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I refused to answer the question...


It wasn't a bad question or anything.  In fact, it was a great question, one that I think we all should be asking.


My client wanted to know what Spirit says his legacy will be.


Now, as a spiritual counselor, I love to provide guidance.


But when it comes to the legacy question - your legacy, well, I think you should spend time meditating on it too.


It's too important and sacred!


If you hand over this responsibility to others you're giving too much of your power away and you need to take some back.


Don't get me wrong...


Others can give you insight into your legacy and that's wonderful. We can all benefit from the wisdom of others.


But your own Spirit is trying to give you insights too...


In fact, every event of your life, each moment is also trying to give you insight into your legacy. You just need to pay close attention.


Here's the truth...


Your potential legacy has no limit. 


It's too vast! It's like trying to count the stars at night. 


It's like gazing at a magnificent, sunrise or sunset and trying to describe it with one or two words, when maybe you should also color it with feelings, or music, or poetry, or dance, or a painting.


Sorry! Hate to disappoint you, but no one can answer your legacy question in a single conversation, nor should they try. 


You're not a cog in a machine. You're an eternal, creative soul.


Can't put God in box and can't put you in a box either.


Sure, you have a purpose, but your purpose can be expressed in an infinite number of ways. You can leave more than one legacy. Why not?


And your purpose might change or expand from time to time based on the needs of the universe and your own needs for personal growth.


If you're feeling lost and want a bit more guidance, here are some clues to solving your legacy puzzle:


1. What are you naturally good at?

2. What kind of problems do you like to solve?

3. What do people ask you to help them with?

4. What are you most passionate about?


As you meditate on these questions, stay open to the stream of ideas that flow to you. 


Follow the stream and you'll find your soul! Stay true to your soul and you'll leave your legacy.




James Weeks


Producer/Across The King's River



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