Dear SASEAS school families,

As we move closer to Holy Week let’s keep in mind the sacrifice that Jesus made for us the next time we start to complain about having to stay home or that we have too much to do or that we have too much stress. With everything we have had to sacrifice the past few weeks, it pales in comparison to what Jesus sacrificed for us. 

Once again I would to thank everyone for helping their children get through the last three weeks. I know that it has been a learning experience for us all.  Remember that our Spring/Easter break has been extended to two weeks starting April 6.   This first week of break should be used for students to get caught up on work from the last three weeks and get it submitted to their teacher.  All teachers will be in contact with students and parents through email to let them know what, if any, assignments they are missing. This email will come to you on Friday. If you do not get an email from your teacher on Friday, then you are all caught up. We would like all work turned in to your teachers by the end of the day, Thursday, April 9. PLEASE be sure you are all caught up and have what you need turned in to your teachers. We will begin distance learning again on April 20. Right now, the target to return to the classroom is May 4. Of course, as we know, these things change daily and we will just keep watching and planning and doing the best we can with the circumstances we have been given.

Please be sure to check out our school’s Facebook page for a special video message from all of our teachers and staff. Thank you to Amy Powderly for putting that together for us. Also be sure to check on Fridays for the joke of the week! There will also be some Spring/Easter break challenges posted on Facebook and the website on Monday April 6. One will be a reading challenge to earn Titan Tokens and one will be a surprise challenge posted sometime after Monday April 6, so you have to keep checking! 

Since we are not returning to school until at least May 4, Grandparents day has been cancelled for this year. Obviously any other school activities scheduled for April are cancelled as well. You can check the school calendar for updated information.

Keep praying for each other. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

God Bless,
Nick Grieco, Principal