The Truth About Black Communities: 
What You Need To Know About Diabetes, Politicians, Churches, etc.

Cathy Harris, National Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert

June 8, 2017

This enewsletter is our SECOND Community Action Step. Our FIRST Community Action Step was entitled "Report Back and Action Steps for Dallas, TX," since I had lived in the city for 8 months so it was based solely on my observation as a business owner, advocate and activist for the black community.

After writing the 10 action steps below on health, I did not want to totally leave you in the dark. So therefore, I wanted to provide even more action steps and homework for you to complete after reading this e-newsletter, especially in regards to your health.

Doctors Know Very Little About Health and Nutrition

I worked with a friend for years who weighed 400 pounds, and she would constantly state that her doctor said she was healthy. But at 400 pounds, even a blind person can see you cannot be healthy. 

The problem is doctors know very little about health and nutrition so they can't say go out and lose the weight, because they don't know how to tell you to lose the weight or what to eat.

They have followed certain standards and guidelines laid out by the pharmaceutical industry, who funds medical schools, which controls what they learn. So how is a doctor today really going to tell you how to be healthy?  

Most doctors only live to be 60 something so again,
they know very little about their own health.  Most people are in doctor's offices for a very short time so like most jobs today, people (doctors) are doing as little as they can to get by, so why would we think doctor's offices are any different. 

HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations) doctors will only see you for 2 to 5 minutes, just long enough to write prescriptions, because the more patients they see, the more money they make.

They will then tell you to come back in 7, 10 to 14 days when the medication is finished, if you are still having issues, but chances are, you will end up back at the doctor's offices before then, because of a reaction (an interaction or side effect) to the medication. 

On the other hand, h
olistic and natural healing and communities addresses all parts of the individual, not just the physical aspect of a person, where manifested illnesses are most apparent. 

So it's important to join holistic and natural communities in your city and work with these naturopathic doctors, healers, specialists, etc. And it's also very important to try to get our kids to major in these careers.

Disparities in Treatment of Blacks 

There are many disparities in the treatment of African Americans compared to other races, when it comes to debilitating and deadly diseases such as diabetes. 

Diabetes is the NUMBER ONE killer in the  African
American community.  We all know this to be true.  In black communities, some families are attending 4 funerals every month and many folks have yet to make a connection to sickness, death and GMOs.

The question in black communities isn't do you have diabetes, instead it's when will you get diabetes. That's just how bad it is.  Doctors in Western medicine are too quick to amputate limbs, instead of educating African American families on other options, such as handling the disease through their diet, with exercise or with more expensive medicines. 

They just figure upfront that African Americans will not follow their guidelines, especially senior citizens, so they just amputate their limbs instead. Blacks are not even offered the same type of treatments as others. 

I have a close relative who is an occupational therapist, who goes in and out of nursing homes up north. She said nursing homes are full of African Americans who have gone blind, are on kidney dialysis or have some type of leg or foot amputation from having diabetes.

So we need to seriously ask ourselves are doctors looking out for black patients?  I doubt seriously if they are going the extra mile to save black people, so again they just amputate their limbs, let them go blind and let others end up on kidney dialysis from having diabetes. So it's important for our kids to also major in those careers, where they could monitor the treatment of black folks.

There is no other group of individuals with more amputations than individuals in black communities. 
These treatments results in even higher payments for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, especially performing limb amputation operations and being on weekly kidney dialysis treatments.

The medical industry can care less about curing people of disease, especially black folks, and unless black families wake up and start eating good, clean organic foods, drinking good water, engaging in regular exercises, getting plenty of rest and joining holistic and natural communities, they might as well go to  and plan their funerals because most are headed to their graves, especially today with the spread of GMOs.

Black People...Especially Young Folks are Dying At Alarming Rates

People are afraid of natural disasters because they have the ability to kill tons of people, which we have seen from "fear-mongering" media entities, but what is happening today, especially withGMOs in our foods and environment, it is also a natural disaster because tons of people are also dying at an alarming rate, especially young black folks. 

Just because people are not dropping dead in large numbers, doesn't mean it won't happen in the near future because of GMOs. We all know that this will be the first generation that will not outlive their parents. 

It's has to be the worse thing in the world for a parent to have to bury their children, but that's just what is happening today in alarming numbers. 

Look at the young male above who died after receiving his high school diploma from cancer, which is the main killer of most kids under age 15 because of their weak and undeveloped immune systems. So unless you are feeding your kids organic foods, it's literally a death sentence for them -- so at least do it for your kids.

Because of GMOs, which affects children more than any other group because of their weak and undeveloped immune systems, children hospitals are packed, even with kids in beds in hallways. But you will never know this unless you visit these types of facilities. 

The "fear-mongering" media has kept these types of disturbing images from your homes, however, they have been able to instill other fear factors in most Americans lives, especially those who stay glued to the TV. 

One of my sisters, who lives in another state said she went back home one day to rural Georgia and stood at our mother's grave and looked at all the graves of people we went to school with, who died in their 20s and 30s.  She said the cemetery was full of young black folks. 

The black community is full of misinformation, old wives tales, urban legends, and community myths, so most people don't know what to believe.  What they need to do is turn off the TV and turn their homes into a learning center by using their Smart
TV's to watch educational programs on,,,,, etc. 

They have all types of educational programs and documentaries, especially health documentaries that can really get you and your family back on track - healthwise. is full of programs on how to grow your own foods.  But what many are afraid to admit in black communities are that black people are dying at an alarming rate, not just from police killings, but from PREVENTABLE diseases, especially young folks. 

Land of The Sick People

Living in Atlanta was like living in "The Land of the Sick People" and I did not want to go into my golden years, seeing these types of images everyday. This would have done nothing but "break my spirit" and everyone needs to put their own well-being first.

When I lived in Atlanta for 20 years, I lived in Dekalb County, GA, (Decatur, Stone Mountain, and Lithonia, GA), which was the largest African American county in the U.S. and I could no longer sit back and watch tons and tons of sick folks, when I left my home everyday. 

African Americans in my area would not make a move, unless a pastor or politician told them to. So as a holistic and natural healer, I gave up trying to work with the community and just left the city in search of living in a healthier environment as I went into my golden years. 

They don't call these Golden Years for nothing. This is the time where you are not suppose to be worried about having a roof over your head, food on the table and bills being paid. You are suppose to be able to look outside your door and see a world of positivity, not people dying right before your eyes.

Who In Your Family is On Kidney Dialysis?

In Atlanta, it was very disheartening to see -- not 1 or 2, but sometimes even 3 family members in black communities suffering from "diabetes related illnesses," such as kidney failure, where they all had ended up on kidney dialysis.

In cities like Atlanta with a large black population, many had to travel up to one hour or more outside of the city, just to find a dialysis center, because most dialysis centers in black communities are full up, despite the fact that tons of these centers along with hip and knee replacement centers are springing up everyday.  These dialysis centers are owned by a group of doctors, who are only there to make money so do you really think they will tell you how to heal yourself?

By the time you go in for your dialysis treatment at least 3 days a week for 5 hours, your body is left depleted and weakened to the point that by the time you recover, it's time for another treatment. This has got to be a terrible way to live, and many in black communities, even young people are now living this lifestyle.

So do you think doctors are going to educate you on how to manage diabetes, before it gets to the point of blindness, amputations, kidney failure/kidney dialysis or death? No, again they are simply there to make money because the medical and pharmaceutical industry is BIG BUSINESS.

And don't forget that most people can't live over 20 years on kidney dialysis because the machines themselves also contains heavy metals.  And never elect to do this treatment yourself at home because 99.9 percent of people who try to do dialysis treatments at home, will die from an infection.

One would think after one family member goes on kidney dialysis, from diabetes related illnesses, another family member would be smart enough not to end up also on kidney dialysis, but not in black communities because there is no one educating black folks.

Most people don't understand that if they keep their numbers in range by eating a holistic, natural, clean, organic diet, drinking clean water, exercising and getting plenty of rest, they would also be able to live an energetic, long and thriving life.

Black College Students Dying At An Alarming Rate

What most people need to know is that most diseases, like diabetes are FOOD RELATED. A few years ago Spelman
College,   a very prestigious black college for black women in Atlanta, had so many young black women, younger than the age of 25, dying from diabetes, that the President of the college had to institute a health curriculum. 

She stated that she was sick of attending funerals of young black women, who could have gone on to live thriving lives. This is happening in all black colleges today, but we only heard about Spelman. Most black college students, because of their lack of finances are forced to eat Ramen Noodles with hot dogs, which is a delicacy and life saver for broke college students. 

When this 'so-called' food is on sale, you can buy 8 packs for 1 dollar in grocery and dollar stores. The food will fill you up, but it has no nutritional value -- whatsoever. This food is made of pasta that does nothing but causes constipation and turns into sugar in the human body, which causes diabetes. 

Your body will have the same exact affect as if you just consumed sugar, when you eat this food. Hotdogs are full of nitrate, which is bad for your heart, and contain all types of harmful additives, especially pork hotdogs. 

If you add in pizzas and Chinese foods containing MSG, which is causing violent episodes in many people today, especially young folks, foods containing gluten, which is causing psychotic episodes, and fast foods containing GMOs, black college students barely have a chance to make it out of college alive.

Other Ailments of Young Black Folks

Thirty-year olds were walking around with walking
canes because their bodies had given out and they were suffering from diseases that old folks use to have in their 60s, 70s and 80s -- many years ago.

Many black people in their 30s were in wheelchairs from having strokes or they were dying right there on the spot from a brain aneurysm, where there is no warning signs. My daughter's best friend died at 30 years old from a brain aneurysm. He was a talented young man who could have been brilliant in this lifetime.

You would think that people who have high blood pressure, would know to keep a blood pressure kit to monitor their blood pressure, but not in black communities. Most black folks are in denial about their health or they just don't know that they should keep their numbers in range. 

Many people who have diabetes, also have high blood pressure, and probably heart disease, and there is no way you will ever be able to get that salt shaker, which causes high blood pressure, off black folks dinner table. 

Again, black communities are sitting down at the table for 3 meals a day, and there is NO NUTRITION at the table. And when you don't eat foods with nutrition, you will develop a disease and die. It's as simple as that -- so you do the math. You are indeed what you eat and most black communities today are playing Russian Roulette with their lives and especially the lives of their children.

Others in Atlanta were walking around with yellow eyes, which is an early symptom of liver failure because most people's livers today, because of GMOs, are only operating at 30 percent. 

To beat most diseases today, especially cancer, which is the 2nd largest killer, (diabetes is number 1, cancer number 2, heart disease number 3 and then prescription overdose number 4) it's important to have "functional" organs, especially your liver, so it's important to engage in regulate detox programs for your colon, liver, kidney and don't forget heavy metal detoxes or eat certain detoxifying foods.

Many other young folks  in their 20s and 30s, were walking around with "dead eyes," depressed
from living in toxic living environments (only use natural body and cleaning products in your home) and eating toxic GMO processed foods, with no nutritional value. 

They were also depressed from the lack of job and business opportunities and hopelessness in black communities because they have been failed by their parents and community leaders.

Black Kids Are Too Big

Over 80% of overweight kids will become overweight adults so every 10th person in my county, even when they were around 12 and 13  years old, weighed 300, 400 or even 500 pounds. 

Many of the young folks in their 20s, were already getting foot and leg amputations due to diabetes, however, they weighed over 400 to 500 pounds. GMOs causes obesity, but once you start eating good, nutritious, "nutrient-dense" foods, you can start seeing results in just days, weeks and especially months.

Most kids today are being raised by the TV and this is why it's important to get back to the village approach "It Takes A Village," where other parents agree to take your kids with them to physical nature outings so that they are not stuck in homes day in and day out with very little exercise. 

Many physical trainers in other communities are starting gyms catering to young this is also a great business idea and opportunity in black communities....hint...hint...

Parents in other communities come home from work and let the dog out, but in black communities many parents only see their kids for a few hours every day, especially single parents.

Grocery stores were packed with those "over-sized"  wheelchairs, where you could sit, while you bought even more bad foods.  I even witnessed two African American women fighting each other over the last chair one day. It was sickening to watch. 

Morticians are now probably the most wealthiest people in many communities, especially black communities, and they have had to order "over-sized" caskets, just to be able to bury people with dignity and respect. 

Black Mothers Need To Support Each Other

When my daughters were younger, every other week I used to take off from working overtime on my job so I could pick up my daughter's friends in carpools and other mothers did the same for my 2 daughters. 

We had schedules. We weren't out clubbing or partying with each other, we were simply taking care of our kids.  We are our "Sisters Keepers" so let's start looking out for each other again. 

Black Politicians Can Educate and Save Black Communities

Parents need to work with legislators and insist that Physical Education (PE) is put back into schools, even though many kids today were overweight before they even started school because parents are refusing to buy good, clean, organic  foods.

Twenty to 30 years ago, Atlanta was one of the most influential cities for black folks and was also known as "The Black Mecca", but issues like gentrificationredlining, etc., has literally sucked the energy out of and demolished most black communities nationwide today. 

Gentrification is an area where certain people move back in and build it up and the prices of the properties skyrocket as if there is gold in the area. The property tax liens that have a serious adverse impact on senior citizens are generally due to gentrification in hot areas. 

There is a process for appealing or lowering the cost of property taxes, but African Americans never bring in the correct information for this process, so in return they, especially seniors, are losing homes for non-payment of taxes, sometimes even as low as $200 or $300. This is because no one is educating them on this.

Gentrification did nothing but take black people out of neighborhoods with their neighbors, who were in a position to fight back against the establishment. 

Now black folks are so spread out all over the U.S., everyone who could worked together for the betterment of the black community have lost touch with everyone else.

Black politicians can educate black communities on these deadly diseases such as diabetes, but rarely do you see them stepping up to the plate to do this. That should be one of the prerequisites for running for office, especially today -- that they institute health curriculums and educational forums throughout their districts. 

However, some politicians do do the right thing. Some politicians always hold progressive forums and educate seniors, youth, the disabled, and others on services provided in their county around their health, mortgages, especially first-time home buyers, finances, racial profiling, job's programs, business training, senior and veteran care, and what is happening to schools, etc.

Now what if we had these types of black politicians all over the country. How long would it take black people to wake up? 

The role of politicians is to disperse funds throughout communities and to basically take care of people - period!  Many seniors today, have to live on streets or have to eat cat food, just to survive.  Many survive on $500 a month. See how long you can survive on $500 a month. 

Many seniors are dying from lack of air condition in the summer months and freezing during winter months from lack of heat, especially up north so we need to start looking out for seniors (and youth) especially.

Many homeless people are veterans, however, most veterans, especially those who fought in wars, don't even know they can receive benefits for the rest of their lives because there is no one educating them on this because of misinformation, old wives tales, urban legends and community myths, especially in black communities.

The government and politicians are suppose to take care of people. However, m any politicians treat their offices like they are "moviestars," as if they are not there to speak for the people, who don't have a voice. Many politicians, especially Congressmen and Senators, only care about what happens in Washington, D.C. -- ONLY -- not their own districts, so you need to hold these individuals accountable by voting them out of office. 

Most people, especially in black communities don't even know you can attend local meetings with politicians and hold them accountable by asking questions, signing petitions, etc. And today because of technology, most of these community meetings are filmed and are on public TV in your city. 

In my old neighborhood in Dekalb County, GA, we had 3 liquor stores in a 1 to 2 mile area.  The reason liquor establishments opens in your community is because they are approved by politicians. I n other words, they can stop these types of businesses from springing up, just like they keep strip clubs from opening next door to schools. 

There was a reason why many black people in South Dekalb County, in Atlanta, were begging for jobs and white people in North Dekalb County, had legitimate, productive businesses.  It's because they have Chambers of Commerce and other business groups, who work alongside of "proactive" and "progressive" politicians, who assisted them with bank loans, business training, etc.

Most Chambers of Commerce and black business groups in black areas are full of Network and Multi-Level Marketers or Non-profits, which are set up by most black folks to beg for donations.  And now it's much easier for these Non-profits to beg for donations on all these crowdfunding sites such as,, etc. 

One of the main reasons that black communities turns into hoods, after 5, 10 or 15 years, is because politicians are not allocating funds for the upkeep and beautification of these communities, so again, this is because you have elected bad politicians or no black politicians, who could turn this around.

The reason you see all these subdivisions springing up really fast in black communities is because they are probably built on "landfills," where many years later, families, especially children, will end up sick and dying in hospitals, which is "environmental racism." Again, this is the fault of your politicians.

The reason you see all these homes -- catching fire and burning down is probably electrical problems, because of how the homes were built in the first place. Tons of whistleblowers are stating that home building contractors are not following guidelines or checklists, when homes are built and they hardly ever honor one year warranties either. Again, this is because of bad politicians.

The reasons that bus services stops in your community or you don't have any bus service is because of your politicians, and how they have dispersed funds throughout your community. 

Many people living below the poverty line can't afford cars, so they use buses to attend community colleges and other educational institutions to better themselves, but how can they do that if they don't have any bus service? 

Many people move to communities simply because they have bus services so when these services are stopped or cancelled, these individuals' lives fall deeper into a cycle of poverty, especially when they can no longer get to jobs and businesses on bus routes. Many just get lazy and apply for welfare instead.

The new Attorney General guidelines have opened the door for even more racial profiling in many cities. Politicians can introduce racial profiling laws in each state, but they will only do so, when constituents light a fire  under them by holding them accountable. 

There should be "black political action committees" appointed to every black legislator to make sure he or she do the right thing. Many times politicians have stated once they get elected, they are abandoned by the community, so therefore, they make bad decisions and many start taking money and bribes, simply because they don't have community support.

However, in most cases though, it's time to send legislators home without a job.  We need to "vote out" all legislators who are voting for or introducing these destructive and deadly bills and who are not dispersing funds to programs that will educate and uplift black folks, especially seniors, youth, the disabled, veterans, etc. 

If you are retired, a student or work on 2nd and 3rd shifts, volunteer to monitor legislators during legislative sessions and put together a REPORT CARD (A, B, C, D) on each legislator from the ground up. A's & B's can remain in office but C's and especially D's need to be BLACKLISTED and voted out of office.

Black Churches Can Save Black Communities 

Most pastors and politicians have put spells on black people and since most black people will only make a move, when a pastor or politician tells them, then we need to look at these two groups for help and guidance in saving and waking up black folks. 

Black churches are full of black folks that go to church -- 2, 3, or even 4 days a week, but many women use church as a game.  Black women in Atlanta were attending church just
so they could wear these stylist clothing -- so they could compete with each other. They had competitions going on to see who could dress better -- so they put clothes over buying good foods for their families.

Because of the alarming amount of sickness in black communities, especially southern states, the term "Bible Belts," is now referred to as "Stroke Belts," which simply means the people that live in those areas, especially black families, eat horribly.

Black churches are also one of the main culprits promoting a "Diabetes-Like Lifestyle" by offering unhealthy foods to churchgoers during their events, while they prevent churchgoers from learning how to live healthier lives. But some do hold progressive educational forums, but these are usually the smaller churches.

However, like the medical and pharmaceutical industry, churches are all about making money and many are not in the business of taking care of people, like they were in the 60's.
Black people are miseducated and misinformed about everyday issues that affects them directly. Churches are a great resource for many communities, especially African American communities, but church  leaders need to be held accountable to its members and surrounding community.

It makes no sense to build these multimillion dollar structures only to have them sit idle 6 days a week. They should open the church 5 or 6 days a week to provide classes in nutrition, exercise, finding a livable job, how to start and grow a business, tips on raising your children, academic tutoring, growing your own food, financial literacy, affordable daycare, home mortgages and any other needs of the community and I am not just referring to megachurches.

Instead, many people are spending 10 to 15 percent or more of their weekly paychecks, to give tithes to their churches. Instead of going to gyms, exercising at home or outside on walking trails, they are riding buses just to get to these churches. 

And on Monday morning, black pastors put all the money collected from tithing into white banks, that end up evicting black families, especially seniors, while preventing others from getting business loans. 

These white banks will give black folks car and student loans, but you will never see a white bank, give out business loans to black folks, even though we put all our money in these banks so basically this is how they keep black folks in a "cycle of poverty."

What you need to understand about black churches is -- many of these establishments started out of their homes with 5 people, then they grew into large establishments. 
Pastors only think about growing their churches into these megachurches, so they can wear expensive clothes and shoes, drive their fancy cars, and live in their luxury homes. 

I know churches will never get back to where they were in the 60s, when they totally took care of people, but still today, they could do a better job looking out for seniors, youth, the disabled and others who truly deserve it.

Those congregants that attend churches need to demand a different curriculum from churches, otherwise, they need to stop tithing or find another church home, that is truly taking care of people.

Why is The National Black Church Initiative Forcing on Lupus?

F or the life of me I can't understand why 
"The National Black Church Initiative" main issue that they are highlighting is lupus instead of diabetes. Obviously someone working with this group has lupus, so therefore, they are supporting them.

But diabetes is the number one killer of African Americans, which can cause other issues such as lupus, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney failure, liver failure, etc. So therefore, focusing on diabetes, should be at the top of the list, especially when it comes to black churches.

This group is currently seeking volunteers to test some type of breast cancer drug, (another Tuskegee???) instead of educating their congregants on preventive measures in the first place. We are a country that spends 95% of our healthcare dollars on treating illnesses and less than 5% on preventing it - how mixed up is that?

What Churches Can Really Do
  • Churches should start community gardens (The most common motivation for "faith-based" community gardens is the opportunity to help those in need). However, many churches have land and they won't give up the land to grow foods.
  • Churches can become a Community Resource Center. They can put together a list or directory of resources in the community.
  • Create Thrift Stores/Clothes Drive (Drop-offs & Pick Up).
  • Set up a Food Pantries (Donations & Pick Up).
  • Start Their Own Grocery, Health or Wholefood Stores.
  • Open Church Fitness Gyms, Basketball Courts, etc.
  • Create Walking Clubs.
  • Give regular Aerobic and Yoga Classes.
  • Create their own Credit Union for their members.
  • Can join local Chambers of Commerce so they can see what businesses are coming into the community and form alliances with other businesses.
  • Create a Business Directory/Create Chambers of Commerce in church and have Saturday's Entrepreneurship Day, where members and the community support church entrepreneurs.
  • Create Apprenticeship/Mentorship Programs.
  • Create Business Training Schools or Institutes.
  • Give regular Youth and Adult Business/Job Fairs.
  • Create Sewing and Knitting Groups.
  • Set up Computer Labs and Internet Satellite Centers.
  • Create a Speaker's Bureau (Orators Competition like the ACT-SO program in
  • Bring Legislators, Speakers and Trainers into the church to train and empower their congregation and the community. Most are already members of these churches, however, pastors won't allow them to teach or educate.

You destiny is in your own hands so don't look for some pastor or politician to tell you what to do and especially to save you. Every family member need to start a business, especially a family business, which is truly the way to build "true generational wealth" so read my business books  "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide To Starting Your Own Business" (Series 2)  and "The New CEO: 185 Easy-To-Set Up Businesses for Youth and Adult Entrepreneurs."

Action Steps (Homework)
  • Save your family and the people you love by helping to educate them on diabetes and other preventable diseases. My book is available as an e-book, paperback and audiobook at "Diabetes 101: 3rd Largest Killer" 
    - so send it to everyone in your family and especially young folks.
  • Elect proactive or progressive politicians, who will help you save your family and your community by educating them in progressive community forums, workshops, etc. Remember, young people can run for many political positions starting at age 18. However, stop supporting these politicians just because they are young. If they did not latch on to the right mentors, vote them and their mentors out of office. My book can tell you how to win your political seat at "Politics 101: How To Win Your Political Seat." 
  • Only attend churches, that are actively trying to help save black communities.
  • Our children need to become doctors or holistic healers and stay in black communities and help save people. If they become doctors, because the medical and pharmaceutical industries is BIG BUSINESS, they won't really be able to support black communities or speak out, unless they become whistleblowers, when they witness some type of injustice, so it's imperative that we push our kids into holistic and natural healing careers, especially if they are good in science. Remember all young people need mentors.

Diabetes is the #1 Killer 
of African Americans

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Diabetes 101 - 3rd Largest Killer available as E-book, Paperback and Audiobook
Diabetes 101 - 3rd Largest Killer available as E-book, Paperback and Audiobook

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Available as e-book on
Available as e-book on
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Book Trailer - Cancer Cures: Heal Your Body and Save Your Life

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In our new movement not only are we saying that you need to hold yourself accountable, but we are also saying that you need to hold your community accountable. 

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Over the past few years we have heard quite a bit about food deserts, or high poverty areas where a lack of grocery stores makes it difficult for residents to purchase fresh food. However, we know far less about the food realities of people who live near grocery stores where fresh food is sold, but because of their limited  incomes, they simply cannot afford it.
Affordable healthy food is an issue of both equity and justice that disproportionally affects working-class and poor people of color in cities and rural areas. Reducing the economic necessity for some to rely so heavily on food that is unhealthy, is not only a tool for fighting health concerns, there are other benefits too.
Time and time again it shows when many schools team up with healthy venues and swap out soda machines and offer instead -- juices, water and low-sugar energy drinks and also prepared meals entirely free of additives and chemicals, but with abundant amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole-grain breads, this have led to reduced behavioral problems, higher grades, lower expulsion rates, decreases in the use of ADD prescription drugs, and teachers are reporting that the students were more attentive and could concentrate for longer periods of time. 
Gaining access to clean, sustainability, grown food is a basic human right so we need venues to offer education to inspire family members to live healthy lives, by offering hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition and this is what this book will do.

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