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Meet Our New Executive Director
From the Board: The Importance of Literacy Programs - Rory Greek
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  • Save the Date: A Novel Affair 2020
  • A Story of Appreciation: Reading, Lizards, and a Full Heart!
  • You can teach someone to read!
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Library News & Events
  • Fun activities for Spring
Meet Our New Executive Director: Jenn Snider
Some of my most vivid childhood memories include books and libraries. As a grade-schooler, I would pour over an illustrated encyclopedia of children’s nursery rhymes with my younger sister on the floor of our family room. In middle and high schools, I carried a book with me wherever I went – usually borrowed from the school or local library. I still recall the joy I felt the first time I read a book cover to cover in the same day.

Nowadays, reading a book cover to cover takes a little longer and my love of reading has grown to include e-books and audiobooks. My affection for the library has grown too, especially since moving to Redding almost 20 years ago and witnessing the expansion of programs and services offered at the ‘new’ library. I’m proud to share my family has been a part of efforts to support and sustain the Shasta Public Library system for the better part of those 20 years.

Doing what I can to ensure the success of the library is one of the reasons I’m thrilled to be at the helm of the Shasta Library Foundation. I believe libraries are the heart of our community: Redding, Anderson, Burney and everywhere in between. Where else can you do things like learn a new language, travel to outer space, research your genealogy, learn crafting techniques, meet local political candidates, or create and build your very own robot – all for free? Nowhere I know of. And that’s not even half of what our libraries have to offer!

I’m guessing you probably feel the same enthusiasm for our local libraries as I do; it’s one of the reasons you subscribe to this newsletter and support the Library Foundation. I’m honored to partner with you to help transform Shasta County through the power of our libraries. With your help, the Shasta Library Foundation will continue to support the libraries’ high caliber programs aimed at nurturing literacy, imagination, and lifelong learning for people today and for generations to come.

-- Jenn Snider, Executive Director for the Shasta Library Foundation
From the Board: The Importance of Literacy Programs
“There is not such a cradle of democracy upon the earth as the free public library, this republic of letters, where neither rank, office, nor wealth receives the slightest consideration”
- Andrew Carnegie

As a young reader, I can remember arrival through the front doors of the library as liberating. I loved school, but in this building no one was telling me what to read. I could feed my curiosity with any adventure I chose, and leave in awe of the vast volumes left to explore. I’d always felt that a library was a desired amenity, but I’d missed something.

After moving to Redding in 2008, I’d been invited to a Library Foundation function where a volunteer came to speak about her experience mentoring an adult learner in the literacy program. This particular learner had used her new skill set to launch a business that remains open today. That success story was a real “aha” moment for me, and I began to see our public library not just as an amenity, but as the vital community institution that it is. In addition, it illuminated the idea that in an age of unlimited access to information via the internet, computer access means little without literacy.

At a recent board meeting, we reviewed December’s library director’s report and I paid special attention to 2019’s literacy program statistics. In the past year, 108 learners participated in the Adult Literacy program, with each of the 108 achieving at least one goal they’d set for themselves. Some were able to obtain a new certification or license, while others were able to secure a higher paying job or receive a promotion. Parents who participated were able to help their children with homework or read them a story for the first time. That is incredibly inspiring to me, and will be absolutely life changing for those individuals and families! The economic impact of those achievements on our broader community can be hard to quantify, but is undeniable.

Amazing work is being done here, and I’m proud to serve on a Foundation Board that seeks to continue building an endowment that will enable our beloved library, a vital institution, to provide relevant impact in our community for generations to come.

-- Rory Greek, Board Member, Shasta Library Foundation
Foundation News
Mark your calendars! This year's Shasta Library Foundation Gala, A Novel Affair: In a Galaxy Far Away, is set for
September 26th at 6:00 PM!
More details to follow soon.
A Story of Appreciation: Reading, Lizards, and a Full Heart!
  A little boy named Max frequents Read and Discover with his mom, and for the longest time he worried about participating and spoke very little. But the more they came to story time, the more he was speaking and finally a few weeks ago he did the wiggle song with everyone else. His mom was so excited she filmed it and told me how much she enjoyed seeing him participate. They recently went on a trip to Mexico and had to miss a story time. When they came back from their trip, he ran to the desk and said, “I have something for you from the beach!” He handed me a very cute shell, and in true 4-year-old fashion, then said, “I want a book about lizards with long tails!” His mom told me he found the shell next to a tide pool and excitedly told her, “This is for Miss Elizabeth!" - Elizabeth, Librarian
Volunteer in the Literacy Center 
The Literacy Center in all branches of the Shasta Public Libraries are in need of one-on-one tutors to help others (of all ages) learn to read. No previous experience is necessary, and it doesn't take much time (1-3 hours per week). You'll set your own schedule (along with learners) and get free tutor orientation, training, support materials, and staff guidance.

If you are interested in helping people improve their reading skills, contact the literacy coordinator, Kimberly at (530) 245-7237 or kimberlyr@shastalibraries.org .
“I just have to tell you that you guys always do such a good job of making me feel like you genuinely care about me. Will you be sure to tell everyone that? I mean it. All of you are amazing and caring, and you don’t see that so much anymore.” 
-- From a Library Patron
Let Amazon support your love of the Library!
AmazonSmile lets you support our libraries through automatic donations to the Shasta Library Foundation.

The program donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to registered charitable organizations like the Shasta Library Foundation. A few simple tweaks is all it takes.

First, visit “Smile.Amazon.com” and log in to your account. Next, designate the Shasta Library Foundation as the charity you wish to support. Lastly, create a bookmark or shortcut to make sure you visit “smile.amazon.com” whenever you shop through Amazon.

That’s it – you’re all set!
Library News & Events
Read With Me & Ruff Readers
Do you have a little one who struggles with reading confidence? Help boost their confidence by having them read to a furry friend who wants all their attention. ⁣
Every third Saturday at the Redding Library, R.E.A.D. dogs, who are registered therapy animals, volunteer with their pet parents. They come as a team to be reading companions for children. What better way to boost confidence in your little one's reading abilities than by having them read to a dog who wants nothing more than to be their friend? 🐶 

Silly Seuss Day at Shasta Public Libraries!
Come out and celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday with this free event at the Shasta Public Libraries!

Join us at this free event for families and enjoy crafts, snacks, and story-time from Dr. Seuss's vast collection of books 📚

Help us celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss. Feb. 27th, Feb. 29th, and March 5th.