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November 2016 
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Russian Scientists Agree: Pasta, a Tasty Food That Brings People Together, is Healthy for People and the Planet  
In 2015, twenty nutrition experts from nine countries came together in Milan to update the Scientific Consensus Statement on Healthy Pasta Meals. This year, we are excited to announce that a 10th country signed onto the consensus, as World Pasta Day 2016 was celebrated in Moscow, Russia.

Moderated by Sergey Malozemov, Russian author and tv presenter, the event included engaging speakers discussing the high nutritional value of pasta, its accessibility and adaptability to all populations and world cultures, and its extremely low environmental impact. Above all, it highlights the incredible taste and versatility of pasta, a global food able to satisfy the primary nutritional needs, and to enhance the most sophisticated cooking.


No matter where they hail from, scientists emphasize the importance of total diet, rather than individual foods. Elena Tikhomirova, a Russian nutritionist and medical advisor, explained that "pasta is always very handy" for patients who want to be healthy, since "it all depends on when we eat our pasta and what it comes together with." As part of a balanced approach to health, Tikhomirova recommended pairing a lunchtime pasta meal with "good wine and good company."

Similarly, Dr. Oleg Stephanovich Medvedev, founder and chairman of the Board of the National Research Center on Healthy Eating in Russia, explained that "the more we pay attention to foods and eating, the less pills and capsules we will be recommended to have." He also explained that "introducing elements of the Mediterranean diet is one of our objectives," and that because pasta is so affordable and accessible, it is a wonderful entry point into this delicious and nutritious cuisine.

Dr. Ksenia Sergeevna Selezneva, a dietitian, nutritionist, and gastroenterologist, addressed the unfounded fear surrounding pasta and carbohydrates. "As a practicing physician, I know that people are fond of it, but they are afraid." Ksenia recommended durum wheat pasta cooked al dente, paired with vegetables.

Additionally, Dr. Vasily Isakov reminded the audience that "soluble fiber is not impacted by thermal processing," meaning that pasta retains its healthful properties throughout the cooking process. That said, the scientists did remind the audience that pasta cooked "al dente" has a lower glycemic Index than overcooked, mushy pasta.

"As one of the world's top producers and consumers of pasta, the signature of these top Russian experts is an important addition to our ongoing effort to gain worldwide recognition of the important health, cultural and environmental benefits of pasta," said Sara Baer-Sinnott, president, Oldways.

Pasta for a Greener Planet

Riccardo Valentini
Ivan Vasenev

Scientists also addressed the environmental benefits of healthy pasta meals. Riccardo Valentini, a winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, and Ivan Vasenev, a Professor at the Russian State Agrarian University, explained that as climate patterns become more unpredictable, plant-based foods, like pasta meals, are necessary if we hope to lessen our environmental impact, and prevent further effects of climate change. Because wheat is so gentle to produce, Valentini explained that "pasta production is quite ecologically positive."
Pasta Around the World

As globalization breathes new life into historic foods, pasta remains a favorite for people all across the globe. It is no surprise then, that "if you ask people in the leading [football] clubs what they had for lunch, 90% would say pasta," said former star Russian goalkeeper Ruslan Nimatullin. According to Nimatullin, "Pasta is the perfect combination of all the necessary elements for an athlete--carbohydrates and protein. But in addition, pasta is truly delicious."

Jack Skelly
, a food analyst at Euromonitor, painted an exciting picture for pasta lovers across the world, and explained that, despite its Italian roots, "pasta is a global dish." Euromonitor forecasts a +2% annual growth between 2016 and 2020 of global pasta volume sales, 52% coming from markets outside of the top 10 pasta consumers.

Russian food writer Anna Maslovskaya affirmed this movement, telling her global audience that "we love pasta in this country." In her opinion, part of pasta's appeal is most certainly its versatility. "Pasta in all its variations, in cuisines of the different countries, is not only everyone's favorite food, but also an ideal form for chefs to express their special cuisine views. Basics are clear, but everything around pasta and its different ingredients are a huge field for imagination and self-expression," said Maslovkaya.

Michelin starred Chef Davide Scabin, whose restaurant Combal.Zero is recognized as one of the 50 Best Restaurants of 2016, fascinated the audience with his unique creations that spur from his long and design-oriented experimentation with ingredients, shapes, textures and temperatures. His approach opens a whole new chapter in the way we think of pasta. As he explained "in 10 minutes using pasta you can create a gastronomic masterpiece."

Chef Scabin joined Chef Vladimir Mukhin to create the World Pasta Day dinner at the White Rabbit, Chef Mukhin's internationally acclaimed dining spot, which is also recognized as 18th on the list of the world's 50 Best Restaurants. "Pasta only appeared in Russia a little more than 150 years ago, but now we can't imagine our life without it. And even many Russians believe pasta is a Russian dish!" noted Chef Mukhin.

Outside of the official World Pasta Day meeting in Moscow, World Pasta Day was celebrated all across the globe, with mentions in more than 31,000 posts. In fact, #WorldPastaDay was trending in Italy and Canada. For more inspiration on how to celebrate this versatile food all year long, visit   Pasta for All .

Pasta is Tasty and Brings People Together   

According to the scientific experts "Pasta meals are enjoyed in cultural traditions worldwide." Indeed, food and nutrition experts from all across the globe take pride in their countries' delicious and nutritious pasta meals. Pasta is a perfect blend of tradition and modern simplicity and pleasure, as fitting on the family table as it is in the kitchens of the world's most famous chefs.
And true to the best traditions, it is a food that brings friends and family together to celebrate both the ordinary and the extraordinary moments in life.

Pasta is Healthy and Brings People Together


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