their own, a place in the clouds, a foundation of stone." -The Dixie Chicks
The panelists encouraged students to embrace the move to high school knowing that they are academically prepared:
"HM really prepares you for high school. In eighth grade you are working hard to learn to study. Mr. Wolf's study guides were great." -Ryan Beitzell, Class of 2014, Milton High School
"High Meadows prepares you to talk with your teachers and counselor and advocate for what you need." -Gabriela Boatwright, Class of 2014, North Springs High School
"I got lots of study aids and guides at High Meadows that I use in high school, and Mr. Stephens helped me learn with his songs." -Kelsey Guziel, Class of 2017, Pope High School
"High Meadows gives you the ability to be prepared for high school which lets you focus on the intangible social stuff." -Hayden Schickler, Class of 2015, The Galloway School

I Believe I Can Fly
"I believe I can soar. I see me running through that open door. I believe I can fly." -R. Kelly

A big topic of discussion was how to find friends in high school. Panelists advised students to be confident in themselves:
"High Meadows' multi-age structure helps you learn how to make friends of all ages which is great for high school." -Austin Buck, Class of 2017, Sequoyah High School
"High Meadows is small, so you know everyone. High school is bigger but I was able to make friends. You just have to try." -Genna Fidati, Class of 2017, The Paideia School
"Find your balance. Don't be afraid to try clubs." -Isabel Schimeta, Class of 2013, The Walker School

Take it Easy  
"Take it easy, take it easy. Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy." -The Eagles

The panelists' advice to eighth graders was to enjoy the rest of their time at High Meadows:
"Regarding the transition to high school, take it one step at a time. You'll be fine." -Teresa Bascle, Class of 2015, Blessed Trinity Catholic High School
"Take a deep breath and enjoy your time here. Take time to enjoy it. Don't be afraid to be yourself."  -Gabriela Boatwright, Class of 2014, North Springs High School
"Don't worry. You'll enjoy high school." -Kelsey Guziel, Class of 2016, Pope High School
Upcoming Events
Learn About High Meadows School

Check out these opportunities to learn about High Meadows: 
  • Kindergarten/1st Grade Open House - Monday, Jan. 29 from 9-10 a.m. 
  • Middle Years Open House - Tuesday, Jan. 23 from 8:45-11 a.m.
  • Affording a High Meadows Education - Tuesday, Jan. 30 from 6:30-8 p.m. 
  • 4th/5th Grade Open House - Thursday, Feb. 8 from 10-11 a.m.
  • Pre-K Preview - Thursday, Feb. 15 from 10-11 a.m.
Also, group tours are held Mondays and Fridays at 10:00 a.m.  Register through our website where you can  also learn  about the 2018-2019 High Meadows School  application process and how to set up your account with Ravenna Solutions - our online admission system. If you have questions, contact Director of Admission Laura Nicholson at  lnicholson@highmeadows.org  or 678-507-1170.
Key Dates for the 2018-2019 Admission Process

Below are important dates for the High Meadows Admission Process for the 2018-2019 school year.
  • JANUARY AND FEBRUARY 2018: Applicant visit & assessment dates scheduled for this time period
  • FEBRUARY 16, 2018: Preferred Application Deadline
  • FEBRUARY 23, 2018: Financial Aid Application Deadline
  • MARCH 1, 2018: 2017 Tax Information Deadline for Financial Aid Applicants
  • MARCH 31, 2018: Common Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools (AAAIS) Admission Notification Date
  • APRIL 13, 2018: AAAIS Response Deadline
Join Us for 'A Night on Broadway!'

High Meadows is hosting its bi-annual gala on  Saturday, April 28 , and we'd love to have you join us! The fun starts at 7:00 p.m. and includes both a silent and live auction, dinner, drinks, dancing, and more! This fun and highly-anticipated evening offers a great way to get to know current and past High Meadows parents and teachers. Tickets will be available for purchase soon, so watch for more details in the next issue of  The Tire Swing. 

We Need Auction Items!
In order to make 'A Night on Broadway!' a success, we rely on donations from the community to auction off during the event!  We need your help procuring donations. 
Do you network with any businesses who would be willing to donate an item/service/experience? Do you frequent an establishment and feel comfortable asking them for a donation? Below are a few documents that you can print and bring with as you approach business owners with a request for an auction item. Remember, all donations are tax deductible.

Please contact Development Manager  Angela Lockard with any questions. 


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