April 2019
The Twain Monthly
A publication by the Shasta Library Foundation
Building Our Libraries' Future
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From the President, Ken Wood
  • The Library: It's more than books.
Foundation News & Events
  • Donate your "TreasuredBooks"
  • "Stay At Home & Read a Book Gala"
  • A Novel Affair with Harry Potter
  • Where your dollars go
  • Volunteers needed
  • Board Retreat yields renewed efforts
  • The Book Report
Library News & Events
  • Burney Library Support: Success!
  • Events (Free Comic Books and Teen-friendly movie!)
  • Rev, Rumble & Roar Recap
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From The President, Ken Wood
The Library: It's more than books
In today's world, information is at your fingertips. The same device you are reading this article on will also reward you with thousands of answers to any query in milliseconds. So why do we need a brick brick-and and-mortar building to house books when information is so readily available from the comforts of your home?

It may sound hard to believe, but 15% of Americans do not have access to the internet. In a world that is absolutely exploding online, this creates a chasm between the haves and have-nots like never before. The Redding Library provides free Wifi and over 40 computers to allow access to all that the internet has to offer, leveling the playing field.

Libraries have much more to offer than mere books on a shelf — although this is, in and of itself, still powerful. Most of us are unaware of the myriad of educational and community-related services that the Redding library has to offer. The number of activities each week is astonishing and a complete list is online.

Like all things in life, a second-hand story doesn’t have the same impact as having the experience yourself. A visit to the library is no different; setting foot inside will open your eyes to what our Library truly provides for our community.

Walk around the bottom floor, visit the Children’s section, the Young Adult section and stroll through the Friends (of the Library) Bookstore. Take a look at the Books on CD and the Movies section. Make your way upstairs and visit the Magazine area, the Local History section, or maybe Genealogy is of interest to you. 

We continue to hear great stories from folks who are visiting the library for the first time (or in a long time) and how amazed they are. We would love to hear your story. Send them to info@shastalibrary.org

- Ken Wood , President of the Board of Directors for the Shasta Library Foundation
Foundation News
TreasuredBooks: Donate Your Fine Books
The Shasta Library Foundation has begun a new enterprise to raise money for Shasta Public Libraries called “TreasuredBooks.” We’ve started selling the more valuable books donated to the library, and we are asking you for the following:

  • What: Requesting donations of books valued above $12.00
  • How: Go to www.bookfinder.com to find the estimated value of your books before bringing them in.
  • Appointments and questions: Call Sharon at 530-246-0146 or email her at books@shastalibraryfoundation.org to arrange a delivery time or to ask questions. All other book donations are through the Redding Library Bookstore.
  • How Sold: Online through AbeBooks, Amazon, Biblio and many other online sellers
  • When: This is an ongoing project – no time limit, but appreciate getting them as soon as possible so we can build our stock of books to sell. 
  • Kind of Books: Higher-end and rare books on any topic. Especially popular subjects have been art instruction, American history, car collection guides and repair manuals, and recent science and natural history textbooks – but we take all books.​
Stay at Home and Read a Book Gala
You're Invited to donate to the Stay Home & Read a Book Gala. Where the chairs are comfy...you don’t have to leave home...great literature is on the menu and...we’ll even provide the eBook! Snap a photo of what you're reading and share it with the hashtag: #StayAtHomeAndReading

By donating what you might have spent on a night out, you're supporting a community center that provides cultural, educational, and informational value for years to come. All proceeds from the Stay at Home Gala benefit the Shasta Public Libraries, including things like new print and  e-Books , technology , children's programming , and the  Shasta Literacy Program .  
A Novel Affair with Harry Potter: Reserve Your Table now!
On September 28, 2019, from 6-9pm, the magic of reading will transform the Redding Library into the world of Harry Potter.

Join us for a magically good time for the Shasta Library Foundations signature event:  A Novel Affair with Harry Potter .  

"Party in the Stacks" of the Redding Library with potions, beasts, and broomsticks while bringing funding to this much-beloved community resource. The event will include:

Harry Potter-Themed Cuisine
* Silent Auction * Raffles * Games * Wine Grab 
* VIP Tables and Exclusive benefits still available 
* Exclusive access to the new Children’s Garden!

All proceeds from this event will be used to fund and subsidize books, programs and supplies for the Shasta County Libraries. 

We are now accepting table reservations and sponsorships at four levels. This event fills up every year, so be sure to reserve early!​
Your donations have funded over $700,000 to the Shasta Public Libraries since 2007!

Here’s how your dollars are being spent in 2019-2020!
Once a year the Shasta Libraries staff identify unfunded needs within the libraries (Redding, Anderson, and Burney). The Friends of the Libraries and The Shasta Library Foundation pool their donations annually and this year contributed approximately $133,000. 

The Shasta Library Foundation specifically funded:
Board Retreat yields renewed efforts: Building Our Libraries' Future
In late March, the Shasta Library Foundation Board of Directors gathered in Dunsmuir to strategize, share ideas, fine-tune goals, and focus messaging. It was a productive and lively discussion led by Judy Flores, Ken Wood, and Jean King. Are you looking for a way to get involved in building the libraries future? Contact Jean@shastalibraryfoundation.org today!
Board members Ken Wood (President), Susan Seamans, Jason Salter, and Judy Smith brainstorm key messaging concepts to help build the Endowment to fund the future of the Shasta Public Library
Call for Volunteers!
Volunteering is a great way to help support the library. The Foundation needs your help with:

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Jean .
The Book Report
Library News &Events
New Burney Library Approved
A new Burney Library is coming after a unanimous vote y the Shasta County Board of Supervisors! This is an exciting development for the Intermountain Community.

Thank you to all of YOU who called, wrote, and showed up to the meeting. It really made a difference and your voices were heard!

You can get more details via the Redding Record Searchlight .
Pat Pell of Burney, left, and Carolyn Salini celebrate after the Shasta County Board of Supervisors agreed to go forward with a plan to purchase a new building for the Burney Library.  (Photo: Damon Arthur/Record Searchlight)
Volunteer Tutors Needed!
The Shasta Adult Literacy Program is a one-on-one free tutoring service helping any adult in Shasta County who has a basic literacy goal.

  • Need no previous teaching or tutoring experience
  • Spend 1-3 hours a week with their learners
  • Get free tutor training, orientation, support materials, and staff guidance 
  • Along with their learners, set their own schedules at the Redding, Anderson or Burney branches of Shasta Public Libraries

If you are interested in helping, contact our Literacy Coordinator at (530) 245-7237​ or kimberlyr@shastalibraries.org .
Library Events

Did you know that the library is a great place to come for music, film, education, and culture (as well as for gardening and tax help)? The month of May has:
 Redding Library -  Community Room

Saturday, May 04: 10:00am - 1:00pm
May 4th is Free Comic Book Day! While supplies last, everyone will be able to choose two titles to take home! Come join us for comics, fun, and prizes!

 Redding Library -  Community Room

Thursday, May 16: 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Join us for this month's Independent Lens film and discussion, "Wrestle." An inspiring coming of age portrait as this Huntsville High School wrestling team fights their way towards the State Championship, and face injustices and challenges on and off the mat. Every 3rd Thursdays @ 6pm. For more information call 530-245-7252. A partnership of KIXE, Shasta College, and Shasta Public Libraries.

To see the full schedule of events, visit the library events page.
On April 6, despite rain and foul weather, hundreds of children and their families enjoyed Rev, Rumble, & Roar as a part of First 5 Shasta's Week of the Young Child. Children explored the school bus or sat in fire trucks while taxi drivers gave away balloons and motorcycles revved their engines. Check out the photos from Redding Fire Chief Cullen Kreider, and shared by Action News Now :
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A Novel Affair with Harry Potter?
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