January 2018
The Brady SECRET and Carbs
Miracle man Tom - his SECRET?
So why do I mention Tom Brady? TIMELY! He is the epitome of a fine tuned engine, a warrior, a superman who continues to perform at peak levels despite his age. WHY? His Diet!!

So what does he and his wife and model, Gisele eat? A non-inflammatory diet. What is that? Here are the secrets to his top level performance.
  1. 80% Fresh, organic vegetables
  2. 20% grass fed organic meat and fish - steak, chicken and wild caught salmon along with whole grains of brown rice, quinoa, and some beans
  4. NO GMOs
  5. NO NIGHTSHADES - tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and eggplants
  6. NO processed drinks
  7. Lots of water plus electrolytes
These food selections offer numerous health benefits!!
CARBS - So what is the skinny on carbs?

Carbs are a big word for 2018! But not all carbs are equal and YES they do add to your belly size if over consumed. Fruits though are a much better option than processed foods. (50gram target) So think about this;
  1. Refined carbs found in processed pasta and breads do add to belly size.
  2. Carbs from fruit - not all fruits are equal so look at this (based on 100g, 1 cup or 1 med/large item) - choose wisely
ITEM / CALORIES / CARBs in grams
Apple /104 /28
Blueberries / 57 /14
Banana / 105 / 27
Mango / 107 / 28
Olives / 86 / 6
Orange / 86 / 79 (lots of sugar in OJ)
Pear / 103 / 27
Raspberries / 64 /15
Note: Berries have less carbs
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Health tip for 2018 to Avoid Cancer
Drink Green Tea (organic) -
Green tea contains EGCG and binds to 67LR protein receptors which are responsible for cancer activity. Green team helps to strengthen the immune system and repairs gut.

More tips each month!!
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