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      June 10, 2021    

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We are a Congregation creating a better world by nurturing the heart and expanding the mind.

We provide a safe, caring community where all can freely explore diverse religious thought. 

We work for justice and equality with the power of compassion and compassionate power.


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Mike McDonald shares that "eleven members of the UUCGT Men's Group gathered in person for the first time in over a year on Monday evening. [See the pic above!]  We had pizza, salad and fellowship at the gathering in the McDonald's driveway.  Our next meeting will be Monday, August 2 at 5:30 in the UUCGT parking lot." 

And yesterday the Finance Committee met here in the office, and the Peacemakers quilters have met, and while gatherings are still limited to fewer than 25 people (all adhering to guidelines) these are occasions to celebrate. As we said in last week's Flash, in-person Sunday Services will not resume until we can stream the Service live, and an ad-hoc committee is working on making that happen around the time Rev. Alex Jensen joins us in August! 

For now, if you or your group would like to meet in the UUCGT building, please contact Guy in the office. Guidelines, restrictions/limits, and sign-in sheets are downloadable here


For the Service, the Zoom link is here.

The Service begins at 10:30 AM; you can sign in at 10:00 AM to visit!


      Sunday's Service             
Sunday's Service is coordinated by Pam Hendrick and led by Reverend Cathy Harrington. 

Hospitality by definition is kindness, friendliness and generosity offered to visitors and strangers. Radical hospitality -- a term often used in UU and other religious communities -- is about going above and beyond in welcoming people. Radical means "drastically different from ordinary."

We're looking for three people who will volunteer to be part of the July 11 service to share how their ideas of racism were changed by attending the "Reading and Writing Whiteness" classes that were held during the last year.  These were classes taught by Alison Ernst and Rev. Cathy and focused on WHITE FRAGILITY and HOW TO BE AN ANTIRACIST. Please contact Margaret Wozniak - you can e-mail her at wozniak64@yahoo.com or call 231-510-0903. Your presentation will be 3-4 minutes.  In gratitude, Margaret Wozniak

Again, the Zoom link for SUNDAY SERVICE is

You can read and/or download the Order of Service here.

You can view the Service of Sunday June 6th and the Annual Meeting here. 
You will need the passcode Zt1m+FwN 


from the Finance Committee

As of May 31, 2021 (91.7% of fiscal year)

                                 Current Year (2020-2021)  Prior Year (2019-2020)
Income Rec'd YTD   $281,933* (104.0%)           $274,305 (104.0%)
Exp's Paid YTD        $238,583   (  86.4%)          $230,931    (87.7%)
"For Those in Need" YTD         $ 12,522                           $  12,611

*Income for 2020-2021 includes recognition of $39,825 of income from the Payroll Protection Plan loan we obtained in spring of 2020.  As this loan was forgiven by the Small Business Administration in May 2021 we are now recognizing the amount as income.  The PPP loan was used to pay wages of our employees in 2020 and other allowable expenses.  This income will result in a significant surplus for 2020-2021 which will ultimately be used to help balance our budget for 2021-2022.

Budgeted income includes the total of all pledged and unpledged donations and miscellaneous income including building rent, etc.  "For Those in Need" collections are in addition to Budgeted Income Received and are disbursed quarterly to worthy causes, including Congregational Care, Tuesday Community Lunch and other Community needs outside our congregation.   The percentage reflects the portion of the total amount of income or expense budgeted for the fiscal year.  

We need your continued help.  If you can, send your pledge payments and "for those in need" contributions to the office or contribute on-line at uucgt.org.  It is time to pay your 2020-2021 pledge in full if you have not already done so.

If you want more detailed information, you can look at our website, click on Board, then on Board Packet, then on Monthly Comparison.  Questions can be directed to your Finance Committee which includes Dusty Culton, Nancy Doughty, Karl Keinath, Mike McDonald and Jim Walworth.


from Renée Russell, UUCGT Director of Music

Happy Pride Month everyone! I enjoyed finding a few songs for this week's service that lean into accepting the individual beauty that resides in each of us. Being lucky enough to have step-children who share their life experiences with me, it is moving and hope-giving to see how societal norms have changed in their time. When a friend of theirs told them they were changing their name and that they were transgender, they flowed with it without question or concern. When I asked my older stepdaughter what song made her think of advocacy and learning to accept people for who they are she suggested this one by Macklemore and Ryan-Lewis featuring Mary Lambert: Same Love. 

from Claire Crandell

On Sunday, June 6th we continued our theme of "Living and Interconnected Beings".  We encouraged one another to think of the sacredness of all of the species of animals and plants on our planet, which is part of our Unitarian Universalist living tradition. Our 5th UU Principle is "To honor the results of science by seeing ourselves as part of the great evolution story and remembering that we are an interconnected part of all living and growing beings.
We talked about how everything is growing now and how fun it is to watch and feel the energy of growing things. We looked at a young woman who LOVED trees and took her love and honor for the earth and especially trees to an amazing action. We read about Julia Butterfly who LIVED IN THE TOP OF A 1,100-year-old, over-600-feet tall REDWOOD for almost three years to save it from being cut down by loggers! She called the tree "Luna". She had a wooden platform and a tarp covering it for her home.  Friends helped her during her stay by bringing food and water to her and hoisting it up on ropes.  We loved imagining living in the top of a huge tree. Julia Butterfly is now an environmentalist and she has written a children's book.  The kids were encouraged to look her and her children's book up online. 

We closed talking about why we light the Chalice to celebrate Unitarian Universalism which is a church of Open Minds, Helping Hands and Loving Hearts. We thought we would all spend the next week thinking about open minds, helping hands and loving hearts with everyone we met whether two-legged, four-legged, plant, tree or butterfly.  Until next week HAVE FUN!

 The calendar is also available on the UUCGT website here.
Zoom links are included in case they are still needed. Some groups may prefer gathering here at UUCGT in person. See above for the requirements and guidelines!

ALL WEEK, of course, in June: 

THU 06.10   1:30 PM Peacemakers needle Workers
               2:00 PM Congregational Care Team
               5:00 PM Stewardship Team
               7:00 PM Zoom VE Rehearsal with Renée Russell
                       Zoom link is here - contact Renée for Passcode

FRI  06.11   1:00 PM Rehearsal for Sunday Service

SUN 06.13  10:00 AM - Begin signing in at...
                       https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87997820177 to visit before our...
                     10:30 AM Sunday Service

MON 06.14   11:15 AM Stretch & Strengthen
                 Zoom link https://us02web.zoom.us/s/86328072766

TUE 06.15  10:30 AM Community Lunch, Friends Church, 5th & Oak
                       Contact Mary Kiner, 423-991-9794
             11:45 AM Staff Lunch Downtown TC - OFFICE CLOSED
                       1:30 PM Sunday Svcs Comm/Coords
                       Zoom link is here.   
               3:30 PM - Leadership Development Committee

WED 06.16   11:15 AM Stretch & Strengthen
              12:15 PM Zoom Office Hours w/Rev. Cathy - NEW LINK!
               5:30 PM The Wednesday Picnic, weather permitting, here at
                 UUCGT! Contact Mike and Sandra McDonald
                 m_mcdonald@charter.net,  231-342-0768/342-0783


A group of sunset lovers has planned a Lake Michigan sunset gathering as a 'goodbye' gathering for Cathy.  This is NOT UUCGT sanctioned - just a group of friends who invited Cathy to a sunset campfire on Friday, June 18th at the Point Betsie LIghthouse Beach.

Bring your own chairs and drinks, etc.  We will get a fire going around 8 pm 'ish' but feel free to join at any time. Sunset is approximately 9:30, so take a nap that day!!!!

Contact Judy Myers, 231-409-7644 or Jan Zerbel 231-590-4086 if any questions. Everyone welcome.  Campfire and sunset on the beach. What could be better? (Not happening if there is inclement weather.)


Invitation to Meadville Lombard Week
Sunday, June 13 to Sunday, June 20, 2021

Dear Meadville Lombard alum and Others,
I believe in the transformative power of theological education. UU theological education can cast a view of radical hospitality and healing open to people who are exploring the faith for the first time, even as it seeks to deepen the faith of those in this movement for a long time. It should train religious professionals committed to working with lay leadership and community partners for the benefit of communal context, the parish outside the congregation's walls. I see our work as Meadville Lombard Theological School to be one for the enrichment of those who are enrolled as students and the larger Unitarian Universalist community.
To this end, we are planning our first ever Meadville Lombard Week, June 13-20, and I invite you and your community to join us...

 Continue reading; follow this linkto the complete invitation with links to schedules, opportunities, group leader bios, and registration.


The Line #3 oil pipeline by Enbridge is being pushed thru precious Anishinaabe lands against their wishes. The New York Times reported just the other day on a hundred activists being arrested on Native land as they tried to block construction. Please learn more at stopline3.org and donate if you desire to help - Stopline3 and Love Resists offer convenient ways to donate and support in other ways.


Work still remains to save the United States Postal Service! You can sign this petition to demand that President Biden continue to support the Service.


Lauren Keinath invites you to her annual "Stop and Smell the Roses" open garden this year: "We are outside, can distance ourselves, we can wear a mask, etc.  This runs like an Open House - come at any time, stay only as long as you wish - and everyone is free to cut anything they like. Make your own bouquet!  You can see the entire (beautiful!) invitation here.

In view of our Flower Communion being virtual this year (see below!), my gardens are open to any UU wanting/needing to cut some flowers beforehand. Just let me know when you'd like to come! Yes, there are many flowers blooming.
Gardens at 6351 Cherry Blossom Dr.. TC
Blessings from Lauren - ladyofthelake48@gmail.com

Virtual Flower Communion - June 20th
Send us Your Videos or Photo!
Deadline is June 16th!
This year, since flower communion will be taking place online, we need YOUR help to create a special congregational video!
Stand facing the phone in horizontal position with your head and torso visible, holding the flower off-screen in your right hand. Simply slowly pass the flower from your right hand to your left hand across the screen. No need for words. If you have multiple family members participating, you can line up facing the camera and pass the flower from one person to the next.

Don't worry about any noise during your video, we will be removing the audio and replacing it with music. If you would rather send a simple photograph, that is fine as well! But when you have your video or photo recorded, please email it to:  

by Wednesday June 16th.  Feel free to contact anyone
on the Sunday Services Committee if you have any questions.


Please continue to give to  For Those in Need
in our virtual "collection baskets".


End Note:  Please, please - click on the photo and take two minutes to watch this beautiful and moving video...

 - Meir Key, Vlogger and creator of
YouTube videos "showcasing random acts
of kindness."
The UUCGT building is gradually re-opening!
The most current guidelines are the top of this Flash.
The office is now staffed (at least) MON-THU, 9am-3pm.