20th Annual World Pasta Day
Dubai, 25 October 2018

October 2018  
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This month we share details about the worldwide celebration of  World Pasta Day!
  Celebrate World Pasta Day on October 25

Photo credit: Chef Orfali, Fatafeat TV - Discovery Network

We invite you to celebrate  World Pasta Day  on Thursday, Oct. 25, by enjoying a favorite pasta dish. Bring people together around your table to enjoy a simple, delicious, healthy meal. Here are a couple ways to get involved:
  • Try these recipes! At an international gathering in Dubai for World Pasta Day, chefs will demonstrate the inclusiveness of pasta in cuisines around the world, showcasing dishes such as Kushari from Egypt (see recipe), Curry Pasta Salad from South Africa (recipe), and more.
  • Join the World Pasta Day celebration on social media on Oct. 25 by sharing your favorite pasta dish, adding a "local" touch! Don't forget to use the hashtag #WorldPastaDay.

Renowned Chefs Gather in Dubai

Dubai is the site of a special 20th anniversary international gathering that will include pasta makers, industry members, scientists, media and other opinion leaders. Taking place at the esteemed  International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA), the event highlights market trends, nutritional information, and celebrates delicious pasta dishes from around the world. Renowned chefs will demonstrate favorite pasta dishes including:
  • Syrian Chef Mohammad Orfali (top left), Head of Culinary at the Discovery network's FATAFEAT TV will prepare Rashta Arabiata, a tasty take off on a traditional spicy pasta. "Pasta is a word that united the cuisines around the world. In my opinion 'The Pasta' is a common meal in most of the ancient cuisines, such as pasta for Italians, noodles for Asians, Macarona for Arabs," says Chef Orfali. "No matter where it is coming from, all you need is some flour, salt, water and eggs to make a pasta dish that belongs to you. Pasta is a meal that brings the rich and poor, adults and kids on the same table."
  • Argentinian Chef Victoria Andrade (center), Chef Instructor, ICCA Dubai, will prepare Pasta Salad with Lentils and Broccoli, a delicious protein-packed and vegetarian option that can be made with traditional or gluten-free pasta. "As a career chef instructor and a serious health enthusiast, it is very important for me to maintain a balance that comes with good exercise and proper eating," she explains. "And pasta, when prepared in a healthy way forms an important part of my balanced diet."
  • Italian Chef Luca Marchini (right)owner of renowned L'Erba del Re in Modena, Italy, will prepare Mezze Maniche with "Ragout Emiliano," Parmesan, Lemon Peel and Turmeric." Chef Marchini says: "Creativity often separates itself from tradition, while respecting it, and explores new combinations. This recipe is an example. Some "extra-ordinary" elements were chosen: durum wheat pasta, lemon zest, turmeric and a different processing of Bolognese ragout. I created a fusion dish in which we share the Emilian tradition, the Mediterranean, also welcoming a Middle Eastern element." 

Did You Know?
Arab culture made an invaluable contribution to the invention of the most famous pasta. In the 9th century, Arabs brought to Sicily the Ittriyya, thin strands of dried pasta, later perfected by the Italian "Vermicellari," that would become modern-day spaghetti.

Photo credit_ ICCA Dubai

Power of Pasta: 
2 Million Pasta Plates to Fight Hunger

According to a UN report,  for the third year in a row, there has been a rise in world hunger. Pasta makers from all over the world have committed themselves to the "Power of Pasta," a global charity initiative donating about 2 million pasta plates to local organizations involved in the fight against hunger. 
On World Pasta Day, celebrity chef  Bruno Serato will introduce the global initiative and talk about the importance of social responsibility. Chef Serato founded Caterina's Club, a nonprofit organization that serves 4,000 warm nutritional meals to underprivileged children every single night. 
"Everyone loves pasta. It's an amazing food with great nutrition for everyone and can be mixed with every other food available on this planet - making it the best of the best, and very affordable for everyone," said Chef Serato. "There is nothing better than sharing a plate of pasta around a table. It makes everyone smile and inspires great conversation."

Join the Event!

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We hope you join the celebration on October 25!

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