Dear Friends,

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the people of Louisiana and Mississippi who are suffering through the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. According to recent news reports over 515,000 homes were affected by Ida’s high winds that topped 150 miles per hour; and more than one million people are without power in Louisiana and 45,000 in Mississippi. The hot and humid weather is exacerbating an already very challenging situation, especially for those people who live in affected rural areas.

I remember traveling through the rural parts of the Archdiocese of New Orleans nine years ago accompanied by my host, Tom Costanza, who at that time was the Director of Justice and Peace for Catholic Charities, and hearing stories from both fishermen and farmers of the difficulties following Hurricane Katrina that devastated the region back in 2005. Many people who live in rural areas are often on the front lines of weather events, from hurricanes to tornadoes to droughts to floods to fires.

These women and men and families now need our assistance. Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New Orleans and Catholic Charities of Southern Mississippi are taking donations that will go directly to the relief efforts in the affected areas of their respective dioceses. Please consider donating today to assist our brothers and sisters who have suffered through another devastating hurricane.

Many blessings,
James Ennis
Executive Director
Catholic Rural Life
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I became a member of Catholic Rural Life because CRL has an interest in caring for the land as well as caring for the farmers who take care of the land. More discussion about how we care for the earth and how our decisions affect the future are needed. CRL is a safe place to have these discussions, especially with its faith atmosphere. The work of CRL is more important now than ever."

– Jane Shey
CRL Member, Maryland

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"Mary Frances Clarke founded the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) in 1833. They came to Philadelphia in 1833 and moved to Iowa in 1843, where they started a working farm to sustain and support their work as well as all who helped them. (...) The BVMs have a pioneer heritage and rural roots. Sr. LaDonna, who grew up on a farm, still has two brothers who farm. “There is great faith in farming–marked by unshakable dependence on and faith in God."
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Did you see? The newest CRL magazine is out now! "In this issue, we give tribute to rural religious across America. While often living hidden lives, they are an immeasurable gift to the church throughout the world. As you read these stories, I hope you give thanks for these men and women who are tucked away and living close to the land, praying day and night for you and me in service to the universal church."
September Blessing
"The month of September brings us a change of seasons: The warmth of summer gives way to mornings with a touch of chill in the air; the evenings come earlier as the days shorten in the rhythm of the season. Change means letting go and accepting what will come... Without the season of fall, summer’s growth would never become the harvest; it is now time for seeds to begin the process for the next life cycle."
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