20th Annual World Pasta Day
Dubai, 25 October 2018

August 2018  
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This month we are pleased to announce the happiest holiday of the year: World Pasta Day!

Did you Know?

At the World Pasta Congress held in Rome on the 25th day of October in 1995, pasta makers from around the world enthusiastically agreed that pasta - a healthy, delicious, popular, sustainable and convenient food - deserved annual worldwide recognition.

Every year since 1998, in countries around the globe,   World Pasta Day has been celebrated on October 25th.

Again this year, on  World Pasta Day 2018, pasta lovers around the world will join famous chefs, restaurants, families and friends and enjoy their favorite pasta meals to celebrate this delicious, affordable and nutritious staple that appears in diets around the world in all its versatile forms.

It will be an extra special celebration as this marks the 20th anniversary of World Pasta Day. With pasta consumption on the rise for the second year in a row, there's a lot to celebrate!  On October 25,  a gathering of pasta makers, industry members, scientists, media and other opinion leaders from around the globe will take place in Dubai at the  Auditorium  of the  Knowledge Park  and at the  International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA).

Pasta is Healthy
At the  2015 Healthy Pasta Meals Scientific Consensus meeting , twenty scientists and health professionals from nine countries met in Milan, Italy in October 2015 to present the latest research on pasta and to craft a 12-point Scientific Consensus Statement on healthy pasta meals.  Since then, top Russian, Turkish and Brazilian scientists have added their names at subsequent World Pasta Day events in Moscow (2016) and São Paulo (2017).
This year's global event will bring together more scientists and nutrition experts to review the latest research on the Mediterranean Diet carbohydrates and pasta, and who will add their signatures to the  Scientific Consensus Statement on the Healthy Pasta Meal .  

" Pasta is a key component of many of the world's traditional healthy eating patterns, such as the scientifically-proven Mediterranean Diet. Most plant-based dietary patterns help prevent and slow progression of major chronic diseases and confer greater health benefits than current Western dietary patterns."
#2 of the Scientific Consensus Statement

Pasta is a Tasty Canvas

At World Pasta Day 2018 in Dubai, traditional and Arab culinary interpretations of pasta will meet when celebrated Arab chefs demonstrate their recipes.  Stay tuned for more detailed information about the Pasta Cooking Show and Tasting to be held at the  International Center of Culinary Arts -  ICCA Dubai, featured amongst the Top 10 Culinary Institutes in the World and awarded the "Recognition of Quality Culinary Education" by the World Chefs.

"Pasta meals are enjoyed in cultural traditions worldwide. As they are like a canvas, they are versatile and easily adaptable to national/regional seasonal ingredients."
#6 of the Scientific Consensus Statement

The Power of Pasta
A Global Charity Initiative   

As part of this special celebration, worldwide pasta producers will also join together for the 2nd Annual "Power of Pasta"  initiative, a coordinated program where donations of pasta are made to local organizations fighting hunger.  Last year, more than  3.5 million plates of pasta were donated  around the world.

"Through the Power of Pasta, offering a simple dish like spaghetti with tomato sauce using local seasonal ingredients, we can help feed the hungry, meeting different culinary traditions and bringing people together over a healthy meal," 

said Chef Bruno Serato, the Power of Pasta initiative Ambassador and founder of Caterina's Club, a nonprofit organization inspired by his mother, Caterina, that serves 4,000 warm nutritional pasta meals to underprivileged children every night. 

"I call on my fellow chefs to help feed the world by joining us to promote the Power of Pasta initiative in their local communities."

Ar e you a pasta maker, a restaurant owner, a retailer or a chef? 
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