I've officially passed the 20-year mark of working on fisheries and ocean issues. 

What I thought would be a short-term assignment as a  Greenpeace campaigner has become my life's work. Not because I'm enamored with the ocean and marine animals, but because the underlying problems, issues, and threats were the same as those I had to deal with when working on other campaigns. 

Last week, I posted a piece on just a few of the many myths I've encountered over the years. From "too many boats catching too few fish" to "US fisheries laws are working" - these are just a few. It seems to have resonated with people, so I wanted to share it again. What fisheries myths do you want to bust? 

Yours in mythbusting, 

We'd like to share:

Building community
Events on the horizon

Join us at Long Wharf in Boston this Sunday for this inaugural event featuring 11 tons of cargo from Maine sailing down the coast by schooner. The Maine Sail Freight boat will dock in Boston Sunday morning, and cargo (food!) will be ready for purchase by noon. ( ) Later in the day, join Niaz and others in a panel conversation about climate change and community fisheries. It's going to be awesome. 

Sunday, August 30 at Boston's Long Wharf 

Influencing policy
The FLC talks back

News that the National Marine Fisheries Service wants fishermen to pay for their own on-board observers came to the FLC's attention earlier this month. The policy would put excessive financial pressure on an industry that's already struggling - and should be a priority for the federal government. Members wrote back and had our letters published twice. Here they are: 

Transforming markets
All the ways to Know your Fisherman

Watch how our friends at Sitka Salmon Shares get their fish to your door! 

And here's a look at the impact a CSF ( Skipper Otto's, in this case) can have on a family and a community. Sea-to-School programs are starting to really heat up. Listen to what our partners at Farm-to-Institution New England (FINE) are up to. 

What we're reading

"Catastrophic things open people's eyes."

And also, cash for wetlands in Florida. Food First's 10 Hunger Myths

Thank you for all that you do. Catch you next month!