Sunday Service Schedule:

9:00 a.m. Family Service
9:45 a.m. Journey through Holy Week
10:45 a.m. Holy Eucharist 
12:00 a.m. Fellowship

     Formation this Week ...

The Holy Week Journey, for children and adults
9:50 a.m. Sunday, April 7
Jeff will lead an experiential journey for all ages this Sunday, from the joy of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, the poignant last supper with his friends, his trials and finally his execution by Roman officials. Join your parish family to get a feel for this last week in Jesus' life, and its parallels with our own human experience.

Trail Notes ...  

Go and Bless
The fifth and sixth actions of Bp. Curry's program, The Way of Love, are these: Go and Bless. After the earlier, more personal acts of spiritual journey - Turn, Learn, Pray, and Worship - it's time to put faith into action in the world. Without these steps, all our good intentions will never change the world. And that is what Jesus came to do: lift up the lowly, fill the hungry with good things, proclaim good news to captives, give rest to the heavy-laden.
This is work that takes us out of our churches and into the streets, clinics, shelters, prisons, and schools. We go to where the needs are, and serve there. We get to know people who are very different from us, and learn to love them, to care about their needs and hopes. We work to be a blessing in their lives, to be the hands and feet of Christ in that place, that situation.
If we fail to make this crucial step, all our prayer and preparation benefits nobody but ourselves. It's a bit like being a musician and studying the scores diligently, but never actually picking up one's instrument to play!
You remember the sisters Martha and Mary - friends of Jesus in the village of Bethany. Mary was the one who sat and listened to Jesus while her sister Martha grumpily made dinner. In today's Gospel, we see Mary moving from worship into action. She realizes that Jesus is going to his death within days, so she acts to serve him in the most personal way: she anoints his feet with fragrant oil. She puts her love into action; she blesses Jesus in a beautiful act of self-giving.
Go and Bless : these are the steps that spread the love of God beyond our comfortable circle of friends. What specific ways will you act, for Jesus' sake? JBM

     The Holiest Week of the Year ...

Anniversaries are important...just try forgetting about one and see how your spouse feels about it!  Yearly observances remind us of the great gifts in our lives, even when we've enjoyed those gifts a long time.  Birthdays bring back the wonder of childbirth and the sheer grace of others' presence in our lives. Wedding and relationship anniversaries remind us that we are loved dearly, and that we've committed ourselves to our partners. 
Likewise, Holy Week makes all the difference in the world for Christians. Beginning with Palm Sunday, we remember the acts of love that Jesus took for us: 
  • He entered Jerusalem to face the religious and civil authorities of his day.
  • He made an everlasting covenant with his disciples at the Last Supper. 
  • On Good Friday, he gave his life and joined us in facing human death. 
  • On Easter, God raised Jesus to life again, and created a path for us to have new life also. 
We celebrate human anniversaries with gifts, parties, and dinners. We celebrate these events of Holy Week with offerings, suppers, and special liturgies. If we don't observe them, they risk losing their significance in our lives, and we are all the poorer for it. 
Please join in my last, Holy Week with you, April 14 - 21.  St. Dunstan's will have liturgies on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, in addition to our regular services on Palm Sunday and Easter.  These are wonderful teaching opportunities for children, too.  Don't forget this most important anniversary of all.  JBM

Christian Formation for Children and Youth ... 

Youth Ministry

April Youth Nights
6:00 p.m. Dinner
6:30-7:30 p.m. Program for youth in grades 5-12

Wednesday, April 10 @ Redeemer
 Wednesday, April 24 @ St. Dunstan's

We are now meeting on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays.

Our conversations in April will continue to explore our humanity as baptized followers of Christ. How do we deal with our limitations, failings, and hurts? Come for dinner and stay for games, community building, and conversation. Please click here to sign up.

Holy Week 2019 ...  

    Organ Recital and Choral Concert ...

Organ and Choral Concert -
Sunday, April 28, 4 p.m. at St. Dunstan's
On the occasion of the Rector Jeff MacKnight's Retirement
St. Dunstan's own Colin MacKnight will play a one-hour organ    recital of Bach and other composers, on St. Dunstan's lovely pipe organ. Mr. MacKnight is a candidate for the Doctor of Musical Arts degree at The Juilliard School in New York City. He studies under Grammy-award-winning organ professor Paul Jacobs. In addition to a lively performance schedule, Mr. MacKnight serves as the Associate Music Director of the Episcopal Cathedral of the Incarnation, Garden City, Long Island, NY.

Immediately following the organ recital, the intimate choral group Musikanten will perform an exquisite setting of Compline, the last prayer office in the monastic day. Written by Washington composer Robert Evett, this small service evokes human longing for rest and peace, in the midst of a tumultuous world. Evett is an under-appreciated mid-twentieth century composer whose music will enchant you.
A reception after the concert will be held in the parish hall - all are invited.
St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church - 5450 Massachusetts Avenue, at the corner of Ft. Sumner Drive, Bethesda MD 20816 Ph. 301 229 2960. Free parking. Handicap accessible.

     Affordable Housing Forum ...

     Parish Notice ...

Eucharistic Bread Bakers
Are you baker? Are you looking for an easy volunteer opportunity? Then we need you! We are currently recruiting volunteers to bake bread for Eucharist.  For more information, contact Jeff .

 Kim Matthews
Parish Administrator

Rector Search News ... 

Rector Search News
Below is a list of the members of the Rector Search Committee. If at any time your have questions or concerns, please reach out to one of the members of the committee or its chair, Chuck Cash. You can email us at

Chuck Cash, Chair; Donna Alvarez; Fred Bentley; Clint Chamberlin; 
Lynn Adduci Leonard; Sue Newman; John Wyss

Committee Chair

Hopes and Prayers on our Journey ...

n Need of Healing:

Curt Shively , husband of Susan Burkhalter in nursing care
Ken Farnsworth , at home in Westwood Towers
David Keegan , friend of Tom and Rosemarie Barrett, fighting cancer
Pam Plaisance , fighting cancer, cousin of Sue von
Samantha Barnes, ill,  sister of Muriel Croston
Ray Bridson , friend of the MacKnights, fighting cancer
DJ Crane , family friend of Trudy Surut, fighting cancer
Jessie McCardell, recovering from a fall
Nancy Hay, ill
Joan (Penny) Denny , ill
Eleanor London , ill, mother of Ellen McCormick
Warren Green , ill, son-in-law of Trudy Surut
Patrick Smoak , fighting cancer, brother of Fred Smoak
Katie Hemmer , ill, mother of Sidney Clark-Lequrique

The willows at the altar  are given to the glory of the Lord.

As we seek a new rector, we pray: Lord Christ, we ask that you surround us with your love during this time of transition and renewal at St. Dunstan's. Let us view this moment of change as an invitation to build upon that which has been given to us so generously by our founders. May we possess an open heart to all the possibilities that lie ahead. We hope these months of preparation will further unite us as one faith community, and that we will continue to cherish the strengths and gifts of one another. May we find new leaders who will unite us in our mission and shared values. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

We pray for St. Dunstan's Missionaries, Cameron and Roberto Vivanco, who serve in Quito, Ecuador, and the parish of Buen Pastor.  

If you or someone you know is in need of prayer, please complete our prayer request form by clicking here.

Trail Map ...

The Fifth Sunday in Lent

April 7, 2019

9:00 a.m. Family Service
9:50 a.m. Journey through Holy Week
10:45 a.m. Traditional Holy Eucharist
12:00 p.m. Fellowship

The readings for this Sunday are:
Isaiah 43:16-21, Psalm 126, 
and John 12:1-8

Sunday Schedule of Ministries ...

Serving this Sunday
Trail Guide: Julie Anderson
Liturgical Coordinator: Sue Newman
Crucifer:  Carl Adams 
Lector: Carl Adams
Prayer Minister: Sue Newman
Flower Guild:   Sue Newman
Altar Guild:   Ann Johnson 
and Kiska Williams
Tellers: Donna Alvarez