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  June 3, 2021   

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We are a Congregation creating a better world by nurturing the heart and expanding the mind.

We provide a safe, caring community where all can freely explore diverse religious thought. 

We work for justice and equality with the power of compassion and compassionate power.


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(We know you're just dying to know this!)

Read on for the current plans for Services happening here at UUCGT, and just below for information 
smaller in-person gatherings which can happen now!

The Board, the Re-Opening Task Force, and the Sunday Services Committee have determined that "in person" Sunday Services will begin only after we have developed the capability to simultaneously live stream the service for those who are either unable to attend or choose not to attend.  A work group made up of Renée Russell, Betsy Hammerberg, Geoff Norman-Anderson, Marco Cabrera, Bob Hicks, Price Watts, and Mary Anne Rivers has been gathering information, and working on the not insignificant details for this to occur.  This work, together with the fact that we will be without a minister for at least six weeks means that "in person" worship services are not likely to begin until Alex has joined us in August.

All guidelines are determined in consideration of the most up-to-date public health information, which means that all this information is in flux and likely to change more than once.  Please be patient as the Board, ROTF, and SSC do their best to keep everyone informed.  We know how eager many of you are to return to the building and will inform you as soon as possible of any updates.

Direct your questions about this to Mary Anne Rivers: maryanne.riversfriese@gmail.com

See directly below for guidelines regarding smaller in-person gatherings!


Guidelines for smaller groups and committees meeting in person at UUCGT:
In-person committee and small group gatherings are allowed with these limitations:
  • Capacity limit 25
  • Masking required for those not fully vaccinated
  • Social distancing recommended for those not fully vaccinated
  • No capacity limit
  • Masking recommended for those not fully vaccinated
  • Attendance/sign-in log 

Please note that this does not apply to Sunday Services, VE, RE, or Child Care. Full guidelines and sign-in sheets can be read and downloaded here.  There will also be blank sign-in sheets inside the entrance to the church should you need one.  However: prior permission must be gained before meeting inside the building; you will need to contact the office, office@uucgt.org or 231-947-3117. (Guy is now the person who has the authority to give permission for in-person gatherings; he will also be making sure the proper paperwork, etc., is completed.)

COVID -19 Vaccinations and Vaccine Equity - "The Fine Print":

UUCGT recognizes and affirms individual dignity, right of conscience, and right of choice to decide on vaccination.   UUCGT wishes to facilitate safe gatherings for congregants while recognizing variable vaccination access and vaccination status.   We encourage vaccination for those who are able, and will work with those who are not vaccinated to keep everyone safe as possible.


For the Service, the Zoom link is here.

The Service begins at 10:30 AM; you can sign in at 10:00 AM to visit!


       Sunday's Service                  
The Healthy Congregation Team will join Rev. Cathy to reflect on ways that collaboration and communication can create a rich environment of trust, openness, creativity and possibility.

The annual meeting will be held after the service.

Again, the Zoom link for SUNDAY SERVICE is

The Order of Service will be posted to our website uucgt.org
before Sunday morning.

You can view the Service of Sunday May 30th here. 
You will need the passcode Y&4.iC0* 


    SUNDAY, JUNE 6, 2021 11:45 AM
VIA ZOOM (cont.'d from Sunday Service)

The Annual Meeting for UUCGT is being held after the Sunday Service and Breakout Rooms on June 6, 2021 at 11:45 AM.  
Voting will be conducted electronically, via Zoom, during the meeting, and all members are encouraged to vote.  Procedures for voting along with ballots and self-addressed, stamped envelopes were sent via USPS to those without on-line access or who do not use Zoom; the paper ballot must arrive back at UUCGT by Friday, June 4th. (You can also download a paper ballot here. Again: it must be returned to the office by June 4. Please remember, only current - Fiscal Year 2020-2021 - Members of the Congregation are eligible to vote.)

If you have questions, please contact Guy Molnar at office@uucgt.org.

If you are a UUCGT member who is able to join us via Zoom, please plan to vote prior to the meeting, and attend with family and friends.  Remember voting is a very important privilege and your vote is so very important.

The agenda for Sunday's meeting, including links to the written reports from the Minister, Treasurer, President, Vice-president (regarding proposed by-laws changes), and chairs of the Endowment and Finance (regarding the budget) Committees may be viewed and/or downloaded here

Our June Beacon included charts diagramming all the results of the Congregational Survey from late last year. Judy Myers and Carol Ritter worked hard on collating these data, and Amanda Mangiardi graphed them beautifully and clearly.  You can also see and/or download those charts here.  

Mary Anne Rivers
UUCGT Board of Trustees


from Renée Russell, UUCGT Director of Music

In this week's service we explore the importance of collaboration and all the good that comes from blending our own abilities and point of view with others to create something greater than ourselves. Music is the embodiment of this process, beautifully evidenced in this creative and curious piece Silas performed by The Crossing choir. Listen to the way each voice and instrument lends itself to an experience that takes you beyond your expectations. It is the harmony, then the tension of discord, and then the resolution of tension that leads to an experience of transcendence. As we begin to celebrate pride month, we embrace what it means to accept all the colors of the rainbow, all the voices in the choir, as an integral part of the beauty we are creating. 

from the RE Team

Watch for a special e-mail with summer RE news coming soon!

 The calendar is also available on the UUCGT website here.

Zoom links are included in case they are still needed. Some groups may prefer gathering here at UUCGT in person. See above for the requirements and guidelines!

THU 06.03   1:30 PM Peacemakers needle Workers
               2:00 PM Congregational Care Team
               5:00 PM Stewardship Team
               7:00 PM Zoom VE Rehearsal with Renée Russell
                       Zoom link is here - contact Renée for Passcode

FRI  06.04   1:00 PM Rehearsal for Sunday Service
               8:00 PM Vespers - join us for contemplation, poetry, prayer,
                       and beautiful music.  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82849027748 
                       This will be Reverend Cathy's FINAL Vespers Service
               for UUCGT!

SUN 06.06  10:00 AM - Begin signing in at...
                       https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87997820177 to visit before our...
                     10:30 AM Sunday Service
The meeting will follow directly after (brief) breakout rooms
                       after the regular Service - the Zoom link remains the same!

MON 06.07   11:15 AM Stretch & Strengthen
                 Zoom link https://us02web.zoom.us/s/86328072766
5:30 PM Men's Group - Zoom link   

TUE 06.08  10:30 AM Community Lunch, Friends Church, 5th & Oak
                       Contact Mary Kiner, 423-991-9794
                       1:00 or 2:00 PM, TBD - Congregational Care
                       1:30 PM Sunday Svcs Comm/Coords
                       Zoom link is here.   
               3:30 PM - Finance Committee

WED 06.09   11:15 AM Stretch & Strengthen
              12:15 PM Zoom Office Hours w/Rev. Cathy - NEW LINK!
               5:30 PM The Wednesday Picnic, weather permitting, here at
                 UUCGT! Contact Mike and Sandra McDonald
                 m_mcdonald@charter.net,  231-342-0768/342-0783
                7:00 PM - Board of Trustees Meeting
                Zoom link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81845204927



Virtual Flower Communion - June 20th
Send us Your Videos or Photo!
Deadline is June 16th!
This year, since flower communion will be taking place online, we need YOUR help to create a special congregational video!
Stand facing the phone in horizontal position with your head and torso visible, holding the flower off-screen in your right hand. Simply slowly pass the flower from your right hand to your left hand across the screen. No need for words. If you have multiple family members participating, you can line up facing the camera and pass the flower from one person to the next.

Don't worry about any noise during your video, we will be removing the audio and replacing it with music

If you would rather send a simple photograph, that is fine as well!

When you have your video or photo recorded, please email it to:  

by Wednesday June 16th.  Feel free to contact anyone
on the Sunday Services Committee if you have any questions.


Please continue to give to  For Those in Need
in our virtual "collection baskets".


End Note:  Happy...

The UUCGT building is gradually re-opening!
The most current guidelines are the top of this Flash.
The office is now staffed (at least) MON-THU, 9am-3pm.