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Harvest Terroir
Challenge 2020

The Ultimate AVA Tasteoff: How Does Your Dirt Stack Up?

The annual Harvest Terroir Challenge is the only wine competition that judges entries entirely by AVA, taking into account the unique properties that make up each winegrowing region.

Entries that best exemplify the soil and climate of their respective viticultural areas are recognized and rewarded for their ability to convey the essence of that AVA. Winning wines are akin to “terroir ambassadors,” helping to define what makes each AVA unique and compelling.

This is your chance to show how your wines stack up to others in your winegrowing area. Winning a Best of Region in the Harvest Terroir Challenge garners huge bragging rights at the national and regional level.

A Gold medal here not only gives your winery additional prestige and selling power, it boosts regional recognition and enhances the conversation around what makes your dirt special.

LAURA Ness - Wine Writer, 
​Laura Ness is a longtime wine journalist, columnist and judge who contributes regularly to Spirited Magazine, Wine Industry Network, Los Gatos Magazine, The San Jose Mercury News and Edible:Monterey. She loves sharing stories about wine with character and the characters who make them. The Girl Scout in her keeps a corkscrew in every purse, although she adores screwcaps.

2020 Harvest Challenge

Judging: November 10 & 11th

Early Birds Savings Ends October 19th
Entry Deadline & Wines Due --- November 4th
Debra Del Fiorentino

"The Harvest Challenge is a judge’s dream come true. Beyond varietal category and price point, this one-of-a-kind competition is based on appellation instead of mass-production. The end result is more definition of the wines made with grapes inside the boundaries of a specific viticultural area and distinct flavors that have helped wines rise to the top of the scale in the global marketplace."
- Christopher Sawyer, Sommelier ... Harvest Challenge Spokesperson

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