May 2019
The Twain Monthly
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From Board Member, Susan Seamans
  • Our Library: Exceeding Expectations
Foundation News & Events
  • A story of generosity
  • You can teach someone to read!
  • Give your books a second life
  • Join the best 'non-event' of the year
Library News & Events
  • Parents, don't panic! Summer solutions are at the library
  • Giant book sale June 1
  • Comic Book Day at the library
Thank you, Sponsors!
From Board Member, Susan Seamans
Our Library: Exceeding Expectations
A couple of months ago, our book club was discussing possible book selections for the next month. I had read a few reviews of The Library Book by Susan Orlean, and as a Shasta County Library Foundation Board member, I thought that this might be a wonderful opportunity to hold our Ex Libris Book Club gathering at the Redding Library to discuss this book.

I knew that a few of our members used the online services of the library for book access, but I wasn't sure how recently they had actually visited the library. At our meeting, the discussion centered on how the role of the library is changing, and it is more than a building housing books but an actual replica of the community as a whole. Jean King, the Executive Director of the Library Foundation, provided a meaningful introduction to our experience. After we had time to discuss The Library Book, Anna Tracy, the Library Director, gave us a 'behind-the-scenes" tour. Anna is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, energetic, and a joy to be around.
One of our book club members shared that:

"The atmosphere there was much more than I ever expected. The forward-thinking practical tools upstairs, the plethora of computers, the reference area slowly evolving into user friendly practical items, the children's story room and outside garden area, the shelves of games, compact discs and DVDs are all imaginative and inventive areas that I think will keep the library from becoming outdated as a set of Britannica Encyclopedias."

The entire experience exceeded my expectations, and the feedback from the book club members has been overwhelmingly positive. This experience really reinforced how valuable it is to actually spend time in this community treasure. 

-- Susan Seamans, Board of Directors for the Shasta Library Foundation
Foundation News
A Story of Generosity: A Mother's Day Gift
One of our board members, Judy Smith , is also a volunteer in the literacy center. She is working with a young boy from Thailand who has only been in the U.S. for a few months.

Before coming to the Literacy Center, he spoke almost no English and was struggling in a 5th-grade class. Lacking basic reading skills hampered his learning in all areas and was embarrassing to him, making his communication with his teacher and classmates limited. Judy had been talking to her daughter about her young charge, his struggles, and his embarrassments. Her daughter decided that for Mother's Day, in honor of her mother's work, she would donate to the "Stay at Home and Read a Book Gala." We are very grateful to her for this thoughtful donation. Judy is happy to report that her student has just learned to read "Green Eggs and Ham." 
Volunteer in the Literacy Center 
The Literacy Center in all branches of the Shasta Public Library are in urgent need of one-on-one tutors to help others (of all ages) learn to read. No previous experience is necessary, and it doesn't take much time (1-3 hours per week). You'll set your own schedules (along with learners) and get free tutor training, orientation, support materials, and staff guidance.

If you are interested in helping, contact our literacy coordinator at (530) 245-7237 or .
"It is better to be generous and in the end more profitable, for it gains gratitude for us, and love."
-- Mark Twain
TreasuredBooks: Giving your books a second life
TreasuredBooks is off to a fantastic start! We've sold a fascinating array of over 40 titles like " Llama Handling and Training , Nursing: The Finest Art , Cowboys Under the Mogollon Rim , Mushrooms Demystified , Gone with the Wind (limited edition), Blue Skies: A History of Cable Television , an autobiography of Basil Rathbone, and ... well, you get the idea. What we need now is more inventory, and that's where you come in.

You've been thinking about getting rid of those books that were special to you for a time, the one's friends gave you that you never quite got around to reading, the coffee table books that no longer hold your interest, last semester's required reading, the books for the hobby you're no longer pursuing, books you inherited from a relative's collection. We have an intriguing and varied treasure chest, but can't wait to add your treasured books! Call Sharon at 530-246-0146 or email her at books@shastalibraryfoundation .
Stay at Home and Read a Book Gala: The best non-event of the year!
You're invited to join and donate to the Stay Home & Read a Book Gala. Where the chairs are don’t have to leave home...great literature is on the menu and...we’ll even provide the eBook! Snap a photo of what you're reading and share it with the hashtag: #StayAtHomeAndReading

By donating what you might have spent on a night out, you're supporting a community center that provides cultural, educational, and informational value for years to come. All proceeds from the Stay at Home Gala benefit the Shasta Public Libraries, including things like new print and  e-books , technology , children's programming , and the  Shasta Literacy Program .  
Thank you to those who have already joined us:
Our first day of truly real rest. I chose to do some laundry and attend the Stay At Home And Read Gala, courtesy of the  @shastalibraryfoundation . The easiest event I’ve ever attended while supporting my beloved library. Currently reading: “The Power of One” and wearing University of the Pacific Alumni gear. You can attend too! 
Stay at Home and Read a Book Gala! Or Stay at Home and Read a Book to a Child!! (My version). I can’t imagine a more perfect fundraiser for the Shasta Library Foundation...wear whatever you want, eat and drink exactly what you prefer, choose your own entertainment and companions, and send a donation of the cash you saved to support your local library’s programs! DONE! #StayatHomeAndReading  
I donated to the “Stay at home and read a book gala” in support of  @shastalibraryfoundation  and  @shastapubliclibraries  . I’m reading inheritance by Dani Shapiro with a glass of honeysuckle iced tea.  #StayAtHomeAndReading #thisisredding   #shastacounty @daniwriter   @aaknopf   #honeysucke #nonfictionbooks
Library News & Events
Summer is coming. Parents, we feel your panic: The Library can help!
Keep your kid reading (and entertained) to avoid the 'summer slide' with the Shasta Public Library's "Summer Blast." A host of fun-focused kid and adult events, all-ages prizes for completing reading logs (yes, ebooks and audiobooks count!) are almost yours for the taking. Gift cards, books, bikes, Rare Air Tickets, and more!

Events include yoga for kids, a messy paint party, tween cooking, and more. Check out all the activities and get more info at !

To see the full schedule of events, visit the library events page.
Friends of the Redding Library Giant Booksale!

Don't forget to come down to the Redding Libray Community room on Saturday, June 1, from 10-1pm for the Friends of the Shasta County Library Giant Book Sale .

Hundreds of gently read books. Great prices. Don't miss this (now) monthly book sale.
Comic Book Day Recap
May 4th saw science fiction heroes and comic-book characters come to life at the Redding Library. Thanks to  BOOM! Studios  for their support, and thanks to these  My Hero Academia  superfans for getting so into it. May the 4th be with you!