The Ultimate Factory ESD Floor 
For those who require an ESD floor but might have budgetary constraints, an epoxy might seem like the natural choice. Yet many of the traditional epoxies might not have the ESD properties needed for manufacturing modern day electronics. StaticStop has a new offering that ups the ante on ESD properties while providing the ease and affordability of epoxy. Introducing the ultimate factory ESD floor:

PolyStyle Factory ESD Floor

If you’ve ever coated a factory floor with epoxy, you are probably already aware of the potential struggle of obtaining consistent static control. All too often, the conductive additives of epoxy sink to the bottom of the application upon curing. With PolyStyle by SelecTech, we have created a consistent application with static control properties that not only apply but remain consistent throughout the drying process. Consequently, your new flooring now has superior anti-static properties from the top layer through the bottom.

It’s so consistent that application is much simpler than with the older systems. Plus it provides the added peace of mind that superior static control properties will remain in place.

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