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UCSF postdoc Larissa Maier and fellow members of UCSF's Science Policy Group are making thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer and distributing them, for free, to Bay Area correctional facilities and in underserved communities where soap and water are not always readily available.   See more photos on Instagram  and   read more about how this team of scientists is making a difference »
Together This is Possible

Despite the challenges over the past weeks, there have been bright spots — moments of goodness, inspirational work and an outpouring of support that you may not always see. Watch a video featuring some recent good news »
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Help Document COVID-19

The UCSF Archives and Special Collections have journals, photos, medicines and more to help us directly understand past generations' experiences. Now it's our turn.

Send in your photos, writing, videos, posters, flyers, and anything else that might capture this unique period in history from your eyes.