On May 15, 2015, BikeArlington invites you to join thousands of area commuters for a celebration of bicycling as a fun and healthy way to get to work. Meet up with your neighbors at one of the nearly 80 regional pit stops, ride to work with an experienced commuter convoy, and wear your Bike to Work Day t-shirt at work with pride. Register at BikeToWorkMetroDC.org


Do you need any more reason to take part?  Well, if so, here are the top 6 reason why you need to come to Bike to Work Day:


This Friday has been proclaimed Bike to Work Day in Arlington County and since it's official, we're expecting more than 2500 people on bikes to show up at pit stops across Arlington.  Anyone who is anyone will be riding. Seriously, like everyone you know is going to be there!



There are pit stops all over Arlington: Ballston, Columbia Pike, Crystal City, East Falls Church, Rosslyn and a brand new stop at Shirlington. And throughout the greater D.C. region, there are nearly 80 stops! Click here for directions and tips on route planning.



Register early to secure your free t-shirt, grab a coffee, banana and granola bar, and then pick up your free everyone-is-a-winner raffle prize. Hit up a couple stops on the way to work to see who has the best giveaways! (Remember, you only need to register at one stop to get your t-shirt.)



At select pit stops, be entertained by costumed unicyclists and music from DJs. Bike commuting is serious stuff, but you can always revel in the general tomfoolery of the day!



Make your coworkers jealous as you enjoy guilt-free snacking all day because you burned so many calories on the way to work. Also remind them you likely got to work faster and saved time instead of going to the gym because you rode your bike. Beach season is right around the corner!



You can have any color t-shirt you want--your choices are bright orange or bright orange!

Keep the Bike to Work Day momentum going:
The very next day join us for presentation on building a bike culture  worth bragging to the world about!

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