Summer Sunday Service Schedule:

10:00 a.m. Traditional Holy Eucharist for All

     Summer Liturgy Schedule...

Preaching This Week ...  

Randolph  Stephenson

The Rev. Bob Stephenson, a native of Savannah, Georgia, received his M.Div from VTS in 1977. Canonically resident in EDOW since 1982, he has also served parishes in the Dioceses of Louisiana and Maryland. He retired in 2014, and continues to do Sunday supply work in Washington and Maryland. Bob has two adult children and six grandchildren.

     Formation this Sunday ...

Please join us after the service for an
"Experiment in Formation."  Get your coffee and gather with Sue and Ray to discuss today's sermon - What ideas struck you?  What questions do you have?  What more would you like to know?  Our guest preacher will be invited to participate as well.  Children welcome!

     Shut-In Members ...

The St. Dunstan's Soul Sisters are organizing volunteers to visit the St. Dunstan's members who are now mostly shut-in.  There are six individuals; Jeff used to visit them each about once a month, sometimes taking a small bouquet from the flower arrangements.  If you are interested in making a visit or two over the summer, please contact Sue Carroll.

     Parish Notice ...

Kitchen Repairs
Pardon us while we improve the kitchen area. Due to unforeseen delays, the kitchen will be unavailable for use this Sunday 7/14/19. Please do not attempt to go in, and if you do, do so at your own risk. Your cooperation on this matter is greatly appreciated.

 Kim Matthews
Parish Administrator

Hopes and Prayers on our Journey ...

n Need of Healing:

Curt Shively , husband of Susan Burkhalter in nursing care
Ken Farnsworth , at home in Westwood Towers
Pam Plaisance , fighting cancer, cousin of Sue von
Samantha Barnes, ill,  sister of Muriel Croston
Ray Bridson , friend of the MacKnights, fighting cancer
DJ Crane , family friend of Trudy Surut, fighting cancer
Jessie McCardell, recovering from a fall
Nancy Hay, ill
Joan (Penny) Denny , ill
Eleanor London , ill, mother of Ellen McCormick
Warren Green , ill, son-in-law of Trudy Surut
Patrick Smoak , fighting cancer, brother of Fred Smoak
Katie Hemmer , ill, mother of Sidney Clark-Lequrique
Rick Corn , friend of Chuck Cash and Jackie Jones, ill
Brian Ply, former parishioner of St. Dunstan's, ill

The flowers  are given to the glory of the Lord by Tom and Rosemarie in memory of David Keegan friend of their family who recently lost his battle with cancer.

We pray for St. Dunstan's Missionaries, Cameron and Roberto Vivanco, who serve in Quito, Ecuador, and the parish of Buen Pastor.  

If you or someone you know is in need of prayer, please complete our prayer request form by clicking here.

Trail Map ...

The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

July 14, 2019

10:00 a.m. Eucharist  for All

The readings for this Sunday are:
Deuteronomy 30:9-14, Psalm 25:1-9, 
and Luke 10:25-37

Sunday Schedule of Ministries ...

Serving this Sunday
Trail Guide: Mark McCarthy
Flower Guild:  Sue Newman
Altar Guild:   Ann Johnson
Tellers: Donna Alvarez and Chuck Cash