The Transformation of Consciousness and  predictions for 2012 in the MAYAN and HINDU TRADITIONS  

Mayan Calendar 

Saturday,  July 28  

7:00 - 10:00 PM


What does the end of the Mayan calendar have to do with yoga? the short answer is .. everything!


Join us for a fascinating exploration of the connections.


Maya Shaman-King and priests saw an unbelievable possibility -a briefly opened door- that would appear with a cosmic transition point 2,000 year in the future.


Half a planet away, Hindu rishis saw it too.


They used various means to preserve this wisdom and communicate it to the midwives of a new age.


They were speaking to us the future is now


Our presenter is Madison Moore, a comparative mythologist and yoguini with a direct connection to living Maya priests and calendar-keeepers and the archaeologists and scholars who unravered the mystery of their ancient fascination with 2012




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$30 in advance

$35 at the door



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