Improve Products In 2021!
Do you ever do studies on your old products or services to see if they can be improved? Times change, and things you may think do not change actually do. Let's take a look at the toilet paper roll as an example.
Toilet paper has pretty much been the same for a long time. Invented in 14th century China, it was not placed on a roll until 1871 by Seth Wheeler in Albany, NY. Yes, his original patent does show the roll dispensing over the top!

A few years back, a toilet paper company did a test and found people who use the over method ended up using 30% more TP than those who used the under method.

With this new insight, they started printing fancy designs only on the outside, which could only be seen if you place the roll dispensing over the top. Over time, these designs became part of their branding!

Take some time this month and revisit your products or service and see if they can be improved or changed to benefit your bottom line.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


Allen Jernigan, CEO
My Marketing Department, Inc
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APR 2: Good Friday & Autism Awareness
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