January 1, 2021
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The Truth about ADHD and Working Independently
ADHD is an issue of self-regulation with a working memory challenge. Those with ADHD often benefit from a work environment that affords them ample opportunities to have contact and verbal interactions with their coworkers. While they may not be aware of it, what looks like they are just talking to another person is often more like them thinking out loud.

Since they typically don't "think out loud" when others are not around, they may get impatient and get off task because they don't have the opportunity to express themselves that would otherwise help them bring clarity to things.
Check out my blogpost, "The Truth about ADHD and Working Independently," that may give you insight on why you have trouble getting things done. I hope you’ll get an aha out of it. Here's the link:
Jeff Copper
ADHD and Attention Coach
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Cathy Rashidian
This episode of Attention Talk Radio is brought to you by CHADD (www.chadd.org) and Cathy Rashidian (www.readysetchoose.com) who has released her interview with ADHD coach Jeff Copper (www.digcoaching.com) on her podcast, "Proudly at Work and in Business" (proudlyadhd.readysetchoose.com). They define mindset, discuss it as a process, put it in context within the ADHD coaching model, and illuminate the success that is found in embracing the adoption of a new mindset and realizing the problem-solving process begins with you. If you have been foraging but haven't found life-changing tips, tricks, or strategies, please invest the time to listen to this episode.
Elaine Taylor-Klaus
Got ADHD? Do you procrastinate? You have to listen to this podcast. Attention and ADHD coach Jeff Copper (www.digcoaching.com) talks with ADHD parent coach Elaine Taylor Klaus (www.impactparents.com) about the role, impact, and influence that ambiguity and an overburdened working memory have on procrastination. Jeff and Elaine illuminate legitimate reasons you procrastinate and put a spotlight on why some environments are more productive for you than others. Secondarily, the insights help to explain why many of the tips, tricks, and strategies don't address ambiguity or relieve working memory and why they don't work. If you procrastinate or are drowning in a sea of strategies that are not working, this is a show you don't want to miss.
At the end of our interview with Dr. Russell Barkley regarding working memory (http://tobtr.com/10807695), we concluded that paper was high tech for those with ADHD. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, attention and ADHD coach Jeff Copper (www.digcoaching.com) talks with ADHD coach Elaine Taylor-Klaus (www.impactparents.com) about ADHD and why there are times when those with ADHD should use paper (i.e., paper notebooks don't have tempting links) instead of other digital interactions. If you struggle, need insights, and understand the need to problem-solve, don't miss this interview.
Dr. Russell Barkley
Research has well established that childhood ADHD predisposes to increased risks for impairment in educational, family, peer, and eventual occupational functioning by young adulthood. Less appreciated is that ADHD also predisposes to increased health, medical, and dental risks, including risk for accidental injuries and suicide. ADHD also predisposes to certain personality traits and lifestyle choices that significantly impact health-related factors. Such risks and impairments influence estimated life expectancy. Dr. Russell Barkley (www.russellbarkley.org) describes the various health and lifestyle domains that have been found to be significantly impaired by their young adult years in children growing up with ADHD and how ADHD adversely affects health outcomes that may have a substantial detriment on estimated life expectancy and implications for altering ADHD management.
Elaine Taylor-Klaus
It has been said those with ADHD know what to do, but they struggle to do what they know to do. There are many reasons for this, but one reason is the difference between knowledge and the execution of knowledge. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio ADHD coach Jeff Copper (www.digcoaching.com) has a conversation with complex-parent coach Elaine Taylor-Klaus (www.impactparents.com) on the distinction between knowledge and the execution of it and what is needed to increase the chances of executing and being more productive. If you have read all the books and are still stuck, don't miss this show.
Adam Gazzaley
Those with ADHD often struggle to find help. Most people associate prescriptions with some type of medication or medical device. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, we share the first FDA-approved video-gaming system for the treatment of a condition, in this case, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Please join us as ADHD coach Jeff Copper (www.digcoaching.com) interviews Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD (https://neuroscape.ucsf.edu/profile/adam-gazzaley/), neuroscientist and mastermind behind Endeavor(TM), a non-medication intervention for ADHD. Dr. Gazzaley discusses its creation, its promise for the future, and the help it brings for mental disorders of all kinds
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ADHD: Why You Should Use a Timer, Not Your Phone
Those with ADHD struggle with time management. In this video ADHD coach Jeff Copper (www.digcoaching.com) and Seth Perler, an executive functioning coach (www.sethperler.com; www.executivefunctionsummit.com), share their thoughts around using timers that are not associated with any other digital device. They talk about the advantages and how they both use it to stay on time. If you struggle to keep track of things, this video is for you. https://youtu.be/hpyZXL0SLLc
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ADHD, Productivity, and People: Two-Second Solutions 
Ambiguity and working memory challenges are often the underlying reasons of low productivity. In this video ADHD coach Jeff Copper (www.digcoaching.com) shares an experience of one of his clients to illustrate the value of working among people. If you are working or studying alone at home and find yourself less productive, the insight shared in this video might be very illuminating. It may point to why working in isolation can be a challenge for those with ADHD. https://youtu.be/o0vt5E51vVA
Click the image below to view the video.
ADHD High Tech: The Advantages of Paper
Which is less tempting, reading an online book where you are tempted by all kinds of Internet-type distractions or reading a physical book that has no access to links and social media? In this video ADHD coach Jeff Copper (www.digcoaching.com) talks about the advantages of going back to paper to make it easy to self-regulate attention and relieve working memory issues associated with digital devices. If you struggle getting things done, watch this video. https://youtu.be/L2wOH8a7bmw
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ADHD: Why the Strategies Aren't Working
Got ADHD? Drowning in a sea of strategies that are not working? Wonder why? In this video ADHD coach Jeff Copper (www.digcoaching.com) shares insights and a few statistics to put things in context to help you understand why you struggle with what seems to work for everyone else but why those tips, tricks, and strategies don't always work for you. https://youtu.be/jsNwx_WdYFY
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Not So Obvious ADHD Tip: Replying to Emails
Many with ADHD struggle to keep up with emails and replying to them. Often, we don't realize it, but we are stuck in a belief that makes things more challenging. In this episode of Attention Talk Video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper has a candid conversation with Seth Perler (www.executivefunctionsummit.com or www.sethperler.com) around his unorthodox, yet effective, strategy to communicate via email. Watch this video to gain insight on an obvious solution that you may not find so obvious. https://youtu.be/aDIuCQt9A20
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ADHD and Working Memory: A Challenge Illustrated
Got ADHD? Do you struggle with focus? Is the root an attention problem or a working memory challenge? Watch this video as ADHD coach Jeff Copper (www.digcoaching.com) illustrates how working memory challenges appear to be a focus issue when in reality the root is visual imagery. Jeff uses a spreadsheet and the concept of time to help you "see" your ADHD working memory challenge. If you struggle with focus, watch this video. https://youtu.be/A0OKXVtewCI
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