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May 2017
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Don't Let Market Volatility Wreck Your Retirement
How much risk are you willing to take? A close look at your investments could reveal you're risking a lot more than you think.
Time and again, we'll find that people never made the switch from the accumulation phase of their investment cycle to the preservation phase that is so important in retirement. You may be taking a lot more risk than you realize - and much more than you actually want...
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The Accounting Sleuth
Keep Emotions in Check

It is natural to fear temporary selloffs. However, stock market corrections present an excellent buying opportunity, if one can keep one's emotions in check. Sure, the market is not currently offering us stocks at bargain basement prices. There is no way of knowing for certain whether the current exuberance may not spark a further rally as those who missed out, join the party. After all, prices are determined by buyers and sellers.

How can you balance your retirement between investments and savings?

We all know that investments (Stocks, mutual funds, and variable annuities) can yield high returns, but also may expose your retirement money to extreme loss potential too. While different vehicles for savings (fixed annuities, CD's, and money markets) can protect your retirement money, but offer low returns.

How can you find a product which gives flexibility, potential, and protection for your retirement money?
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Indexed Universal Life

Is the fear of higher taxes keeping you up at night?

Are you worried about loosing your principal or out living your retirement money?

Is your financial information outdated?

Don't pay more taxes than you need to, just because you were uninformed or unaware of a better way of planning for retirement.

It's time to get some answers...
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Social Security Planning
What is your magic number?

Join us for this educational event and learn how to get your best benefit from  Social Security:

Wednesday evening at 6:30pm  
June 14th in Plano, TX
at the Schimelpfenig Library or

Thursday evening at 6:30pm 
June 15th in Allen, TX
at the Allen Library

Please reserve your seat today. Call (800) 898-3572 and give your RSVP Code 371718 or