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Volume 1 ~  January 2018
Carpe Diem

In the 1989 film Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams (playing the English teacher John Keating) tells his class, "We are food for worms, lads...Believe it or not," he tells his students, "each and every one of us in this room is one day going to stop breathing, turn cold, and die."

The theme of the movie quickly calls to the audience - carpe diem, or seize the day!

The Latin phrase carpe diem originated in the "Odes," a long series of poems composed by the Roman poet  Horace in 65 B.C.E., in which he writes:

Scale back your long hopes
to a short period. While we
speak, time is envious and

is running away from us.
Seize the day, trusting
little in the future.
Carpe diem. Handwritten text. Modern calligraphy. Inspirational quote. Isolated on white

So my friends, as we lay 2017 to rest and look forward to what 2018 will bring, I encourage you to seize the day!  live for the moment!  Don't wait!  Carpe Diem!

~ Erin 

WACCT Awards and Legislative Reception

The words Please Join Us on a formal invitation to cordially and officially invite you to a party, event or other special occasion

Please join us on February 21st for the 
Annual WACCT Awards.  

Central Wyoming College will host this year and we will once again hold the awards at the Clay Pathfinder Building of Laramie County Community College.

In addition, WACCT will host the winter board meeting and a morning of trustee education - also at LCCC.  The focus will be economic diversification and ENDOW.  
Here is the schedule:

7 a.m., WACCT Board Meeting, LCCC
9:00, Economic Diversification and ENDOW - open to anyone, LCCC
12:00, Lunch - LCCC
2-5:00 p.m., Legislature, Jonah Financial Center
5 p.m. - 5:45 p.m. Cocktail reception, LCCC
5:45 p.m.-6:30 p.m. WACCT Awards, LCCC
6:30-8:30 p.m. Leg Reception, LCCC

  Click here to register -  hotel reservations available here too!
WACCT Award Nominees...

Classified Employee
CC Kyla Foltz
CWC Dee-Ann Isenhart
EWC Sue Schmidt
LCCC Joe Arenas
NWCCD Chad Trebby
NWC  Diana Gwynn
WWCC Carrie Piazza
Faculty Member
CC Jeremy Burkett
CWC Stacey Stanek
EWC Susan Walker
LCCC Rob Benning
NWCCD Mark Thoney
NWC  Aura Newlin
WWCC Susan Heyborne
Foundation Board Member
CC Charlotte Babcock
CWC Joyce Dauler
EWC Chuck Brown
LCCC Anna Marie Hales
NWCCD John Pearson
NWC  Harriet Bloom-Wilson
WWCC Dick Boettcher
Professional Employee
CC Melissa Stanley-Cummings
CWC Amara Fehring
EWC Diane McQueen
LCCC Terry Cook
NWCCD Bradly Fackrell
NWC  Amanda Enriquez
WWCC Dianna Renz
CC John Jay Livingston, III
CWC Rebekah Hutchinson
EWC Jared Pilkington
LCCC Hailey Greenawalt
NWCCD Britt Fidone
NWC  Emiliano Mendez
WWCC Shayla Patterson
CC Susan Miller
CWC Colton Crane
EWC Michael Varney
LCCC Don Erickson
NWCCD Robert Leibrich
NWC  Nada Larsen
WWCC Tom Spicer

ENDOW Releases Recommendations
The ENDOW group released their  initial recommendations  on December 31st.  The next ENDOW meeting is scheduled to take place in January in Cheyenne.  Part of the agenda will focus on workforce training and the role of the community colleges. 
Of the top 10 proposals, four have funding requests:
  • Improve and expand Wyoming's commercial air service ($15 million)
  • Improve access to broadband and technology ($10.35 million)
  • Establish a Wyoming research and innovation fund ($6 million)
  • Build Wyoming's entrepreneurial ecosystem by creating a dedicated organization called Startup: Wyoming ($5 million)
  • Allocate resources for workforce training (investment request pending discussions)
The remaining five do not include funding request:
  • Provide equitable opportunities for students to learn computer science
  • Improve higher education attainment and retention of graduates
  • Establish in-state contractor preference for state technology contracts
  • Authorize virtual currency businesses to operate in Wyoming
  • Update ENDOW statute to reflect the composition of the executive council or the leadership structure adopted by the executive council
Learn More

WACCT Conference Focuses on Best Practices
Dr. Karla Leach and Sheldon Flom of Western Wyoming Community College
Northwest College -
We're Going on a Mission
Over the last six years WACCT gathered leaders from across the educational continuum in Wyoming, as well as from industry, state agencies, and the legislature, to focus on ensuring that students are prepared for college when they arrive and that they are ready to be productive members of society when they leave. We introduced seminal research that clarified the need for improved rates of college completion. We learned that in about five short years, two out of every three jobs in our country would require some form of post-secondary educational credential. We introduced national partners from Complete College America who offered a road map for improved completion and challenged us to set aggressive goals. We discussed education and economic development opportunities during a downturn and the need to work together - from K12 to the community colleges, to the University of Wyoming, to employers.
This year the WACCT annual conference focused on trustee education and college best practices.  And boy did we hear great things from each college!  You can click on the WACCT website to see the presentations.

Central Wyoming College
Blending Interdisciplinary Education with Experiential Learning
  • Jacki Klancher, Associate Professor of Environmental Health
  • Todd Guenther, Professor of Anthropology & History
  • Darran Wells, Professor of Outdoor Education & Leadership
Northern Wyoming Community College District
Scaling Up TRIO for Student Success
  • Leah A. Barrett, MBA, EdD, Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Joseph Aguirre, TRIO Director
Casper College
Koru Mindfulness
  • Joanne Theobald, Director of Counseling
Laramie County Community College
How Increasing FAFSA Filing Rates Helps Students Succeed
  • Judy Hay, Vice President for Student Services
  • Brandi Payne Cervera, Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Western Wyoming Community College
HR and Payroll Automation Practices
  • Dr. Karla Leach, President, WWCC
  Northwest College
"We're Going on a Mission"
  • Stefani Hicswa, NWC President
  • Aura Newlin, NWC Faculty
  • Rachel Hanan, NWC Faculty
Northwest College
Moving Toward Predictive Scheduling: Implementing a Structured Process for Informed Planning
  • Greg Thomas, Ed.D., Dean of Student Learning
  • Maree Crawford, Director of Nursing; Chairperson for Life and Health Science Division
Financial Tools for Community Colleges
  • Joan Evans, First Vice President, George K. Baum & Company
  • Nick Waugh, Vice President, Education & Nonprofit Finance

Thank you to our sponsors for your support!

Higher Education Goal Passed
Community Colleges and UW Work T ogether for Goal
Last fall, the Wyoming Community College Commission and the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees approved a higher education attainment goal for Wyoming.  It reads as follows:

The Wyoming higher education attainment goal is to increase the percent of the working population (defined as 25-64 years old working adult) that possess a valuable post-secondary credential (degree or certificate) to 60% by 2025, and to 75% by 2040.  Further, a significant focus of this goal must be reducing disparities and achievement gaps among under-served student populations including first-generation, low-income, minority and adult students.

It is important to note the 60% means attainment that involves work force development, compared to completion/graduation rates from the colleges.

Click Here to See the Goals of Other States

Complete College Wyoming Update
New Leadership for CCW
Shawn Powell (Casper College) and Kyle Moore (UW) have been working as co-chairs of CCW since Kyle's arrival in  August.  Powell and Moore took the reins after Dr.  Jackie Freeze resigned her role as co-chair to become a Wyoming  Community College Commissioner and co-chair Dr. Patrice Noel at UW moved out of state.
New leadership at Complete College America (CCA) implemented a new structure with each state assigning members to 7 specific roles:
  • State lead co-chair Shawn Powell (VPAA at CC); 
  • Implementation four year lead co-chair Kyle Moore (UW-AVP enrollment management);
  • Implementation two year lead Judy Hay (VPSS at LCCC); 
  • Diversity lead Cory Daly (VPSS at CWC); 
  • Policy legislation leads Senator Jeff Wasserburger and Representative John Freeman;
  • Marketing lead Lori Ridgeway (PR at CWC); 
  • Metrics lead - open at this time. 
  • These state leaders will contribute at the biannual CCA convening.
CCW continues to work to complete their goals with all institutions implementing game changing strategies emphasizing math pathway this year.  Their next meeting will take place in  Cheyenne on February 21st at 2pm at LCCC.

What Complete College Wyoming is:
  • An effort to help students make better decisions and achieve their educational goals
  • A forum to consider and adopt best practices and leveraging resources
  • A coordinated effort to identify key performance indicators and utilize data for accountability and to improve programs and services to our students
  • A way to stay current on employment needs in our State and to create strategies to impact economic development in the State
  • A coordinated way to maintain high and relevant education standards in Wyoming

Learn More about Complete College Wyoming

Did You Know...
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As we head into a legislative session focused on the state budget, it is important to arm yourself with information.  The primary resource for agency budgets is the Department of Administration  and Information (A&I for short).

Just click on their webpage to find all sorts of information, specifically to the budget:

The mission of the  Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees, a collaborative organization of Wyoming community college trustees with college presidents, is to promote the continued quality, strength, vitality and effectiveness of its members.

Thank you to everyone who works to support the Community Colleges in Wyoming!

Erin Taylor
Executive Director
Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees
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