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On September 11th, 2018, from 12:00--1:00 PM EDT, radio show host   Barbara Arnwine founder and president of the   Transformative Justice Coalition   (TJC) , previewed two great programs being held to promote strategies for fighting for voting rights during the 2018 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference on Wednesday, September 12th.

Barbara began the show in remembrance of the 17th Anniversary of 9/11 and the first responders who risked their lives saving people, and recounted visiting New York City, near the attacks, two days afterwards, where ash was still falling from the sky. Barbara retold that as she walked through the clouds of ash, people were showing around pictures of loved ones, asking if anyone had seen them.

Barbara's expert guests included Kimberly Delk , 2018-2019 National Attorney General, National Black Law Students Association (NBLSA); Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Hughes ; and Breon Wells , CEO, The Daniel Initiative.

Barbara and Kimberly explored the following questions during the first part of the show: What is the 2018 Agenda of the National Black Law Students Association?; How does the National Attorney General effectuate this work?; Why has NBLSA chosen to focus on Voter Protection?; Who are the presenters for this Forum?; What will attendees gain by joining this forum?

During the second part of the show, Barbara, Senator Hughes, and Breon Wells will discussed many issues including, What has been the WorkPlan of the National Commission for Voter Justice?; What is the focus of the Presentation and Speak Out?; Who is on this program?; How can attendees participate in the Speak Out?; What will attendees gain by attending this session?; Why has the National Commission for Voter Justice declared a State of Voting Rights Emergency? These and more matters will be examined during the show.
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Take Action:
On September 12th 2018, Congressman Veasey and Senator Wyden are introducing bicameral resolution to designate September as "National Voting Rights Month"
The purpose of this resolution is to end voter suppression by bringing awareness to the present voter suppression laws, educate Americans on their rights as voters, and  encourage all Americans to get out and vote! C urrently, there are over 110 Members of Congress and over 20 voting rights and civil rights organizations supporting this resolution. 
More specifically, the resolution would:
  • Make September “National Voting Rights Month.

  • Encourage public schools and universities to develop academic curriculums that educate student on the importance of voting, registration, voting history, and voting suppression laws. 

  • Push Congress to pass legislation that allow all citizens, upon reaching the age of 18, to be automatically enrolled to vote in Federal elections.

  • Recommend that Congress allocate funds for public service announcements on various media channels to encourage Americans to vote.

  • Request that the Department of the Treasury issue a special Fannie Lou Hamer stamp during the month of September to recognize Americans who fought for voting rights.
On September 12 from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern Time,  Congressman Marc Veasey will have a #VOTE twitter storm to amplify the resolution.
Click on the link below for social posts and graphics for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The #VOTE signs are attached. Also, if you have expressed interest in  releasing a statement of support for the resolution , please feel free to tag us on our social media handles:

  • Transformative Justice Coalition: Twitter: @TJC_DC; Facebook: @TJC.DC

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JOIN our Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's
Annual Legislative Caucus Events
On September 12th, from 2:30-4:30 PM, at the Washington Convention Center, Room 147A, Honorary Host, Congressman Bobby Rush will present a special program on "Advancing Voter Justice and #VoterVigilance: A Special Presentation on the fight for the Vote and Speak Out", co-sponsored by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, and the National Commission for Justice Justice.

Also, on September 12th, Honorary Host, Congressman Bobby Scott, will present "National Black Law Students Association Voter Protection Forum," 5:00-6:30 PM, at the Washington Convention Center, Room 144A .
ICE, Justice subpoena voter records from North Carolina
Georgia County Rejects Plan to Close 7 Polling Places
in Majority-Black Area
ICE, Justice subpoena voter records from North Carolina

Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Justice have gotten a court order for North Carolina to turn over eight years of voter registration records from the state.

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Georgia County Rejects Plan to Close 7 Polling Places in ...

CUTHBERT, Ga. - The consultant, a white man, came to the mainly black Randolph County in rural southern Georgia and recommended that it eliminate seven of its nine polling places. He said the move would save the county money. He said the polling...

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Voting rights group files lawsuit over ballot proposal
Voting rights group files lawsuit over ballot proposal

LANSING, MI - A group trying to get a voting rights proposal on the November ballot is suing state election workers for not validating the initiative despite the group having the necessary number of signatures. Promote the Vote filed a lawsuit in ...

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Finally, Help Arrives to Streamline Chaotic Voting Rights
Restoration Process 
Restoring Ex-Convicts' Voting Rights - WhoWhatWhy

If you live in Alabama and have a felony record, you'll probably need a lawyer to help you figure out what "moral turpitude" means - otherwise you may not be allowed to vote. But a new digital tool is helping to clarify the voting rights...

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Take action for those who can’t vote on primary day:

The unfinished work of the Civil Rights Moment: Second Chances Florida
The very powerful Florida Rights Restoration Coalition Second Chances Convening was just held. Nearly 500 people  —including  many returning citizens with past felony convictions and many student leaders  —  participated in this powerful 3 day event as they prepare to make history in less than 90 days by restoring the eligibility to vote to 1.4 million people. This week, Florida voters head to the polls, but 1.4 million Floridians with past convictions won’t be able to vote because they are permanently barred from voting, even after serving their time and paying their debts. But you can help us change this broken system.

Here's what you can do:

1. Adopt A Day.  Help boost Second Chances' phone banking program by adopting a day once a month (or more often) to be your organization’s day for remote phone banking to Florida voters to let them know why it’s so important to vote YES on Amendment 4 this November. You’ll be responsible for filling up the phones one day M-Th, 5:30-8:30pm ET - with the goal of recruiting at least 20 callers for your shift (which means getting 40 to sign-up, so 20 show-up).You can do this virtually with your membership or host a call party with your staff. If each partner takes one day we can keep the calls rolling out.  Fill out this form to adopt days in the coming months.
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Policing Reform News
Texas Police Officer Roy Oliver Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison
for the Murder of 15-Year-Old Jordan Edwards
Ex-Cop Convicted in Murder of 15-Year-Old Jordan Edwards ...

A Texas jury has decided that former Balch Springs, Texas officer Roy Oliver will spend the next 15 years of his life in prison for the murder of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards. According to CNN, in addition to the prison sentence, Oliver will be...

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Botham Jean Shooting
by Dallas Officer:
Everything We Know So Far
Everything We Know About the Off-Duty Cop Who Shot and...

On September 6, a white Dallas police officer shot and killed her black neighbor inside his ownDallas apartment, reigniting, once again, the debate around police racism and brutality in the U.S.

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News in Black Women
Many Were Not Happy With The Eulogy At Aretha Franklin's Funeral
Many Were Not Happy With The Eulogy At Aretha Franklin's ...

@barbs73: Correction: Rev Jasper Williams, Jr., Black Mothers been raising Black boys for years!! We're Still are raising proud, accomplished and aware Black man!! I should have known! Rest of this eulogy has been a conservative Black confusion rant!

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Take Action: September 29th & September 30th is the March for Black Women
March For Black Women 2018

Black Women's Blueprint DC Rape Crisis Center Marsha P. Johnson Institute National Economic & Social Rights Initiative (NESRI) We are Black women and we have yet to be heard.

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NAACP ON Kavanaugh’s Troubling Civil Rights Record

Press Release | September 1, 2018
NAACP | NAACP on Kavanaugh's Troubling Civil Rights Record

NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson issued the following statement on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh: "This Senate hearing on Brett Kavanaugh's nomination should not go forward. The President is in personal legal jeopardy and only a...

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On September 4th, 2018, from 12:00--1:00 PM EDT, radio show host   Barbara Arnwine founder and president of the   Transformative Justice Coalition   (TJC) , featured expert guests discussing the high stakes of the Kavanaugh Nomination as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and the Senate Judiciary Committee (SJC) Confirmation Hearing being held September 4-7th. Barbara and her guests talked about the opening statements of the members of the SJC and what indications were gleamed about how various senators might vote. Most of the show discussed Judge Kavanaugh's likely impact on the Supreme Court if confirmed. Also, Barbara and her guests discussed how our listeners can make their voices heard.

Barbara's guests included Terry O'Neill , Executive Director of the National Employment Lawyers Association, former President of the National Organization for Women; Cynthia Swann , Educational Consultant, Vice-Chair of the National Bar Association Civil Rights Section, former Executive at National Education Association; Leslie Proll , Advisor to NAACP LDF, former Public Policy Director, NAACP LDF and DOT Civil Rights Director; and Tanya Clay House , Voting Rights and Education Policy expert, former Deputy Assistant Secretary, K-12, US Department of Education. 

This show delved into Kavanaugh's judicial philosophy, his past decisions and the likely positions he would take if confirmed to the Supreme Court. Questions pursued included: Why should the public be concerned about this nomination?; How do we stop the Hearing from proceeding when so many of the nominees records have not been disclosed?; What are his known views on workers rights?; Given the Janus case from last term, how could Kavanaugh affect the court's decisions?; How has he ruled in the past on disparate impact claims?; On employment discrimination claims?; Why has his past rulings on reproductive rights caused controversy?; What do we know about his views on affirmative action?; How might his confirmation affect the Harvard Affirmative Action Asian case in the future?; How has he ruled in voting rights matters?; What cases will he likely decide affecting voting rights in the upcoming months, years?; How has he ruled on criminal justice matters, 4th Amendment, police misconduct and death penalty? What can our listeners do regarding this nomination? These and other questions will be explored during the show.
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September 12th- Washington, D.C., Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Caucus, Panelist, National Black Law Students' Association Panel

September 12th- Washington, D.C., Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Caucus, Room 147A, Panelist, "Advancing Voter Justice and #VoterVigilance: A Special Presentation on the fight for the Vote and Speak Out"

September 29th- Texas, National Commission for Voter Justice (NCVJ), Texas-Oklahoma Regional Hearing, Serving & Speaking as NCVJ Co-Chair

October 4th- Atlanta, Georgia, Rainbow Push Coalition 19th Annual "Creating Opportunity" Conference, Moderator, Regional Leaders Panel

October 5th- LockHaven, Pennsylvania, LockHaven University, Key Note Speaker: "The Challenge of Multidimensional Feminism and The Quest for an American Democracy"