Trail Notes ... 

LOVE: Easier Said than Done
When I first starting working with kids, I realized that we needed to do some interpretation when we used the word "love" in the Christian context. Kids think of love through what they know: the affection of family members for each other, or the "yucky" love of attraction and romance. (Yucky especially when they think of their parents! Of course, during the teens, romantic and sexual interest begins to quicken and not seem so yucky anymore.)
To speak meaningfully of love to kids requires interpretation. So we translated Christian love as "care and respect" - something you could offer even to somebody you didn't really like...something you could decide to give, independent of feelings.
(C.S. Lewis wrote a classic examination of the kinds of love, The Four Loves, (1960) which is still worth reading and considering. But it's a bit much for children.)
We speak of love often, as we should. But we need to be clear about what we mean. Recently, at St. Dunstan's we've used the phrase "Love Practiced Here," which suggests that we have to put love into practice, into action. Christian love is not just a philosophy, or a feeling. It is a way of life, an orientation toward others. Acts of love include forgiveness, care and compassion, generosity, respect for others. Love can mean staying in touch, staying connected - even when it's inconvenient or stressful. These actions are things we can teach our children, and apply in our own lives. No, it's not easy. Yes, it gets tiring. But John's Gospel reminds us that this is the path to true joy: "I have said these things to you so that my joy may be in you, and your joy may be complete." I have to say that the people I know who practice love most are the most joyful. I say this even though love makes us vulnerable to hurt.
  • What is one way you are practicing love in your life?
  • What is an area where you want to work on loving: offering care and respect, even when it's not convenient?                                                               JBM

      Christian Formation for Children and Youth ...

Children's Formation

Preparing for Pentecost

This  Sunday, May 6, the children will gather and learn about the Feast of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit. We will create our own kites and so that we can fly them on Pentecost. The Holy Spirit first appears at the beginning of creation, hovering over the chaos. On this day, the spirit empowers the apostles to lead the new community that would be called Christians. 


Mark your calendars for May 7 and 21!

Dinner for all at 6:30 p.m.
Youth Program from 7:00-8:00 p.m. 

Last two youth group evenings for the program year happen in May. Come and join us for some learning and fun. 

P.R.A.Y. Events

Sandy Spring Adventure Park
Sunday, May 20
2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Cost: $40
Sign up here no later than May 3.
Spend a spring afternoon in the trees - climbing, overcoming obstacles, and zip lining. The park has multiple courses each with different degrees of expertise - from simple and low to the ground, to high in the trees with difficult challenges. 
All who plan to climb must fill out this waiver.

L Sue von Rautenkranz
Children and Youth Formation Coordinator

Open Mic Night ... New Time!

Soul Sisters... 

We will be meeting  Saturday May 12, 9:30-11:00 a.m. , in the back of the sanctuary.  We'll be talking about aging:  Does it make us anxious to think about getting older?  Are there off-setting benefits?  What does it mean for our spiritual lives?  How can the church help us with the transitions involved?

Sue Carroll 
Recognition Sunday... May 20, 2018

Recognition Sunday - Sunday, May 20th, 2018

We couldn't do it without YOU! On  May 20th  (Pentecost Sunday), we will recognize the volunteers who made our Christian Formation and Music ministries at St. Dunstan's such a success this year! Through their hard work, dedication, and talent, they led us all in learning, worship, and spiritual growth, and we want to say "Thank You." 

Michael Austin
Celebrating Pentecost ... 

Sunday, May 20 
On the 50th day after Easter Day we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. This is the 3rd most important feast day of the church year. It is the day when we hear the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit as tongues of flame appeared on the heads of the apostles and they spoke in languages of the many visitors in Jerusalem. Follow this thousands were baptized and were welcomed into this new community of Jesus followers. This day is commonly referred to as the birthday of the Church.
All are invited to wear RED on this day. Children will be making kites in formation on May 6 for flying on this day. We hope to read the gospel text in different languages. Please be in contact with Sue if you would like to participate as a gospel reader. 

Church Picnic ... Save the Date!

      Parish Notice ...

St. Dunstan's is rallying to furnish an apartment for a newly-arriving refugee family who has nothing.  We need everything from forks to furniture - in good condition.  Please see what you could donate, and go to the link  here to sign up.  

Contact  Fred Bentley (202)215-8340 or  Ray Donnelly (301)320-6146 with questions.  Small items can be left in the choir room at church (through the beanbag room).  Contact Fred Bentley about pickup of large items.  

Furniture - Kitchen items - Linens and Household Supplies - Toiletries - Cleaning Supplies

When our family arrives, we'll be organizing a move-in weekend, and gathering additional items appropriate to our family, such as baby supplies, food, and clothing. 

You can make life better for a family struggling to get a new start in a new country.  As Jesus said, "I was a stranger, and you took me in."   

Pride Sunday ... Save the Date!

Book Talk ... 

Hopes and Prayers on our Journey ...

n Need of Healing:

Curt Shively , husband of Susan Burkhalter in nursing care
Ken Farnsworth , at home in Westwood Towers
David Keegan , friend of Tom and Rosemarie Barrett, fighting cancer
Pam Plaisance , fighting cancer, cousin of Sue von
Samantha Barnes, ill,  sister of Muriel Croston
Ray Bridson , friend of the MacKnights, fighting cancer
DJ Crane , family friend of Trudy Surut, fighting cancer
Jay Karlin , in nursing care

The flowers at the altar  are given to the glory of the risen Lord. 

We pray for St. Dunstan's Missionaries, Cameron and Roberto Vivanco, who serve in Quito, Ecuador, and the parish of Buen Pastor.  

If you or someone you know is in need of prayer, please complete our prayer request form by clicking here.

Trail Map ...

The Fifth Sunday of Easter

May 6, 2018

9:00 a.m. Family Eucharist
9:50 a.m. Life Long Christian Formation
10:45 a.m. Traditional Family Eucharist
12:00 p.m. Fellowship

The readings for this Sunday are:
1 John 5:1-6, Psalm 98, 
and John 15:9-17 

Sunday Schedule of Ministries ...

Serving this Sunday
Trail Guide:  Mark McCarthy
Liturgical Coordinator:   Eugene Wright
Eucharistic Minister:  Carl Adams 
and Eugene Wright
Prayer Minister:  Sue Newman
Lector: Carl Adams
Flower Guild: Rosemarie Barrett
Altar Guild:   Ann Johnson 
and Kiska William
  Tellers:  Donna Alvarez 
and Jackie Jones