August 2022

Hello New School Year!

Welcome back! We are excited to kick off the 2022-2023 school year with NEW teacher tools to help you save time! In this newsletter you will find resources to meet outcomes AND the tools you need for lesson planning!

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Happy Planning!

Blossom's Big Job (EN/FR)


A hard-working bee encourages trust and perseverance while students learn about pollination and how honey is made. An animated story video, lesson plan and activity book also available.

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Saskatchewan Seed Kit (EN/FR)

GRADE 3 | Sci, SS

This kit includes 5 sets of 13 samples of Saskatchewan's most common seed varieties. A lesson plan and activities will help engage your students in learning about crop production in Saskatchewan.

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GRADES 3 TO 7 | Careers, Sci, SS

A kid-friendly website that brings the story of the past, evolution, present, and future of agriculture to life. It features interactive information, colourful illustrations, real photos, quizzes, teacher lessons, and more!

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Mission: Super-Human

GRADES 6 TO 8 | Hlth

Each lesson is a mission where students work to defeat villains that are trying to take over the food system. Students learn about healthy food, making healthy food choices, and interpreting food labels and ads.

connectAG (EN/FR)

GRADES 7 TO 9 | Careers, Sci, SS

This online resource for students to explore Canadian agriculture by introducing them to farms in each province, and exploring the agricultural commodities they produce and their link to our food system.

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thinkAG Career Case (EN/FR)

GRADES 9 TO 12 | Careers, Hlth, Sci, SS

A gamified learning experience where students explore their personal interests and learn about careers in agriculture. Students will begin to envision themselves and their diverse interests fitting into agriculture.

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Pandemic Food Panic!

GRADES 9 TO 12 | Sci, SS, Hlth

Using a problem-based learning approach students examine the impact COVID-19 had and continues to have on our food system, then are posed with a real-world problem and must investigate a solution.

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