Oct. 14,

No. 59

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The UN Issue 
Xi's visit to the United Nations is the focus of this week's belated issue. Make sure to also check out the great job opportunity at the end! 
Weekly Readings

China's political system is a source of daily assessment. This week's suggested readings are a Western and Chinese evaluation of what's ailing Chinese politics in terms of corruption and economic growth. If anything, the roles of critic and advocate appear reversed in spite of one article appearing in the Central Party School's newspaper. Both, however, deal with the challenge of managing political power in an authoritarian system to maintain legitimac y and stability.
俗语 in Xi Jinping's  Speeches
liàng fù ér shòu,liáng shēn ér yì

In his speech to the UN in New York on September 26, Xi Jinping used this phrase to emphasize his view that each country should choose the development model right for them.

Original: 第一,增强各国发展能力。发展归根到底要靠本国自身努力。中国人讲:"量腹而受,量身而衣。"各国要根据自身禀赋特点,制定适合本国国情的发展战略。国际社会要帮助发展中国家加强能力建设,根据他们的实际需求,有针对性地提供支持和帮助。

Source: http://news.xinhuanet.com/politics/2015-09/27/c_1116687809.htm
Documentary of the Week

This week's film is Xi Jinping's speech at the UN General Assembly, provided in both Chinese and English. Not every speech offers a great deal of insight, but the UN speeches offer a condensed (~20 minutes) perspective on a country's foreign affairs. Xi's speech addresses China's growing role in the world and sense of the stakes. No one will confuse the speech with a Churchillian rally cry; yet, putting together speech requires a great deal of coordination
in the Chinese system and should be read as part of the baseline thinking in China about foreign affairs.


Chinese President Xi Jinping Address to the UN General Assembly 
Job of the Week

This is a fantastic opportunity--stimulating work with great colleagues in a gorgeous city. What more could you ask for?!
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