What, another newsletter so soon? What, it’s time for the Toolidays? Yes, and yes. Linda is way off schedule and I send her apologies. The annual Happy Toolidays edition of Sharp & to the Point is our big shill each year.

It’s important to us because we get to remind you of all Hock Tools $50 or Less . When I look at the list, I’m also reminded of something: most of our tools sell for $50 or less! This means Hock Tools are affordable gifts for your woodworking friends, your association’s fundraiser, your communal shop, and as a gift to yourself and your own shop. All good things.

As you will see below, we're shilling Carving Knife kits for the Toolidays. Last year, as I do each year we hold Thanksgiving, I barbecued our turkey. It looked so good I took a photo of it before I took it off the grill. After it sat a while, I proceeded to use my carving knife while Linda fussed over the gravy and other last-minute details. That knife makes life easier when it comes to slicing meat on or off the bone, and that's a fact!

Of course, if there’s anything you need from Hock Tools, please let me know.